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Correction: we did not begin this thread, but were told about it from a fan of the film.

We welcome all comments on films we have released, and encourage both negative and positive feedback, but from viewers who have actually watched the film, which, by our accounts and tracking of the film, you have not.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Chat- let it go.  Just assume he has not seen it.  His opinion is not going to matter beyond this site.  I.e.- none of us are going to watch it now from your aggressive attitude.

You seem to think we are some freeloading, torrent downloading freaks or something.  We love movies, we love movie makers.   We have given $100's to $1000s to film makers.  We don't like people that are heavy handed in their approach.

Just say, "We would like you to check out our movie, it's not expensive, and we think you would like it."  And boom you'd have at least 10 people in the next week watch it.

You have HM's demographic all wrong.

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Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

If you hadn't come in so heavy-handed here, you'd probably have had quite a few of us check your film out, like Az said. You've hit upon a place with a ton of passionate horror fans, and we support people and film-makers, unlike a lot of other places.

However, you've decided to come in dressed as a combo between the police and Big Brother.

ChatNoir wrote:

, which, by our accounts and tracking of the film, you have not.


You're also potentially calling one of the most respected members on here a liar, which obviously cannot be good for you. I'm confused about how you thought coming here and acting in this way would ever benefit your movie. Bizarre choice of words and actions, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I wish you well with your film, and hope your masquerading as a fan and your stalkerish obsession with tracking any and all viewers of your movie pays off for you.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

ChatNoir wrote:

Correction: we did not begin this thread, but were told about it from a fan of the film.

We welcome all comments on films we have released....

So you're saying you ARE someone involved with the film (distributor, I'm thinking) posing as just a fan in order to pimp your latest release. 

Not cool.

Assume what you want.  Call me a liar who hasn't really seen the film.  It would be a literal impossibility for me to care less.  What I care about is you using our boards to try and trick users into putting money in your pocket.  If you had any honor or professionalism at all, you'd have just come out and said "We're distributing this movie, give it a look."  But maybe you read our SPAMMERS BEWARE notice and realized we don't look kindly on such one-hit spamming, and opted to go the subterfuge route instead.

Doesn't really matter.  I was feeling guilty about bad-mouthing your film despite your tactic; I've been involved with a number of indie filmmakers and I know how it stings when you put so much effort into something only to hear someone say something bad about it.  And because of that guilt, I was considering NOT simply closing this thread and banning you as a spammer, which is what we usually do in such instances. 

But you just freed me of that guilt, and showed yourself as a mook trying to fool people into buying your movie.  You should have been up front the first time.  You might have gotten banned as a one-hitter, but at least you wouldn't have revealed yourself to be a bald-faced liar.

See you around. 

Oh, wait -- no I won't, because you're duplicitous ass is now banned. smile

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

OK.  Lon overturned me.  That's cool.  (And really, I can't blame him.  That was some stuff coming from the producers.)

I told the producers I would watch the film, and I'm still going to give the film a look-see, and post what I think about it.  I will be straight up honest.  It will be a few hours before my review is posted.

Stay tuned.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

This thread has made some interesting developments. It's unfortunate to have some crazy freakin zealot stalking people who give negative reviews. What possible reason would Lon have had to be vindictive? You probably just turned away a lot of people from watching this film. I hope if you are part of the marketing or development team or whatever, I hope your ass gets fired for being an absolute tunnel visioned idiot.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I may have banned the user, but I've opted to leave the thread itself open and the link available because as I said elsewhere in the thread, my tastes are not the same as most.  I may not have enjoyed the film but that's not to say someone else won't love it to death. 

It's the trickery that pissed me off, and that's why this user was banned.  But I do encourage anyone who watches the film to judge it on its own merits; whether or not someone involved with it is a conniving schmuck shouldn't matter.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I was interested until the arsey replies. I don't want my IP stalked if I give a bad review so... sorry dude but as soon as you start being an asshat I switch off.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I really do look forward to Az's review. Like I said the preview looked pretty cool. But this thread left a bad taste in my mouth.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Incidentally, the IP addresses for the original poster and the apparent producer/distributor/whatever both originate from Austin, TX.

Take that how you will. smile

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Curious how banned cat wasn't asking where the OP got to see the dvd less than 3 weeks after it became available, it's almost as if they knew who he was wink
They didn't even consider the possibility that Lon could be part of a reviewing team for a festival or two.
After all he has been a cover quoted reviewer in his time.
No, it was straight in with the veiled accusations of him having seen it legally and outright denial of him having seen it at all.
Bad move doing it that way, a polite PM could have worked wonders.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

This is all messed up.  But I bit the bullet and rented the freaking download.  And then they cannot complain about not knowing about the purchase.  Yes folks, the monkey is going to take it where it doesn't belong in order to bring you Truth().  No offense, Lon. I'm shutting it down here.

I'm going to get nice and drunk (well, no, I don't do that anymore), watch the film, and then give my unbiased opinion.  I will state the reasons for my opinions.  I will have Bobo and Jojo as co-reviewers.   Considering they're monkeys and don't give 2 shits, I think they are reliable.

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Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

^^^ None taken, bro.  And I apologize for pulling the rug out from under you above.  It wasn't my intention to trump you, and it should by no means effect the veracity of your word here.

But to clarify, there are other ways of seeing a film ahead of its release other than torrents or attending festivals.  But after this headache, there's no way in hell I'm ever going to divulge my source(s).  Ever.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I don't like it when it gets all policey up in here. Far as I'm concerned, these are the only types of policing that should be done by any non-mod:

And Lon's seen like 1.2 million movies (give or take), I find it pretty funny that someone comes on and accuses him of lying about seeing something big_smile It's like, please, he's seen more movies than you've even heard of!

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

^^^ Not a bragging point.  It means I need to get a life. lol

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Na, it means you are a fully recognized font of knowledge when it comes to films. An encyclopedia of horror, incredibly useful in my book!

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Gosh what a petty little person that strange cat fellow (or lady I guess) unnecessary and desperate. Personally as a filmmaker I'm just happy when anyone sees a film I've made, however it's come to them. Nobody makes a penny from distribution except distributors anyway.

But how creepy to stalk forums like this searching for potential individual viewers of the film - that's just weird...I guess your bad review stung but man, whoever he is he'll need a thicker skin and a smaller ego than that to survive in this business.

I think you all dealt with it very well fwiw! smile

But if any of you say one bad word about Lord of Tears I will track you down and...umm...have a little cry...privately...and move on hehe.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

^^^ And that's how filmmakers get a good rapport with their audience wink

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

HQ -- Honestly I can say with complete confidence that alien25 sees WAY more horror flicks than I, at least stuff made over the last ten years or so.  I've all but stopped watching direct-to-video/DVD flicks because I saw so many in the 80s or 90s I tend to think I can spot a turd without having to watch it.  I'm sure this attitude has caused me to miss out on some decent flicks, but I don't have enough interest to find out. lol 

That said, I will give a flick a look if someone whose opinion I trust comes across one they think I might like for whatever reason (as is the case with the flick which this very thread involves -- which was sent to me because my buddy knows I'm a big Trejo fan).  Sometimes I like the flicks friends send me; sometimes I don't.  Depending on my mood, I'll do a little write-up on the boards, or I won't.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person on the boards who doesn't always feel bothered to post about every movie he sees the instant he's finished watching it.

LordofTears -- you've made yourself familiar on the boards so I'll certainly check out your film the first chance I get, and will be sure to post my thoughts, good or bad.  'Cuz see, that's the respect I show to filmmakers like yourself, who take the time while promoting their projects here to also participate and become active, friendly members of the board. smile

Cap -- exactly.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Cap Howdy wrote:

^^^ And that's how filmmakers get a good rapport with their audience wink

Whoop! smile I guess I see myself as an audience member myself as much as a filmmaker. And I'm just excited to be getting involved with folks who like the same things I do.

LoudLon wrote:

LordofTears -- you've made yourself familiar on the boards so I'll certainly check out your film the first chance I get, and will be sure to post my thoughts, good or bad.  'Cuz see, that's the respect I show to filmmakers like yourself, who take the time while promoting their projects here to also participate and become active, friendly members of the board. smile

Ah cheers, man smile I'm excited for people to see it but also more than a bit terrified. Actually had a nightmare last night that it got a bad review on a horror forum ha. But, I'm sure there will be bad reviews as well as (hopefully) good ones - that's just how it is. No film is perfect. Ya just gotta do your best and hope people respond to it!

Anyway I'm rambling. I'll stop now. smile

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

That's why you're cool here.  You didn't just drive-by a link, you hung around and talked with us.  That got at least around 7 or 8 genuine horror fans that will talk your film up.  Like El Capitano said, that is how you connect with your fan base.

I'm currently watching Shadow.

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

azathoth you're too kind! I'm really grateful for the warm welcome smile

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

Remember when Toby Wilkins joined to promote Splinter?
He did it right too wink

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I love Splinter smile

Re: Obscure "pretty" indie-horror with Danny Trejo

I tell everyone beforehand I will be brutally honest with my reviews.  For some reason, they never believe me.  If you want proof, go listen to the podcast of Gun Town, where I rip into Ace through the entire movie.  And he's my buddy. 

Everything below is a *spoiler*.  Don't yell at me afterwards.

Well, I normally watch a movie twice when I review it.  That's usually because I want to catch all the nuances and such that I may miss on one view.
[After the review, I included my entire notes while watching the movie.  It's basically a scene by scene breakdown.  It may give you a better idea of what I was watching.]

Here, I had to watch In the Shadows twice just to figure out what was going on.  And if any of the film makers dare come in and say "I didn't get it," I will send Boxlee the Fresh and Goro the Undead to rend them to pieces.

First- Trejo was in this movie for about 1:45 from what I counted.  Fine, classic bait and switch; I'll roll with that.

Now, normally I'd do a director, actors, producer bit here to say what else they have been in.  None of them have been in anything you have heard of.  But there are the rare tri-fails of Producer-Director-Writer Nicole Elmer with Producer-Writer-Lead Actor Jorge Sermini.

Let's start off with the good stuff. 

Video and Sound. 
They used a very good digital camera, or they used some software like CineLook.  The audio was fine, with clear dialog and no wildly varying sound levels.  Location shots were wonderfully done, almost like a travelogue.   The cinematography was fine when it was doing normal shots.  When it got into the flashback/hallucination scenes, they tried to use various filters that just didn't work.  Also, some of the scenes were filtered like they were trying to pull of a Bava or Romera affect.  Nah, not working here.

Now the bad stuff.

Where do I start?  How about nowhere, which is about all the range of emotion anyone displayed.  Diego was constantly befuddled.  I wouldn't be surprised if his pant's zipper befuddled him.  Hillary was a slab of meat that vacillated between horny and stupid.  There were some other people in the film that could have been eaten by aardvarks and I wouldn't have cared.

Besides a few shots of "blood" on some people, none.  The "Shadow Man" was obviously digital, but he was only in a few shots, so no biggy.

30 second capsule review.  Diego is a "healer," who can heal and bring people back from the dead.  It hurts him when he does so, however, and causes a dark power to haunt him.  Hilary comes to the island (filmed in Puerto Rico, but never named) to do a documentary on something or another.  She needs some crew help, because she brings no one with her (?).  Many flashbacks of Diego learning how to heal and getting his drowned daughter resurrected.  He and Hilary become romantically entangled in about 1 day, ever though Hilary is going through a divorce and has a daughter, and Diego has a (rather hot) girlfriend.  His wife and daughter left him, though.

And that's pretty much it.  There's this ominous Shadow Person that pops every once in a while to scare Diego, but never does anything.  At the end, Hilary goes back to her family and Diego's daughter comes back.  The end.  Are you not thrilled?!

I guess the flashbacks and Shadow Man are supposed to be scary, but they're just confusing.  As for the supposed "sex" scenes, in one Hilary bends over the sink and stares into the camera as Diego humps her.  Her expression never changes.  I've tenderized meat that got more excited than her.  I think the "film makers" were trying to make her look dead inside or something, but then she's crying in the next scene about how sorry she was for "enticing" him into that.  Meet the Feebles was sexier, and that was a stuffed hippo and rat.

This isn't a horror film.  The scariest thing about it is how inept the actors are.  Guy has some powers, and a shadow goes "booga booga" every 20 minutes or so, and a girl bones him a few times, then gets upset.  Thrilling.
I'd love to know what kind of leverage they had on Trejo to appear in this crap-fest.

I never want to see another of these peoples' movies on this site again.  I gave my word that I would honestly review the film after paying for it.  Bobo is currently in a rage stabbing me in my groin screaming, "You are a stupid, stupid boss!"

I can't believe they made such a foofaraw about this shitstorm of cinema.  They should be embarrassed and burn all known copies.


****  Review Notes  ****

[edit-  Guy is Diego, the healer.  Girl is Hilary, the documentary person.]

Annoying jump cuts
    (future Az- shows his life saving powers and wife/girlfriend leaving him)
Non-black-lined subtitles in yellow.  In a bright colored film.  Err, I hate that.  And white credits.  C'mon, man, you have no concept of contrast?
Annoying switching between Spanish (with subtitles) and English.
    (Future Az- this happens for the entire movie.  Why?)
Looking at pics of his daughter (ties in with the woman leaving him?).  Checks out girl walking into bar.  Now on same ferry with her.
Crisp picture- either a good digital cam or a good TruFilm (or whatever it's called) processing.
Flashbacks- (I think this is supposed to be his kid.)
He gets a friend(?) to give the girl (American, Swedish?) a ride into town.  Girl has daughter.
Guy's old GF/wife (?) on the beach.  Or is it a new GF?
More jumbled cuts, with b&w and color filters. (Guy saves the old dude from the beginning of the movie.  Then a bunch of nonsense.  Hint- you're not Cronenberg.)
Exciting discussion between guy and friend.  Half of it is, literally in the subs, "Blah blah blah…"
Girl is hitting on guy.
    Guy: "Charming, like the toilet paper brand."  High humor this is not.  Though I would punch her in the head, too.  She's slightly better than Paris Hilton in the acting department.
Girl hires guy to help her out on her "documentary" about ???
Back to looking at pics of daughter.  Flashback to them in the ocean.  Looks like she drowned.
Driving, interviews by yaz-girl.  More driving through a city. More B-roll shots.  Guy wants the gal to "respect their (island?) privacy."
Bongo drummers!  But, replaying the same bar of music over and over is rather annoying.
Colors are not good when filtered badly.
Oh, guy has to use his special powers to raise someone from the dead.  Girl wants to tape it, he gets pissed.  Maybe that privacy thing?
Resurrection flashbacks-  there is exposition, but it's really hard to read.  Bunch of jump cuts, hey, she's alive!  But he can see who strangled her.  Plot point?
More daughter flashbacks.  Oops, she's dead so let's take her to Trejo!  He don't give a fuck.  Total Trejo time- ~45 seconds and 2 words of dialogue.
Discussions on employment, what he did to revive the woman, and giving up the tape.  The NFL negotiations made more sense than this.
Interviewing a store owner about absolutely nothing ("Are you in a relationship?"  "Did you vote for the current president?")  Estranged husband calls girl about divorce.  Girl is a bitch.
Guy goes off to give his girlfriend batteries on their boat.  ???  Fascinating.
Girl is completely drunk.  Fight with husband.  Takes off wedding ring- from the wrong hand!
Now she's hitting on the guy.  To keep it short, she's acting like a total slut, he resists for a while, they have a "meaningful" conversation, they go back her room.
They fall asleep in full clothing.  He has a dream/hallucination of her naked (I'd say it satisfied the horror "booby" rule, if there was anything scary about it) and them having sex.
Next morning- guy takes a shower, she follows him in.  He then bends her over the sink in the most un-erotic sex scene ever.  Her face has all the emotion of reading a fast food menu.
Oh oh, husband has been cheating on girl.
Ocean salvage scene.  Guy and GF found something.  (Plot point?)
Watching daughter videos.  Sees a shadow figure.  Passes out again.
Trejo again!  Oh Trejo can raise the dead, too.  Ah, he taught the guy how to do it.  "But it has a price."  (Yeah, no shit.)  Yay, 2 whole minutes of Trejo this time.
Some more flashbacks and/or hallucinations, shadow guy shows up again.
Girl gives the tape back.
Guy gives interview- wife and kid left him.  Guy is now interviewing girl.
Back to the beach where the daughter "died."
Now they're getting drunk.  Trading secrets, blah blah.  Oh, girl had a tough time with a baby.  Well, no shit, ass.  Thank you for that soliloquy on how you did not kill your daughter.

OK, GF is choking guy, now, he's choking her, shadow man shows up, now guy just chopped up his daughter (???).
Shadow man again.  Back to the house.  And the girl is in the bed. ?  Shadow man.
Oh, husband doesn't want to divorce the girl anymore?  Plot point?
Intense dialog between guy and girl.  She wants more time with guy, rather than her husband and daughter?
GF leaves guy.  Random jellyfish!  Sunset! Mariachi band!  Guy washes dishes.
And hallucinations again.  And he's deaf now?  Huh?
Flashback?  Kissing- you realize you've known this guy for 3 days, and your leaving your daughter for this misfit?
Sex on the patio while the entire lounge/bar watches.  Lovely.  You suffocate her, and you're confused she ran away from you?
Now more hallucinations. 
Guy passed out at the bar, friend is staggering him back home.  With more hallucinations.
Now we back to Trejo's place.  Guess he's dead now, since no one's home.
Girl went back home.
Guy metaphorically buries his daughter, she comes back, and… end.

*** End Notes ***

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