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HELLO! My name is Phil Stevens, just another grunt low budget/no budget filmmaker here in Philadelphia and i'm currently in preproduction with my third film 'FLOWERS'. I thought it wouldn't hurt to share the details of the project with you all.

FLOWERS Kickstarter campaign -

We've already surpassed our Kickstarter goal of 1k. So, I'm not here to beg for your hard earned dollar (although, ANY and ALL further funding and support would be greatly appreciated!), I'm simply here to network and be apart of the conservation, help out where I can and spread the word. TIS an honor to be among you!

There's something cool and welcoming about the fact that indie film communities like this simply exist. For me, it's the passing on of current news, tips and advice from the veteran indie-heads that never ceases to amaze me.

I, myself am a huge fan and supporter of the independent horror cinema. From the works of Fred Vogel, Eric Stanze and Andy Copp to the films of Adam Rehmeier and Andrey Iskanov. I LOVE indie films! IF you don't know any of those names, I strongly advise you to check out their work. You won't be disappointed in what you may find.

I think that works as my introduction from me to you? I know, i'm such a lengthy bastard. I apologize.


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Hello Phil Stevens! Sounds like a really intriguing concept. Congrats on reaching your goal and best of luck with filming! I'm a horror filmmaker myself so I know it ain't easy smile Kudos to you for making two already! Very impressive.

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Yeah I gotta agree the concept seems cool. You should stick around a while, check out other threads, I'd hate for this to be your one and only post. Any preview trailers for your film?

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LordsOfTears and Thelli are being generous. 

I am not.  I will refer you to the upper council.  (Lords almost got the monkey hammer, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He rewarded HM.  You'd better do the same.)

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