Topic: The Memory of 2,998 People...9/11

2,998 People died six years ago today. It was a Tuesday, September 11th when the lives of nearly three thousand people were torn from us. They died in planes, in buildings, and on the ground. They were office workers, janitors, maintenance, fire fighters, paramedics, police...but most importantly they were MOMS, DADS, CHILDREN, SISTERS, BROTHERS, COUSINS, GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES, and most of all FRIENDS. Please, remember these people as you go about your day. Remember the families that had to say goodbye. And most of all, remember to say I love you to those you care about.

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How could I ever forget that awful day.

I was here at my office when I got a call to turn on the news. I have a little black n white tv in the back offices and turned it on just when the 2nd plane actually hit the tower 2 and burst into flames and you heard people cussing live on tv.

I went home from work shortly after that and watched the rest of the news all day long.

Rest in Peace and they will never be forgotten!

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i was only 12 when it happened...i remember it was morning and i was getting ready for school and my mom came into my room and told me to go watch the news with her. (she wathced the news every morning) the first tower had already been hit, and then the 2nd plane struck. it was so terrible sad

may your souls rest in peace.

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We lit a candle, held a moment of silence and talked about the day, the people, the issues.

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God Rest their Souls, sad good people died that day for no reason....I was at school and they wouldnt tell us what happened when i got home i turned on the news and saw a building falling down, i was shocked and couldnt believe it