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Hi Folks and here we go with the tenth and final entry in this series ( pauses for extremly loud sigh of relief from his hapless captive audience) and without further ado it's


like my previous entry Rod Steiger, Jack Palance found himself in horror films in the latter part of his career he was famous for such films as Shane, The Big Knife, Panic In the Streets, Attack,Batman, and won an oscar for City Slickers. supposedly notorious for being difficult on set he also like Steiger had a tendency to mug and overact in the horror movies which make them unintentionly hilarous at times. here we go in the usual chronological order

Jack Palance played opposite Peter Cushing in the fourth story of this British horror anthology horror film. It WAS entitled " the Man Who Collected Poe" where Palance Plays Ronald Wyatt an enthusiastic collector of all things Poe who meets another collector who actually takes him home to show him his most prized piece in his collection a resurrected Edgar Allan Poe himself who is clearly unhappy with his lot and this leads to madness and death. Jack Palance is quite restrained in this and does little but stand around talking and smoking a pipe but it's interesting to see him paired with Peter Cushing and he gets to grapple with pete in the fiery climax.

2.CRAZE ( 1974) Remember in the introduction to this entry i said Palance had a tendency to mug, over act and generally ham it up? Well watch him do it here in this hilariously awful little British shocker! where he plays Neal Mottram, a screwy to say the least antique collector who obtains an africian tribal mask and finds if he gives it human sacrifices to the god it represents he will become wealthy and he goes about this by murdering women. This is god awful, directed by freddie Francis but is remarkable for it's supporting cast, Diana Dors, Julie Ege, Trevor Howard, Michael Jayston,Suzy Kendall and  A young David Warbeck. Apparently Palance was suffering from alcohol problems when he made this junk and it shows.

3.DRACULA ( 1974) Jack Palance had a go at playing the Count in this T.v Movie directed by Dan Curtis which was actually deemed good enough to earn a cinema release in the U.K. I won't insult you by going into the plot, and it's not too bad a version and Palance is passable despite going over the top at times.Solid supporting cast in Nigel Davenport as Van helsing, Simon Ward, Fiona Lewis.

this an odd little sci fic/ horror pic that has more than a touch of the later  and better "Predator" about it. An 8 foot bulbous headed alien lands and gets himself a spot of sport by hunting campers, fishermen and hunters in a forest with an oddity of weapons chiefly a natty frisbee like weapon that is like a vicious pizza with teeth. A cast of veterens have a competition to out do in each other in hamminess and over acting. Jack Palance plays Joe Taylor in this and although he tries he is easily outdone in the hamminess by an outrageously over the top performance from Martin Landau as a loony war veteren, also in the cast is Neville Brand and Cameron Mitchell. Jack Palance usually known for playing villians is the nominally hero in this one.

5.ALONE IN THE DARK ( 1982) I think this is my favourite Palance horror film, a nice little chiller thriller from Director Jack Sholder and i think it is under rated.Palance plays Frank Hawkes the leader aof a bunch of psychopaths who break out of an asylum during a blackout/ power cut and go to a new doctor's home to terriose him and his family because they think him responsible for the death of the previous doctor their friend. Jack Palance is seemingly the most normal of the bunch and is threatening and effective in the part, again he is out done in hamminess by another gleefully over the top maniacal performance from the pesky Martin Landau as a fellow psychopath and Donald Pleasence as a doctor who seems as loony as the patients. some good tense moments in this film and i really like the ending.
there we have it folks that's the end of the series, please feel free to make comments etc and express your relief that it is over at last. THE END!

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Oh yay. Anpther one. Cool. Extremely.
And woah, you finish with a great dude. I'm a huge fan of Alone In The Dark and his Dracula. Might not be up to par with Alone but I liked it anyways. And yes, Fiona....

Gonna have to check the others. Great descriptions.

Thank you sharp teethed man wolf wolfman boy. smile

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And Wolfy ends his series strong.  Good job, my flea-infested friend.

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I haven't seen any of these movies yet, though Torture Garden is on it's way in the mail. That said Jack Palance is a top notch actor, one of my favourites with him is actually only his second role, Panic in the Steets. A damn entertaining noir film.