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HypnoticDead89 wrote:

After 13 Assassins, I clicked on this action/horror film called Samurai Princess. Not even finished and it's so weird. Apparently the title character is a MECCA, a "franken-droid", and she's seeking revenge for the rape and murders of her friends. That's pretty much it. I love that it just screams low budget. I'm not getting any "da f*ck is dis?!" type of feelings from it. I'm actually interested in where it goes.

I don't have a problem with weirdness, but the plot/story/whatever was too out there for me.


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Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

I guess as long as they pump these out, I'll watch them. Whilst not as ridiculous as the last one, it was over the top as usual. But very watchable. There were a few more appearances from well known characters in the game franchise. At this stage they've nearly used them all up, yet they never seem to fit in.

Okay so it's not a horror movie - it's action - but I guess having the Resident Evil name automatically connects it to horror. They're probably gonna do another one, but at this stage I'd rather them pump them out than not do any at all.

Something that surprised me was its short run time: the first 5-7 minutes was a recap, and the credits rolled at about 1h22 minutes. It seems like Anderson is running out of steam, and it is showing - there was virtually no plot development (but who's watching it for that?) except one reveal.

Like the game series, the movies are suffering from going off into crazy territory. After the 6th Resident Evil game, the series has gotten to the point of incomprehensible stupidity, where they've exhausted every attempt at a sequel. Arguably, it can't continue without needing a reboot. Similarly, I don't see where the movies are going at all. I would have preferred a more serious direction, but that's asking too much based on the source material.


6/10 entertaining


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azathoth wrote:

Silent Hill 2.  Not as good as the first.  6/10


Man, still can't believe how many good movies 2009 has given us.
This is another fantastic one. That was pretty damn cool.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I am watching Shiver right now, I am very much enjoying it...Spanish Horror film.

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The Reflecting Skin - a very strange vampire movie. Some  parts of it were very well done, but overall I thought it was very hit and miss.

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Was on an asian kick today.

High school, student gets killed if they don't answer the questions correctly. 10 of 'em die. Pretty damn nice korean flick. Wild atmosphere.

ALONE [2007]
This is definitely freaking weird and wild. Two siamese sisters. One dies and comes back to haunt her sister. From Thailand and extremely well done. I loved it to the point that I classify this as masterpiece. Yes, THAT good.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The She-Beast


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I bit the bullet for Vampy and watched the first Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie, and I'm going to pick up the 2nd one now.  Pray for Bobo.


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I'm gonna shamelessly say that I LOOOOOOVE this series.
Damn how could I not, I find Kristen Stewart very cute and also talented so. big_smile


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Not a horror, but does have a serial killer in it. The Factory, John Cusack is an obsessed cop is on the trail of a serial killer prowling the streets of Buffalo, N.Y. but when his teenage daughter disappears, he drops any professional restraint to get the killer.

Nothing new to the genre really but I do like Cusack in just about anything. It did have a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. 5/10

Trailer … ixbx7lp4Es


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I was hooked the second I read "John Cusack."  Love that dude, I'll watch anything he appears in.

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"Grave Encounters 2"  i thought the first one was good the second one is very very uneven and nowhere near as good. the first half i was thinking " What the fuck am i watching here, just get on with it"! once they get to the asylum it does improve but sitting through the first half might be more than some people can take , it nearly did me as it's all over the place and dead boring.turns out to be ok but only just. 6/10 overall.


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The Slender Man (2013) - I can't even find an IMDB page for this one.  Entertaining, but definitely could have been done better.  2.5/5.

The Bunker (2001) - Still a good watch on the second viewing.  3.5/5.

Night School (1981) - A decent 80's slasher with the yummy Rachel Ward.  3/5.

Come Out And Play (2012) - A surprisingly good remake of Who Can Kill A Child, but I still prefer the original.  3.5/5.

Nobody Gets Out Alive aka Down The Road (2013) - I'd forgotten that I had already watched this, still not any better on the second viewing.  2.5/5.

Comedown (2013) - A decent little slasher from the UK.  3/5.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Zombie Holocaust - first time viewing, another awesome cheesy gory Italian cannibal flick. 8/10


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alien25 wrote:

Night School (1981) - A decent 80's slasher with the yummy Rachel Ward.  3/5.

Just DL'ed this one last week but haven't got around to watching it yet.  I've only seen it once before, on cable way back in '82, when I was still just a little nard.  But I distinctly remember the opening sequence on the merry-go-round and the killer's knife hanging in the air as the victim spins toward it, followed by a clever cut to a girl's red coat.  And I remember thinking even back then, at age ten or eleven, how hot Rachel Ward was. lol 

I also remember the killer's reveal (won't say who so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) but I'll have to watch it again to see if the twist is still as effective as I remember it being.  I'll probably check it out tonight after Justified.


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@Alien-  Is this is it?  Slender Man (2013)

There was also another Slender Man movie released through it's own website,  It was more of a mystery involving Slendy that was decent, if low budget.  I gave that one a 5/10.


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^Yup, it is the second one Az.  Definitely low budget, the Slender Man FX were pretty cheesy, but still, it was fairly entertaining.  And you got to like the way it was released, with the message at the end to feel free to upload and share the movie.

^^Lon, you probably found it the same place I did. wink
And yes, Rachel Ward was smoking hot.  She even gets nekid in this one, though not full frontal, but still, she doesn't leave much to the imagination.  tongue


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Yep, with some more money it had potential to be really good.  I didn't realize that the first one I posted doesn't come out until October, 2013.  Stoopid monkey, lol .  Maybe that will be the one that actually makes a scary Slendy film.  Some of the YouTube series (my never ending Slendy research) I've watched had some great plots and effective shots (almost all practical FX) that would make for a great movie with some money.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^Yeah, I actually thought that it had a pretty good plot.  You will have to let me know if you come across anything worth checking out.


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I watched 'The Bunny Game' is that even considered horror? ...I still don't know how I even feel about it.


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^Yeah, IMDB lists it as a horror movie, not that they are the authority, but I would definitely consider it as horror.  One of the most disturbing movies that I have ever watched.


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THE CAT [2011]
Korean and man, what a fantastic one. Finally they made a movie with an EVIL cat. Some very cool shots and nice story. Enjoyed a lot.


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@alien25 I felt very disturbed after, and didn't sleep for sometime...but I still don't know if I'm more bothered by it, or scared by it..if that makes sense??


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^Definitely, I felt like I was watching something that I really shouldn't be watching, then like I needed a shower afterwards.


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Yes!!! I had my earphones in while watching this while someone was sleeping next to me. I felt weird, and creepy, and yes I needed a shower but was to afraid to walk to the bathroom for anything!