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Hi there,

I'm shooting a zombie web series this summer called Moonshine of the Damned, and I'm hoping to raise a little money to go towards the special effects for it. We're not looking for much, just $2000 should cover it, since I'm doing all the work myself and don't have to pay for anything but the supplies.

Brain Keychain

Instead of going through the typical crowd funding sites, I've decided to simplify the whole process and sell these Brain Keychains, made specifically for this funding campaign, and only 200 are being made. Right now almost 50 have been sold, so only approximately 150 are left.

Everyone who orders one will also get a thanks in the final credits as well as a chance to win the painting being used for the movie poster.

Price: $10 (if in Canada and using Email Interact), $10.50 if using Paypal. Shipping is $15 in Canada, $25 in the US - combining orders will cut down on shipping. Orders and questions can be directed to:

Slightly more info at:

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Wow, that's a lot for shipping.  What are you packaging these keychains in, lead boxes?

Incidentally, two posts in the space of 8 or 9 months, both of them asking for funds?  Uh-uh.  You're asking a bunch of strangers to trust you with their money.  If you'd spent the last nine months since you joined being an active, participating member on the boards, making friends and building a reputation, this probably would have worked.

Oh well.

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Hi, do I know you?  Oh, no, because both of your posts have been spam begging for money.  We don't know you.  We don't care about you.  And, we have an anti-Spammers policy. 

Don't do this again.  You want support from HM, you become a regular member, just some panhandling whore who drops by when you can't sell any more bodily secretions to various medical labs.

I'm going to have my monkey over there  (<----) give you a haircut-

I'm going to have my close friend, Dos Funkengroovin, probe you relentlessly with catfish-

If you don't get banned, your next post better be about something besides your whoring, because then I'll get serious.  And you screwed up my weekend, you funkmuffin.

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One does not come on HM and expect us to purchase such an expensive thing. We do not tolerate one-time spammers. You now shall face the wrath of my killer pet hot dog, Frankie McFurter. He does not like spammers, and you will be his next meal. Beware.

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azathoth wrote:

I'm going to have my close friend, Dos Funkengroovin, probe you relentlessly with catfish-.

Where the hell do you come up with this stuff, man?  lol

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(and Dos is actually one of my guys!)