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It doesn't really fit in here but as it's about the making one one of the best Horror movies ever, I stick it here, want it or not. tongue If you don't agree, go to http://www.zombo.com lol
Man what a freaking AMAZING film this was. Grandiose chef-d'œuvre like we say in french. Something in the vein of wonderful masterpiece. smile
Hopkins is well he's fucking Hopkins do I really need to say more??? Though so... Helen Mirren as Alma, his wife is delivering a performance that is absolutely out of this world. And oh, wooohooo yes, yes, yes, yum, yes my sexy hot fantasticly gorgeous Scarlett is perfect playing the girl in the shower. I love the relation she has with Hitchcock. Cool. Very.
And Jessica Biel as miss Miles was pretty nice too. The story is well constructed like the Barcelona Sagrada Familia is. Almost perfect. They have some BRILLIANT one liners but my favorite is when the dude playing Perkins says "Well mister Hitchcock..." and he cuts him off with a "Just call me Hitch, leave the cock alone." MWAHAHAHA I laughed so much. lol
I also liked how he dreams about Ed Gein telling him how to make the perfect crime. Great idea. The relation that Fred and Alma have is definitely extraordinary. Makes me see how important her wife was in the accomplishment of his flicks. She was THE key. Oh and Paramount were fucking asshole back then. Well all the industry ones Hitchcock delt with were. And the cinematography, I loved how they filmed a lot of stuff like in Psycho and that time period. Great job director of photography!!! smile
And the last scene where he says to Alma, well dear Hitchcock could search for a blonde all his life but there's only one Alma. And the crow on his shoulder, fade to black. WOOOW!!!
All in all an awesomely terribly wonderful and great movie.

Girls in jail to be sold as slaves with a crazy lesbian guard. Gotta say that Naked boobs/sex and Horror is the perfect mix for me and this is just that which I loved. lol
Awesome thing where the cheesy factor is totally over the top. Which I like a lot. big_smile
And man, fucking HOT SEXY AS MAD PAM GRIER is in there so how could I not like it. I'm a big fan of that girl.


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Watch The Video Dead (1987) (IMDB link) with HQ last night.  Was surprisingly better than our standard fare.  Decent FX, bizarre premise, lumberjack zombies, and good for a few laughs.  Not what you would call a good film in the normal sense, but it was enjoyable enough for me to give it-

Holla (2006) (IMDB link)
Ugh, standard "Spam in a cabin" film.  "Surprise twist" end.  It uses every single annoying trope in horror films.  Even added one I had not seen before- "Shoot!"  "I can't, my gun just jammed!"  Oy...
It did have to sorta-funny parts: 1) The film starts with the definition of the word "holla," and 2) The cabin is at Camp Diamond Creek.
It's just annoying, really.


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Blood Diner (1987)

Fun, crazy movie. Very crude and stupid, with a kind of Troma-esque feel to it. Whilst it was entertaining it wasn't particularly good in many ways - it's a so-bad-it's-good flick to me. But I'd recommend seeing it.

One minor thing I was disappointed with was the cover (of all things). It showed a diner in the middle of nowhere, and that's what I was expecting. Instead it's a city diner. Hmm, weird and misleading.



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Ah, yes, the glory days of video box covers.  I think there is some rule that the more "exciting" a cover was (flashing light, making noises, insanely detailed artwork), the worse the movie was.  See Dead Pit as an example (though the flashing eyes were cool).  Also applies when they would put a shot on the cover that was later cut from the movie, lol .


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Yeah, the box cover is very misleading but as Azzie said, more often than not back in the 80s, the better the cover art, the worse the flick inside.  Fortunately Blood Diner was entertaining enough despite its shortcomings to make up for it. 

FYI, this is also why I chose to go with stills rather than video cover art for my "more attention" lists.  In most cases if I showed the artwork you'd be like "Great cover...the movie must suck" and you wouldn't bother watching any of them. lol


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Cemetery Gates (2006) - Two bungling eco-activists unleash a genetically mutated Tasmanian Devil in a woodland cemetery where a group of college students are filming a low budget zombie movie.  It was all done tongue in cheek so it was definitely campy and cheesy, but it did feature the pony tailed Reggie Bannister and cameos by Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger as a couple of stoners.  2.5/5.


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I just rewatched Vault of Horror. It's a good anthology flick, comprising of 5 tales taken from the pages of Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror EC comics. All the stories are fun with an ironic twist ending.
The first segment I recognize from the comics, I believe this one came from Tales from the Crypt initially, I love this story. It's a short simple and fun vampire tale.
The second story is probably the worst of the lot, but it is still quite entertaining. A little more light hearted and overacted, it's the story of a clean freak who drives his wife mad. It ends with a punch though.
I also like the twist on the old Indian Rope Trick, anyone into magic and illusion should know of this trick, which is rather gory in it's inception but has never been filmed in it's entirety.
The fourth segment is also entertaining and plays into one of my few fears, being buried alive. the main character is trying to gain life insurance mon ey by faking his death, which of course doesn't work out as planned. I remember reading this one too in the original comics.
The final segment is about and painter who is given voodoo powers, and his plans for revenge on people who had wronged him. I particularly liked the ending of the last segment, it has a clever way to suggest gore without actually showing much.


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I should have been aware of the rule, azathoth! I do find myself getting lured in by some, like Georgie getting tricked into going near the storm drain...

I guess it was only a location difference from the cover, but still, it did throw me off a little.

LoudLon wrote:

FYI, this is also why I chose to go with stills rather than video cover art for my "more attention" lists.  In most cases if I showed the artwork you'd be like "Great cover...the movie must suck" and you wouldn't bother watching any of them. lol

Hah, good point as well. I was digging the stills too, it gives a better look into it. By the way, still going through those lists. I know I only gave Blood Diner a "6" but my ratings don't really mean much. More a mix of everything based on what I thought it delivered. In terms of entertainment it was up there.

What was up with the naked chick kicking that guy's ass? lol


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The Girl Next Door (2006)

This one of hardest movies, I had to watch, while vile nasty evil people in this movie, made me really sick , I could not watch the full movie in one go, watch over twoday.

The ending was so sad, it had me tear, yes I cried I am 28 year old male. 

Nasty horrible story,  Rape scenes thankfully went to graphic as some other movies

Not rated

I think this even worse then Deadgirl , Which I hated ,  This movie just make even worse, when younger kids in this movie.

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Once more I mix it up with the comedy.

And azathoth, Video Dead is a freaking fun flick. First watched it 4-5 years ago at a friend's and was amazed.

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The Dead Next Door - low budget gory awesomeness. Gotta love it when a zombie walks into a video store and rents a copy of Dawn of the Dead LOL.


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Chupacabra vs The Alamo.  No, there is not even an IMDB listing for it. lol

Standard SyFy fare.  Bad CGI (the chups look like large rat-dog thingys), dumb plot, but the acting was OK.  Erik Estrada as the lead reminded me of William Shatner when he started to slow down.  The Alamo only showed up at the 90 minute mark, but managed to be in the last 30 minutes (this is TV time we're talking about):

  • A fort-like compound

  • A mission

  • Next to a university quad

  • A ranch house (this was the one they blew up

It was average fun to watch, with some humorous scenes.  If it's on TV and you're not doing anything else, give it a shot.  I wouldn't spend any money on it, though.



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The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

I have tried watch a number of times before, I could never really get into the movie and again I saw half of it yesterday and I saw the last half of it today.

It did take me while to get in this movie, I do like the vidoe being balloons at times and there was some good tense and chilling moment in this movie.

If wasn't for the really poor acting from most of the cast and some scripts sounded a little to fake (I would Easily believed this was real) however it NOT real and I know that.

I Thought did have powerfully story and some good chilling moment in this movie, that might make you thing, the next you see stranger.

Small spoiler
[spoiler]I found is bit silly for Killer to go and see the mother of the girl He Kidnapped only for mother not doing anything knowing he was kidnapper[/spoiler]

It was really some- what entertaining. 6/10 Good movie


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Gou yeung yi sang aka Dr. Lamb (1992) - Recounts the exploits of Lam Kor-wan, a deranged taxi driver who strangled then raped and dismembered 4 young Chinese women in 1982.  He photographed and videotaped his exploits and kept some of their sexual organs as souvenirs.  A pretty sick tale, though the movie was hampered by poor subtitles and the occasional silly english dubing.  2/5.

Modus Anomali (2012) - A man awakens buried in the woods with no memory of how he got there.  Now he must piece together his memories with the clues he finds in order to save his two children before they fall prey to a mysterious killer stalking the family.  Actually a pretty decent little low budget Indonesian flick with a nice twist on the slasher genre.  The initial twist is not too hard to see coming, but then they throw in another nice twist in the reveal.  3.5/5.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Alien, you really need to get on HM's Skype convo sometime.  You watch so many films that I never heard of before, especially in the Asian/southeast-Asia region, which I'm working on.


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Regarding The Video Dead - Yeah, that movie scares me. I know it has comedic elements, but that scene where the heroine is trying to convince the zombies that they are still alive and everything is normal is electric with tension and spookiness. Also, I think the visual of zombies crawling out of a TV screen to attack the viewer strikes a scary bell in the heart of every horror fan.


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I liked Dr. Lamb a bit more than you did, alien; thought Simon Yam was very memorable in the lead.  Makes a great companion piece to The Untold Story, IMO.


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Omen 3: The Final Conflict (1981)

Enjoyed it more than the second part. The Final Conflict gets a lot of heavy fire, but it isn't so bad a conclusion for the trilogy (I know there's a part 4, but it doesn't really tie in or so I hear).
The second movie seemed like a lot of filler. It would have been a great chance to show Damien rising up, but it didn't work for me.

Anyway, I really liked Sam Neill as Damien in this one. He was convincing, charming and obviously evil. I was kind of surprised after the first movie how they didn't make Damien overwhelmingly evil; he was such a freaky little kid.

The plot was a little silly, but it was entertaining and I liked the direction they took it in. They could have made the ending stronger (without changing it), but whatever I guess.

And the retconning of the timeline continued with The Final Conflict. Damien was originally born in 1971, turned 13 in 1978, then 31 in 1981. Some impressive movie time there, but it isn't too hard to suspend your disbelief. In this one they said in 1971 he took over his father's corporation. They also randomly changed the position of the scar on his head. No idea why.

6.66/10 not the strongest "final conflict" but then again it relied on the build-up of just this movie, seemingly.

Suspiria_89 wrote:

The Dead Next Door - low budget gory awesomeness. Gotta love it when a zombie walks into a video store and rents a copy of Dawn of the Dead LOL.

I totally forgot about that! lol


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Warning Sign (1985).  Beating 28 Days later by almost 20 years, this obscure little flick tells the tale of a virus escaping within a government lab which turns those exposed to it into raving, homicidal lunatics.  Not a great flick, but entertaining enough, with a solid supporting cast (including Richard Dysart, G.W. Bailey, Sam Waterston, Yaphet Kotto, Kathleen Quinlan and Jeffrey DeMunn).  6/10.


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Stiil doing my OH what a great Horror 2009 year it was watching thing.

What a freaking awesome movie this is.
Laura Breckenridge is doing such a great job playing Mary it's amazing. And is she gorgeous wow yes.
The story is just mad and so cool, Always loved this one, And this rewatch was great too. A fantastic one it is. Lobe it very much.
Liked the shots of her tied up in front of the Jeep. Very cool.
This movie is perfect.


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azathoth wrote:

Alien, you really need to get on HM's Skype convo sometime.  You watch so many films that I never heard of before, especially in the Asian/southeast-Asia region, which I'm working on.

Yeah, I need to join you guys sometime Az.  I also need to join you for a movie night one of these times.

Lon, I know a lot of the movie was intended to be humorous, but it just came across as goofy to me, especially with the subject matter and the small bits that were dubbed in English.  I mean if you are going to go to the trouble of dubbing those small portions, you might as well dub the whole movie.  It might have improved the movie for me as the subtitles were so poorly done.  As for The Untold Story, I have been trying to track that one down for awhile now.


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Dark Skies (2013) (First time I heard of this movie, was when I saw TV spot a few week ago, where I have missed the news for this,

The Trailer looked really good, (I didn't think would be as good Mama which I thought was decent and some decent Jump scenes which was rated 15 in UK) As this was rated 13, I didn't expect to scary at all.

This movie dose not rely on scary Jump scenes at all, they nothing make you get scared or make Jump at all.

This movie more of slow burning and try to keep you suspense thought out Most the movie, which is done really well as goes more creepy vibe.

This movie did remind me a lot of Sign (2002) Also had the same feel to it and poltergeist mixed in with tiny hint paranormal activity in this movie

The were some stranger scenes in this movie, which kind bizarre and Which I really enjoyed to watch.

I liked the fact We don't get to see the Aliens Clearly until near the end of the movie, there are in movie but there for a flash Or Be caught on camera but don't get to much of them in those scenes.

Last 20 minutes were some good moment, that have edge of seat, well I shouted It's Behide you! , Very eerie scenes but scenes get goes a bit odd, it stranger way , I was little confused with that. (I liked how that scenes started but it was little stranger in odd way.

The ending , my god, you can't end the movie like, I mean you can't NOT end the movie liked that!

The acting was really good from the whole cast!

Really good movie, I really enjoyed it!

7 out 10 ,

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alien25 wrote:

As for The Untold Story, I have been trying to track that one down for awhile now.

Too bad you didn't say something about a month and a half ago.  I sold my copy on ebay. lol

PS -- check your PMs. smile


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^Thanks Lon! smile


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

100 Feet (2008)
It was an ok ghost story.
Some bloody business going on in there.

Night of the Living Dead (1990)
I enjoyed it.