Re: Last horror movie you watched?

All rewatches.

EVIL DEAD [1981]
I'd put more but my post would disapear under all the 666s. lol

First time I rewatch it since I saw it in the cinema and I liked it even more than the first time. What a damn creepy story and that hand out of the mouth wow man, awesome.

I'm probably the only one that likes it better than the first but whatever I totally assume it. Of course, we only see Radha a few minutes but I think that Adelaide Clemens did an incredibly great job. And wow Carrie-Ann Moss as Claudia was perfect. I loved the amusement park's clowns but what I like the most aside that spider robotic Evil thing was the fight between Pyramid Head and Claudia. I was screaming. LOUD once more!!! lol


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Could not stand the spider monster.  Even though it looked perfect, I could still tell it was CGI.

HQ and I watched The Moth Diaries last night.   Wasn't really a horror movie, except for one scene.  Very dull.  Though we did come up with an idea that the Moths were Time Lords bent on making nightgowns the rulers of Earth while the school staff were all Daleks- it was a more interesting idea than anything going on in the movie.  Also, horrible day-for-night shots. 

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Saw these last night on SCIFI

Monster Ark
A team of archeologists discover scrolls in the middle east that speaks of another ark before Noah's famous one. They find the ark, but unleash a creature not of this time. They must find Noah's staff, which is the only thing that can harm the creature. There's also some stuff about a brotherhood who are descendents of Noah. I actually liked it. Oh, Deebo from Friday and Gabrielle from Xena star! 7/10

Attack of the Sabretooth
The owner of a resort/zoo in the Fiji islands invites guests and investors to his compound to share his discovery, a live sabretooth cat. While that's happening, some collge kids participate in a scavenger hunt and their antics kick off mayhem. Didn't have the same I charm I see in Sabretooth (Attack's not a sequel but it's written by the same writer of Sabretooth). 4/10


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Entity (2012) - A small crew from the English TV show Darkest Secrets, along with a Psychic and their Russian guide, set out for a remote location in a Siberian forest to try and solve the mystery of 34 unidentified bodies that were discovered there in 1998.  When they find an ominous abandoned building not far from the location, they think that they may have found the key to solving the case.  Can they find the truth or will they themselves become part of the continuing mystery.  I've had my eye on this one for awhile, and for the most part, it did not disapoint.  The basic plot has been covered before in movies like Grave Encounters, though the setting here is a bit different.  And like it predecesors, the action consists mostly of sounds and things that happen off camera.  But is does differ in that it is shot traditionally for the most part employing cinema verite only part of the time.  Perhaps not on par with Grave Encounters, but an entertaining watch just the same.  3.5/5.


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Putting that one on my list.  big_smile


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^I know you liked Grave Encounters Az, so I think you will dig this one as well.


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Graveyard Shift (1990)

Based on Stephen King's short story of the same name. I've actually read the collection of stories that had this one included (can't remember the name) but I only found out yesterday that this adaptation existed.

But anyway, I liked it. The source material had just the right amount of content for a movie, well, maybe just a bit less. I think the filmmakers approached it wrong by putting too much focus on the parts before the "juicier" segment. It was cool to see Brad Dourif and Andrew Divoff in a flick together. Chucky and the Wishmaster tongue.

Script wasn't too good though, let the movie down quite a bit. This was most noticeable with the drifter lead character - played by David Andrews - who came across as far too neutral. Again, he didn't have much to work with based on the writing.

Effects were pretty cool too.

edit: SHIT. Just gotta get that out of my system after having to write half of that again thanks to a screw-up. I should learn to copy before posting.

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Watched a couple of flicks last night. First up I finished up a rewatching of The Ring. It had been over a decade since I had last seen it. And I have to admit while maybe not as a scary as when I first viewed it, it is still a powerful film. Very creepy atmosphere and it (and it's japanese predecessor) really started something new in horror. It has a lot of short shocking scenes, like a quick clip of a mutialted face, or a horses eye. It also started the creepy child drawing thing that every movie after seemed to copy.

Also watched Jack the Ripper (1976). Out of the Jess Franco films I have watched, this is my favourite. It follows the story of Jack the Ripper, mixed with a heavy dose of Jekyll and Hyde. Overall a good creepy movie, mostly shot on location and not on set. Tons of fog. There's a decent amount of gore, one dismemberment scene and one near necrophilia scene which I imagine would have been rather controversial at the time. Klaus Kinski plays Jack and he nails the roll. Despite being dubbed his facial expressions add a lot to his character and he plays a man with troubled mind very well. I also dig the Freudian slant to this telling of the Ripper tale.

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Vile - 6/10

It was actually pretty watchable and it did have me wincing. But the characters make so many stupid decisions! I think there were a few too many absurd moves by the characters for me to give this movie anything more than a 6. Entertainment wise it gets an 8/10. I was pretty surprised by it. Then again if you've seen the Saw films, and the Hostel films, you've seen this one. This is straight torture, no substance so if that's not your thing then definitely avoid. There are worse torture films out there though that's for sure.


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In The Ring when he draws a circle indefinitely it's really wild. And I gotta admit that the fast shots are very effective.
The Ring is one of my top ones.
H3LL normal, I'm married to Samara the sexiest girl alive. lol


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CABIN IN THE WOODS [2012] 3rd rewtach since I bought it not so long ago.

Man I could spend days talikng about this movie. Yes that's how much I love it. Characters were great especially the pothead. He was too cool. That's why he was the last to survive.The jock was just that. A damn jock.

Whedon is someone I admire. Always did always will.
Love his character development.
And man the Blood bath at the end. Just gimme a unicorn spiking his victim with her horn and a merman that spits the guy he's killing's blood outta his head hole and I'm sold. Totally. lol

And the cubes stuff. Wow. Yup BRILLIANTICALY PHENOMENAL!!!
I knew I was in for an incredible ride as soon as I saw that crow hit the invisible wall. Oh yes, what a ride.

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Pretty cool monster movie. That ending though. Jesus. 7/10

Jack Frost is next.

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Jack Frost
That was a REALLY FUN movie. I had a blast watching it. 9/10

This is my second Troma film, so I'm not well versed in...Troma-esque material. I believe the kids were suppose to be annoying and stupid, I don't know. The turkey hands down would have been awarded a 10/10 but since he had to share onscreen time with the college kids, a 6/10 would have to suffice.

I can't decide between Rumpelstiltskin and Fascination to watch next but they'll end up checked off my watchlist anyway.


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Another 2009 one, continuing my 2009 movie trip.

Oh yes that was good. Just loooved Sophie Monk.
And what a freaking wild story. Cool visuals too.


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HypnoticDead89 wrote:

Jack Frost
That was a REALLY FUN movie. I had a blast watching it. 9/10

Haven't seen that yet, though I did watch Jack Frost 2 years ago. It's crazy. Funny thing is that I thought Jack Frost 2 was an unofficial sequel to that Michael Keaton movie... lol

May (2002)

Overwhelmingly depressing, which usually isn't my thing, but it was excellent. Slow build, maybe too slow, but it was great. Nice acting too. Honestly, I think it's one of those movies that I'll only ever see once.



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The Best Movie so far i watched


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13 Eerie (2013) - Vying for a coveted trainee position with the FBI, six forensic undergrads travel to a remote island where they will team up and try to determine the cause of death of three mutilated cadavers strategically placed by their professor and his FBI cohort.  But when a forth body is found and students begin to disapear, it becomes clear that the island hides a sinister past.  For a direct to DVD flim it is really pretty well done.  An original story line with a nice cast that includes Katharine Isabelle as well as some other recognizable faces from genre films, and some nice grue with practical effects.  My only complaints would be the Resident Evil like zombies and the goofy ending.  But I will be generous and give it a 3.5/5.


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I watched The Theatre Bizarre last night, and I must say I really enjoyed it. The stories within this little anthology are mostly quite original, the themes seem to mostly be sex and death. But it's not the usual gore and porn. The last segment is especially disgusting and funny. Though I liked VHS, I think this is a better new anthology.

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Fascination (1979/1980)
A thief in the early 1900s seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women who seduce him and warn him to leave before nightfall. He later finds out that they're part of a blood drinking cult.
My first erotic Euro horror film with T and A and so forth. I was really attracted to the dreamlike trance the film. I felt hypnotized (stop laughing) throughout the entire film. Very beautiful. 8/10

The title character is cursed for trying to steal a baby and is imprisoned in a green stone. In the 1990s, the widow of a cop buys the stone at a magic shop and through a wish releases Uncle Rumpel from his prison. He then hunts her and a TV personality she comes into contact with to steal her baby's soul. That was surprisingly a fun watch. Shame I'd have to shell out almost 30 bucks for a used copy. 7/10

Onto what will be my third Troma film, Class of Nuke 'Em High.


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Nuke 'Em's a fun little flick.  What others have you checked out?  Some I can recommend, keeping in mind that IMO the best Troma flicks are their in-house movies directed by Lloyd Kaufman, not so much other films they pick up for distribution:

Terror Firmer
Tromeo & Juliet
Toxic Avenger 1 and 4
Troma's War
Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Toxic Avenger 1 & ThanksKilling

I think Netflix has T & J and Kabukiman. The one I really want to see is Combat Shock.

I didn't know what to make of TA when I first saw it, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Edit: Hey, they have all four Toxie films. I think I'll have a Toxic Avenger marathon after Nuke 'Em.

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The Incredible Melting Man - slow in parts but overall a pretty cool flick with some really nice special make effects. 7/10


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^^^ By Rick Baker, no less! 

Hypnotic -- A Toxie marathon sounds sweet.  Kaufman said Toxie 4 is the "true" sequel to the original and to ignore the middle two.  Personally I've only ever seen parts 2 and 3 heavily cut on TV (courtesy of USA Up All Night back in the 90s) and while those truncated versions left a lot to be desired (especially part 3) I have no idea if they're better uncut.  Although now that I think about it, it's way past time for me to DL them and find out...

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I temporarily nixed the Toxie marathon since there's so many movies I want to watch.

Class of Nuke 'Em High
Awesome, wild, and excellent fun. 9/10


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Evil Dead (2013)