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Admittedly not a horror book, I cannot recommend Ready Player One by Ernest Cline enough.  I think there would be a lot of people here who would enjoy it. 

Takes place many years in the future.  Society has crumbled and most people live life in the Oasis, a totally immersive interactive MMO universe where people can be and do whatever they want.  The creator of Oasis dies and in his will announces that the first person to find 3 keys that will lead to the ultimate video game Easter Egg will inherit his fortune.  The creator was obsessed with the 80's and a majority of the hunt revolves around clues in old school tv shows, movies, and vintage video games.  We follow our Hero as he tries to find the egg witht the help of other egg hunters before the greedy corporations employees can find it and seize creative control the this video game world

Seriously if you love vintage video games and 80's entertainment, this is the book for you.  The referrence almost EVERYTHING from the 80's, its unbelievable.  Cant stop telling people about this one.  Been a long time since I've enjoyed a book as much as this

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Oh yeah, heres a list of cultural references so you have an idea of exactly how many things got crammed into this book

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Thanks for the heads up. I love Sciene Fiction, Video Games and the 80's so it's right up my alley.