Topic: HM March Movie Night 2013

We have some ideas for the March's Movie Night.  I could use some feedback on what you'd like to watch.

Earliest date will be the 23rd, March 2013.

Bonus/horror moment- You get to choose a song for me to sing.  Otherwise you get "My Heart Carries on" again.  Also, a challenge for a duet- for a guy I suggest the Valjean/Chavert fight from Les Mis; for a girl, your pick (Phantom has a good one in All I Ask of You, or I Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing.)  Anyone with the (metaphorical) balls to step up will become VP of Movie Nights, including all the BS I have to wade through to make everyone happy, lol .

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Re: HM March Movie Night 2013

You know I'm cool with just about anything as far as the actual movies go, but I do have a song request:

Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.  The caveat: lyrics must be from the literal video version. big_smile

"I whip my head to the right!" lol

Re: HM March Movie Night 2013

I can do this, since I found a version that has the lyrics subbed.  [edit- dang, it'll be hard doing both voices in time.]

(Though I was wondering it I could get Vamps to do our wedding song with me.)

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Re: HM March Movie Night 2013

I have no idea if I can pull off a Movie Night in March.  I've been running for weeks on about 4 hours of sleep per day.

If someone seriously wants to give it a shot, I'll coach you through it before hand.  When I say "seriously," you'd better expect to spend at least 20 hours of prep on it.  You can PM or Skype me about it.

Sorry guys/gals, monkeys eventually get tired, too.