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Root's in True Blood?  I've only seen the first couple episodes of that.  But I like Root a lot, very funny character actor who can play mean when he needs to.  He's done a couple Coen Bros flicks and crap load of other stuff.  He also has a recurring role on the show Justified as a judge who wears a pistol (and a thong!) under his robe.


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God, I forgot about Fire in the Sky, that had been a long favorite of mine. Need to see if you can still buy it. Thanks for posting!

Vasquez wrote:

Yesterday I watched

1. The Devils Command (1941) - A decent science fiction/horror by Russian director starring the great Bori Karloff who elevates the film to a higher standard than it would perhaps achieve without his involvement. 7/10.

2. Fire In The Sky (1993) - The Better of the two films. Incorporates some genuinely disturbing abduction 'experiment' scenes with a engaging human drama element that is supported by strong and convincing performances by all its main cast, particularly by Robert Patrick. 9/10.


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Classic in my opinion....ever see Burnt Offerings? Kind of the same "feel"......

Chomper wrote:

The Sentinel (1977)

I enjoyed it quite a lot. Made me feel uncomfortable, in a similar sort of way to Rosemary's Baby. Nice atmosphere, the story was good, and it had some really, really weird scenes. I had heard of one infamous scene, and yeah, it was creepy. My main gripe (don't I always have one?) was the score. It wasn't totally unfitting, and at times it felt right, but mostly it was weird and out of place. Like it made it feel 20 years older than what it was. That out of the way, I was impressed.



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I think The Sentinel is the superior of the two but Burnt Offering still has a lot to like, particularly the performances, and especially Karen Black.  She's like a female Andy Robinson; even when they play straight characters, they still come off as a little cracked.

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Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Bar the actor who played Lincoln who played his part well, it seems that the pacing and other actors were infected by zombies. It felt like the film was just coasting by, even the action scenes had no life. 7/10 for the actor who played Lincoln, 3/10 for the film itself.


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The Exorcist III (1990) 

This I have really mixed feeling about, It is much better the Second movie in the series but still not as Great as the first one.

But this did have a very creepy  atmosphere  at the start of the movie and the snap of Jesus eye opens was little creepy.

As movie went, It did kinds of lose that creepy feeling as it turn into bit more of true psychological thriller then . creepy or scary horror movie.

I did some scenes very boring to watch, I felt they drag some scenes a little to longs in this movie.

There were some strange scenes near end of the movie,  Which I thought were little odd, I did find it a little funny.

There one scenes that really took me by surprised is near the end as I didn't expected this movie gory at all, then one really nasty gory scenes near the end.

The acting from everyone  in this movie was really good.



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Yeah he was in like 4 or 5 episodes as a minor character in True Blood. Early on in the show as well. Hah just read the part about the thong... he sure plays some diverse roles.

JoeTerror wrote:

Classic in my opinion....ever see Burnt Offerings? Kind of the same "feel"......

Will check it out, thanks.

That reminds me, Bassi... I have yet to see Exorcist 2 and 3. Hear all the time that the second one sucks and the third is better.

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Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)

I have tired to watch this movie a few times, only well, i fell a sleep in the first 2 times, I did put a bit late, so i decided to give it another today, when day was light.

Now that I have seen the whole movie, I don't think it was all that bad, there were some creepy moment in this movie that worked really.

There were really cool bloody scenes that really liked in this all though I don't think iit really fitted in this movie.

There was really calm moment in this movie, which do feel little boring at times.

The acting wasn't great in some part of the movie, I felt some of actor Could not be bother that near the end of the movie as the acting didn't look as lazy at the start.

I feel mixed feeling about this movie.


But I not sure if, i Should see Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist (2005) - I Heard it kinda of the same! (I Will give it watch maybe next week)


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Chomp -- yeah, Exorcist II: The Heretic is pretty much a waste of time.  Exorcist III, though, is worth the look.  George C. Scott's great in it and there's one scare that's guaranteed to make you jump right up out of your seat.  You'll know it when you see it. big_smile


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The Bay (2012)   A lot diffrent then I thought it was going to be.

I liked the start of the movie, with real reports of Dead Animals that news, a few years ago.

Also liked the fact their were few other going on at the same time, Normally Found footage movie are calm and try keep tension.

This was like the normal one person hold camera movie, this different shorts CTV, Police dash boards and people seem to talking the Camera every where. 

But this goes straight into the mess and I liked the Plot, It Kinda of re mind me of the Cabin Fever a little, with the whole water is infected.

The infections did look really nasty look on, Which i thought was really make up effects in this movie.

I found one scenes really chilling in this movie, Is when the police man goes into the house and who see words , how scream them, I found that really affected

I liked the later scenes in the movie, shouting and crying coming out of me, the lady sceaming was little annoying.

The acting in this movie could have been better from some of the people, I felt that were little stale at times and there were some decent action of some of the cast in this movie.

I didn't think it would be scary or creepy, I sure did find it really entertaining.



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I've heard about the infamous Exorcist 3 scare... but I've remained spoiler free. I know it's gonna get me, dammit!


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Dude, I've seen that movie a dozen times, I know when it's coming, and it STILL makes me twitch a little when it happens. lol

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The mooring whoa could happen leaves a freaky taste in one's horror mouth  3/5

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Damn I have seen so many since I last posted on here...which was I am not sure when...but the last I watched was:

Would You Rather - 8/10

I really liked this one! The acting is fine all around (for the most part) and it was wonderfully tense with a few unexpected (but not shocking) moments. I saw the ending coming closer to it's reveal, so the impact was lessened, but it is a pretty good one. I'd say this plays almost like pitch black comedy with horror elements. And I actually think that not showing all the blood that could have been shown helped the movie. I love me some blood and gore obviously, but it helped keep the movie from goign too over the top with an already pretty over the top premise that was unexpectedly played pretty straight.
Great movie! I'd recommend it to those who like the one-room style films and movies about morbid games, it is definitely one of the better ones.

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The Collection - More violent than the first but overall not as good. But still a very fun horror flick 7/10


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^ Agreed. Was a good watch.

Vault of Horror (1973)

Had some good variety and I guess the few effects that they used have aged relatively well. But despite the variety, the tales were a little stale. It opened well and closed well, with the weaker stories in between. Though the vampire one didn't have enough of a kick to it.

The ending was interesting, but they could have been more subtle about it and as a result it felt empty.

My two concerns:
The beard wasn't for Tom Baker!
Why do older movies have terribly colored blood? It looked awful. Were they incapable of making it looking darker... or not allowed to?



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Not really a horror


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But has some elements. And it's very, very good. Neeson and Christina Ricci [which was great to see her boobs once more in this] are very freaking great.

Well, happy I got the DVD cause the first time I watched it was from a grabbed copy from Cyberspace and it was really bad. Nice to finally see something. big_smile

Liked it more than the previous one. All the new elements were just oh sooo damn cool. The park, the robot and man, Radha's acting is fantastic. Yup what a freaking cool flick.

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The Tingler (1958) 8/10.


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@Punk-  I have to disagree with you.  While the first movie didn't hold 100% true to the film, the 2nd film kind of went off the rails both of the 1st movie and the game series.  And the spider monster?  Ugh.

@Vas- I would have loved to be at an original showing of the Tingler!  Castle was some kind of lunatic PR guy; I love it!  Probably why I liked Popcorn so much.

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^ Yeah, I couldn't have been more disappointed with Silent Hill Revelations...what a mess. The first one had a nice creepy atmosphere that could not be denied. Everything was fresh and new, and the darkness ripping the flesh from the woman on the steps of the church, its tough to top that! Not to mention the revenge that follows in the finale. The new one just seems like reahashed atmosphere and the whole carnivale bit seemed over the top, and forced just to try and create something different. The story was forced and weak, characters are blatently thrown in as monster fodder and the only new beasts we get are lame looking glossy cgi garbage.

Major disappointment!!!


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Ah well, to each his own. Like I said I liked it much more than the first. Probably because I have weird tastes. lol


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Just finished DL'ing Silent Hill Revelations a little bit ago.  Gonna watch it this weekend and will post my thoughts.  I read reviews which say it's not all that good but dammit, it's Radha Freakin' Mitchell!  I HAVE to watch it!


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Don't forget the crackers.  tongue


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Anything for Radha. big_smile