Re: Justified

Agree.  Lots of stuff going on, but generally everything got swept aside in one or 2 episodes.  Loved the scene in the beginning where the ex-Mrs. got down rockhard.  Also fun watching Boyd pooping his pants towards the end.

I think I'll try out the new Syfy sci-fi show that has the various aliens coming to Earth.  Looks like it could have a Bab5 feel to it- diplomacy over violence, with a dose of action to make it spicy.  Also, at least Dr. Who started up again.  Loves me some Doctor.

Re: Justified

Still watching season 1 of Justified and gotta tell that the more I see the more I like. Whoa what a show.

And yeah azathoth, love me some Doctor too. Great one too. smile

Bab5 was great. My favorite along with Andromeda, Cosmos 1999 and Galactica. Not to mention the uterly amazing Firefly.

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