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Just started this novel. I'm about 50 pages in so far. A haunted house story that starts out with 3 deaths just to introduce you to the book. There's some good and bad so far, it almost feels like I'm being beaten over the head with religion, even the so called skeptics in the book seem pretty quick to believe in the extraoridnary.  The story telling is a little jolting at times too, but when Annandale is on, he can keep you reading.

It's a local author so I figured I'd give him a shot, my neighbour had recommended it to me. Anyone else read this or any of his short horror stories?

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I know I shouldn't double post, but I wanted to make an amends. I'm halfway in, and I realize that I really judged the book harshly early on. Annandale style becomes more fluid as the story progresses but also I've got used to his style of writing. It's actually pretty cool what he does, he tells the story from multiple different points of view (not dissimilar to George R.R. Martin), and at first I was turned off by the way it seemed to be written at points (a lot of references to pop culture etc.) but realized that each of the little references are idiosyncrasies of the characters themselves. Someone might make a reference to Sauron as a description of something or someone that is Dark, while another character might go on a more Lovecraftian descriptive tangeant. Very cool actually.

So far it's remiscent of The Haunting of Hill House.

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