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Over the last several years we have been inundated with higher budget versions of the original classic films that probably got us all into horror. I've added my blog, sadly I've become one of those people now who has a blog, called Freddy Vs. Freddy. I guess from the title you can guess what it's about. It's there if anyone fancies a read. … vs-freddy/

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the remake and how do you feel it is effecting the genre as a whole?

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I wouldn't normally support remakes all that much, but after seeing the Maniac remake this year it really blew me away. It's such a great movie, and even better than the original. But saying that, there has been more bad remakes than there has been good.

Now the conclusion I have come to over the past couple of months is, remakes are better when they are remaking a movie that already isn't brilliant. Lets look at Black Christmas as an example, the original is a classic and one of the best slashers to ever come out (in my eyes). Now, remaking that and trying to make Billy more of a character? The odds were against it, because you are trying to remake something that is already...brilliant. It's hard to do and most likely ends up bad. But of course Hollywood sees it a different way, they see it as a film that has a big following and the name alone can bring in money. And they are right with that thinking, but like I said previous, it's very hard to build on a brilliant film (even the Psycho remake).

What I think is the proper way with sequels is, remake movies that had potential and failed (or could of done better).

It would be like trying to remake Jurassic Park, it would be near impossible for the remake to be better or even as good as the original, so why even try?

My two cents on the whole subject anyway.

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It's funny that you mention Maniac because I'm actually really looking forward to it, still waiting for it to come out over here the Uk. I've heard very good things about it, though.

I agree that remakes should be solely used to make new versions of films that failed the first time around. I mean, there is a whole back catalogue of 80s just sitting there as awful as the day it came out.

I kind of think that Piranha 3D had the right idea, that film was just the right amount of over the top. You could see that they just had fun making it and didn't take it to seriously. They made that film what it had to be ... not so much Piranha 3DD, though.

There is a whole list of films that shouldn't be remade, yet probably will get made. Probably not really classified as a horror these days, but Jaws would be at the top of that list for me. There is no way that they would be able to recreate those characters again. Especially Quint, Robert Shaw was amazing.

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Yep, that's exactly my point man. There's no way a remake of Jaws could possibly turn out as good or better than the original, because the original is way too good. And people in Hollywood will be thinking:

"What about Jaws? Everyone knows and loves that film! Imagine the money we could get off a remake?"

It's about money at the end of the day for them, remember that. So they know the previously successful films will have more of a following than some 80's movie like Slaughter High or Class of Nuke 'Em High. They won't remake those because they wouldn't generate near as much money as a Jaws, or Jurassic Park.

Of course I would love some remakes of old bad horror movies that have a great plot and such, but the odds are against them unfortunately.

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I'm all for it if it's a remake of a film which left room for improvement to begin with.  Such as The Fly and The Blob; both were mediocre little films with a solid concept but done cheaply and without any real thought or exploration.  Their respective remakes, however, took the main idea from each and improved upon them in every conceivable way.

Then you have remakes which take the core ideas of their originals and approach them from a different angle.  That doesn't necessarily mean a better angle; merely a different one.  Such as Dawn of the Dead '04, which doesn't even bother trying to be the allegorical masterpiece the original is; rather, it takes the main idea of zombies and a shopping mall and creates an entirely new story and tone.  The same for My Bloody Valentine; rather than a story about a crazy miner slashing people, they took that key idea and turned it into a whodunnit, and in 3D no less.  It might not be better than the original (though I personally think it is) but it at the very least approached the material from a new angle.

But then you have remakes which fail to not only be at least as good as their originals, they also don't attempt to bring anything new to the table.  The remakes of Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Black Christmas, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, When a Stranger Calls, Prom Night are all cases in point.  And if you're not even going to try to be as good as or different from the source material, I have to ask -- and pardon my French ahead of time -- what the fuck is the point?

As for a Jaws remake -- I'm not a fan at all so for my money, ANY remake would only be an improvement.  lol

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n the whole although there have been some good remakes they are generally crap to average at best. they are a sign of a lacksadisical, lazy, money grabbing  mainstream industry that knows the increasingly stupid cinema audience can't be bothered to look at any films more than 10 years old ( in some cases less than that) and they know they can just rehash stuff "Make it better" by adding new improved 3D or CGI effects and not bothering with characterisation or an attempt at much of a story.    yes there have always been remakes but not to the extent we have had in this new century. it makes me despair as i love films especially horror films with a passion and it's our type of film that gets a lot of these remakes of perfectly competent films that DON'T need re making mad i find myself being drawn back to films from the 60's, 70's, 80's to re watch or even find stuff i missed first time round rather than watch most of the stuff being churned out today. i'm proberly getting old and i know i'm getting disillusioned. i don't care whether you disagree with me or not i know it's the truth. also this forum is getting that way too, with old posts being ignored and not many people checking to see what posts have been discussed before and just being recycled. so there's your answer i am definitely against them . rant over.

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wolfman1959 wrote:

i find myself being drawn back to films from the 60's, 70's, 80's to re watch or even find stuff i missed first time round rather than watch most of the stuff being churned out today.

I've been doing this for years.  There's just not much new stuff that really draws my attention. hmm

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Generally, against, since most of the time there is not much new being brought to the table.

I agree we don't need a Jaws remake.  We need a Sharkmaster movie.

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I'm generally up and willing to check out any new remakes that sound interesting and offer some new form of content or a unique vision of the original material.

It's being over done today though, especially in the horror genre. Instead of getting new and original horror films we are getting the same old rehashes of classics we all praise and adore. Thats why when I see a original horror film with potential I try to support it as much as possible. Because of the fact there just isn't anything new being offered that much in the genre at the moment.

Like mentioned already too, why not remake little known or bad films from the 70s and 80s? Because they generally are not well known titles to the average movie going Joes and won't make the studios any big bucks. Thats frustrating but true. All the little known or bad films that have room for improvement most likely won't see the shinning light of a remake in their future.

In the end we do have our share of good remakes here and there but it's just getting really old.

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azathoth wrote:

I agree we don't need a Jaws remake.  We need a Sharkmaster movie.

Scratch that, we now have Sharknado.  Stick a fork in me, I'm done. smile