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Welcome to my world. lol


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Best beer EVER!!!
BIG FAT HUGE Carling Black Label, 1.18ltrs of yummy goodness.


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OK fine.... I'll drink your beer but its not gonna go over well till I go to my trunk and grab my shit/// I'll share it no problem at all...

*edit .... (trunk) thats boot for my crazy friends across the sea!

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Yo mate, sup???

I remember when I went to a Punk show in the woods somewhere near TNT, the liquor store didn't have these 1.18ltrs bottles and the Punkies at the show were freaking out about it. Do you guys have 'em now???
Hope so, they're the best and they's just 4$.

Now drinking my best friend Jack Daniels.

Here's a glass and fucking CHEERS!!! Woooo!!! big_smile

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ok first off wheres is TNT?

Your lucky those punks didnt eat ya alive man!

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Did a function in college for the sheriff (that i didn';t know we had). tutor says yea you guys over age have some wine cause we've finished. UV officually allowed to join the drunk thead. college in the am again ooops. good laugh though. big_smile

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I will let you be a member of the Drunk Thread UV dont give a fuck of those losers

oh you can come in anytime until firther notice lol


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UltraViolence wrote:

UV officually allowed to join the drunk thead.

You're allowed anytime you want. So is everybody. big_smile

That was a good one. Although not from the liquor store but the grocery instead. It is a pretty good one. And from The US of A. Good job neighbours, very fine one.

Strange they've stuck a french name to it though. roll

It's the one at right, the other one is the best wine I've ever drank. Romanian Black Pinot.


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Man Jack Daniels definitely RULES ALL there is and ever will be. Love the guy. Well the drink that is. Yeah I drink guys. Woof that sounds really unappropriate. lol

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^^Ok Punk, I've waited a long time t be part of this thread,  You have to be drunk to take part and I,m seldom drunk AnD writing on here. But here we are.  Punk, I love Jack Daniels.  BUt I just bought a bottle of single barrel Knob Creek bourbon. 120 proof (that's 60% alcohol for us canadians).  Just finished watching the Leafs win and have been enjoying this as well as some Blue Dry 7,1.

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Funny sotry!!!

I went to meet my Dad in Niagara Falls and stopped at the beer store on the way in.  I normally Drink the Unibrou beers, La fin du Monde, Don de Dieu...etc...but my Dad's a real Meat and Potatoes guy..he drinks Labatt's Blue...since I'm 5 years old....he Drink's blue..so I'm at this beer store in Niagara Falls and I ask for a case of BLue Dry(because at least it's 6% beer,so I can get drunk on it). The woman looked at me like I was an Alien....not only did she not serve me, she asked if I was an american or something...Turns out, they don't have Dry beers in Ontario,,,it's strictly a Quebec thing...in Quebec, we can get Blue Dry 6,1% , 7,1%, 8,1% and 10,1% !!!...in Ontario, you spend 40$ on an 8-pack of tall cans....

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J'r'gade danser les Black Labels...sur un vielle toune d'eddy Mitchell..


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Oh welcome mate!!!

That bourbon is very tasty. Yummy even.

Yeah, that's weird that they don't have these in there. Just like the 1.18ltr bottles, I went to a Punk show near Toronto in the woods a while back and they all freaked about my big bottles. lol

Dancing Black Labels. That sounds great and gives me a great image in my head. big_smile

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DemonToSome wrote:

I will let you be a member of the Drunk Thread UV dont give a fuck of those losers

oh you can come in anytime until firther notice lol

Still drinkin the mcnaughton canadianist zapper drops. Long tme no puke, brother man. Yes. I been driving the retrocoach and watching the obscureities of film. Just got Code ?Red's release of Dr. Jeckyl vs the Wolfman. Get it, it's great. and i;m still drunk. Imagoine!

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Benn down in mexico for awhile, they got El Presidente solero brandy for 6 bucks a liter. It's $35 here on orygun. Also for six bucks is El Jimedor tequila, yeah bro. Also, young hot chicks like to parrty with ole fred even without his retrocoach. Grovel and be envious chillen.


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Well I know I was right.

Cool to see another Drunkhead. CHEERS man!!! smile

As I knew the liquor stire was closed this week-end, I got not only a 26 ouncer but also a 10 one which didn't last very long. Of course not, my best friend never last long. Got half of the 26 drank and I just woke up a few hours ago. Wooooooo!!! lol



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Now they're talking. And the box is incredibly nice.
This thing truely ROCKS!!!



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Hopefully it actually tastes good! Stunning presentation though.

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I see that absinthe prices are dropping. That's good i like iy but not  at $60.


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I'm sure it does Theli. Everything Evil is good so... lol

And yes, absolutely fredgravin, here it's 70$ for a bottle, that's 1$ for each % of alcohol. Damn.


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Portugese Blood red wine now. Tasty guy he is. Yummy even. smile

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Its too bad our kiddies don't drink liqour but only sodee pop and red bull . Demon, if he hadnt died with his head stuck up there, would chastise you weaklings.  I told him to wear the latex head glovkins but he had on his ear goggles and tripped out on /sa bbath.

Anyway I met his fan club they think his knobs are cool.



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In perfect Demon form.
Well done.


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Hahaha man... Seeing and reading this in the state I'm in is pure pleasure.

Up 'til now, more to come... Much more. lol



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Got a case of 24 earlier.
8 of them down.
Damn this beer RULES ALL!!!


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