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I had a damn bunch of them.

Started at 15 when my best friend Ti-Pouf died in a car crash. RIP my man. We went to get the stuff out of his apart but decided to take a break and leave the place to go eat. I said to my buddy go stop the tape upstairs. Bam. Music stopped. We went to go upstairs and found the whole desk it was on [a very heavy one in the middle of the room. cable of the tape unplug. And it's impossible. If the desk moves and the tape is stuck in the wall, it'll fall. We guessed it was him still floating around and coming to say hi.

Later on, I went in Portugal for an exhibition of paintings we were doing and we were sleeping in an old castle like Villa. 6 of us, the same room. Noises, LOUD ones. We woke up. And we all saw a white semi invisible lady getting away in the corner. What??? 6 of us seeing the same damn thing??? Later I read that a woman was mudered in there.

Coming to say hi once more. .

A few years ago was the weirdest of my life. Malphas The Crow and I went to some park in the village he was raised and in there there's a very small church built for kids. There's a spray painted upside down cross on the wall inside.
Day one:
A mix of screams goat/sheep like, little girls laughs, old lady's [think of the laugh the Witches make in movies], Growls and other weird noises. Very hard to describe with words to tell you the truth, I did my best. But a bit far away. Could be anything, a broken truck or whatever.
Day two:
We're inside the lil' church. Weird sounds start again, closer, and closer and louder. Then they started spinning around the church for like 2-3 minutes. Which is a damn long time when somethng as weird happens. Then zooop went away. We went out to check, nothing, gone. We get in the back of the church and there an upside down cross. Yeah they were trees but still freaky that it's the first time we saw them. We go pee behind that damn church all the time.

Well a pretty weirder hi from whoever that was.

So yes. That's it for now. Got loads of other ones, seem I'll be haunted by entities all my life. Since my buddy's Death one, it hasn't stopped. And I love it. big_smile

What about your's??? Can't wait to read 'em.

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Only one, and it's lame.  About 11PM or so, and I hear what sounds like an entire shelving unit falling over in the garage.  Go check, nothing out of place. <shrugs>  I guess my monkeys protect me from the ghosties.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Not that lame really.

Send 'em my way will you???
Oh wait don't. I love my Ghosts. Don't want your monkeys to scare them. lol

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

I've had quite a few only a few were really stand out to me.

My mom committed suicide not that long ago..almost 3 years now wow so I guess it has been a little bit...anyway that's beside the point.
Before I got married I was laying down in my bedroom half asleep..not awake but not asleep either but my eyes were closed and the door to my old apartment bedroom creaked really loud when you opened it no matter how much WD40 you put on it.
I heard it CREEEEEEEAAAAAAK and I didn't think much of it thinking it was my cat so I just kept my eyes closed
And I heard her..I swear she was right there and I'm sure she was.
I heard "I told you sleeping so late in the day is bad for your health" and I kind of opened my eyes and saw an outline of a woman and I said "what..? i'm sorry i wasn't paying attention say it again" and closed my eyes and I heard a very big SIGH and then i opened my eyes once more and the door was wide open for sure but no one was there.
I got really freaked out to the point of tears. She would always nag on me for taking naps.
I'm sure she stopped by to say hello or to wake me from taking a nap.

I know she's around because I will sometimes smell her perfume she used to wear and I will find random pennies every where in my house and stuff the weirdest places like the pantry or on top of the fridge. I like to think it's her letting me know she is still with me.

Also the next few things are what happened when someone close to me's really weird and scary for me.
Usually the activity in my old apartment (hopefully not my new house) was really bad when someone close to me died. I would see "shadow people" walking up and down the hallway and through my kitchen table and out the front door. I could hear the hall closet being quietly opened and shut during the night continuously. I never really pieced it all together until I started having this same dream when my grandma, my cousin, and my mom died.

I would be on a road trip with my friends...and we would either have our car break down or we would help someone who was broken down. Either way what happened we all got lured into some kind of dangerous trap by these "Manson" like followers. Through out the whole dream from the point of being kidnapped I would hear this ticking noise. It would get louder and louder and we would always end up in the same house but in a different place. Once it got to the point in my dream where the ticking was so loud I couldn't stand it...the house would explode and I would wake up. Within hours or by the early morning I would hear that these people close to me died.

I would rather not have this dream for awhile, because every time I've had's brought nothing but sadness to my life. Just thought I would share with you guys.

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Sorry about your mom.  I think it's neat that she's looking after you without scaring the heebie jeebies out of you (usually).  By the way, a silicone spray lubricant is much better than WD-40.

I've had my bedroom door open and close, but never fully in or out of a latched position.  It's probably because I leave my window open except for when it gets really warm in the summer, so it's just a draft.  But when it opens at 3AM and the only light is my laptop, I'll wave at the door anyway, big_smile .

This doesn't count since I had been awake for nearly 2 days (back pain) and was hopped up on Oxy (for the pain).  I'm reading a book late-ish at night, and Vampy is over in the den doing Vampy things, and I start seeing all kinds of weird stuff- one of the blankets at the foot of the bed shaking around like it's The Thing, shadows doing weird stuff a la Bram Stroker's Dracula, etc.  The entire time I'm thinking, "This would be great if I could record what my mind is making up right now.  All the ghost hunters would explosively poop themselves."  lol

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

I worked as a lighting consultant for the show Ghost Hunters about 10 years ago (they were based in Rhode Island) and travelled to supposedly haunted places with the team searching for ghosts. There was a theatre in Pennsylvania and a train station in Ohio, and we'd spend extensive time in these places and there was nothing. We did a private home and again we got nothing except for a weird recording (they would set up tape recorders and leave them running). Playing back the tape there was some weird kids voices saying bizarre stuff, and the timbre was not normal. But that was the only thing we came across. After I helped them figure out the lighting I didn't do anymore of the shows, but it was interesting.

I also did a show called The Worlds Most Scariest Places and we filmed in an abandoned mental hospital in Massachusetts, which has since been torn down and built into apartments. Again, though very creepy, nothing happened the whole night we stayed there, even in the morgue. My wifes office is in one of the remaining buildings that got reburbished. They believe there are ghosts in it and were having a ghost seeker come this weekend. I'll be curious if they find anything.

Back in HS, around the time the Excorcist came out, I had some very weird supernatural things occur after I had smoked weed with a buddy. I think that it was more than weed. It may have been spiked with angel dust. In any case I had a very bad trip that involved the devil trying to turn me to go to him (it). It was pretty freaky and put an end to recreational drug use for me. Weeks after the episode I had a random person come up to me in the street to tell me

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Nooooooo!!!  Not the dreaded cut-off-in-the-middle glitch!  It always happens at the worst place in an interesting post.  sad

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"He's waiting for you". Freaky and scary.

I've had a few dreams as well that we're disturbing. One was with my deceased sister. I was walking in a downtown plaza and saw her from behind. I knew it was her so I followed her to try to get her attention. She went into an office building and I followed. She went into an office. I walked down the hall and opened the door and she was sitting behind a desk in a windowless small room. There was nothing on the cream colored walls and the old desk was bare. I was so happy to see her (as it had been years since she died). She looked at me and said something about not eating fish. And then walked out. I went to follow her and found myself on some stairs heading down into a cavern. It was huge and went on as far as I could see in the dim light. I started walking in this gigantic place toward the end and noticed that the floor felt strange as I walked on it. I looked down and realized the floor was composed entirely of human heads, as far as I could see.

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I have had a couple strange incidents, both times when I was a kid.

The first was when i was maybe 5 or 6. My brother and i had been playing with hour Ninja Turtle figures in our basement. When we left and turned off the light there seemed to be a black spot (like a shadow that was cast from nothing) over top of our two action figured (which were consequently Bebop and Rocksteady). My brother noticed the spot first, then me. When we went down later to play with our toys again, they were gone, never to be seen again.

The second time I was hanging out with a friend of mine. We were maybe 11 or 12 years old at the time and were at his house, home alone. We had decided to make KD for lunch when we heard foot steps up stairs. At first we didn't think too much of it, but then were heard them again. They seemed to be traversing the hallway above. So freaked out as we were (more that someone broke in than of ghosts) we grab kitchen knives and climb the stairs. We inspected every room to no avail. Just as we were turning back to head down stairs we hear the door bell ring. Which obviously scared the shit out of us. Of course it was just another friend of ours at the door that we had forgetten we had invited over. He was a little weirded out when we descended the stairs with knives in hand questionning him about being in the house walking around upstairs. Which of course he denied and have been impossible too since the kitchen is by the front door, which is also by the stairs, meaning he would have had to open the door, walk past us, ascend the stairs, walk around, then some how slip past as we went up stairs and exit the door then ring the door bell, all without us noticing.

With that said I still don't really believe in ghosts. Though I'm not willingto say they don't exist. More often than not I think it's an over active imagination mixed with unexplained phenomena. Often when we are in a susceptible state of mind, depressed, drunk, stoned, even just young and imaginative. Some of the stories here are a little strange though, when multiple people see something it's a little hard to explain.

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Well I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one haunted by strange forces and things.

Very interesting to read you all.

Theli, I KNOW they exist, I've had WAY TOO MUCH stuff happening to me to deny it.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Loving all these stories, guys!
Keep them coming if you have anymore.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Oh I have a HUGE lot more. Too much really. Been like that all my life so... big_smile

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Here's a question for you guys, what do you think ghosts are?

The spirits of the dead?
Psychic phenomena caused by the living?
Psychic residue left by the dead?
Beings from another dimension?
Beings from another time?
Magnetic anomalies?
Various unexplained and perhaps unrelated phenomena?

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

I was back in school, I got  in to military school because I was a bit troublesome.

So since it was military school 3 times a year they took us on expeditions to mountains and such. This time we went to a mountain called "trifinio" which means three ends; well I recently got promoted to corporal (we had ranks) and the Lt. told me to take rounds around camp to avoid guys leaving cap and getting lost in the woods.

So I had to do it, a friend of mine said he would make me company, the night was so dark because we were in the woods and it was rain season so the sky was cloudy and we didn't have any moonlight, so it was freakin dark. (I put my hand in front of my face about 30 cms and I could not see my hand)

So we were making those rounds around camp with a flashlight and all of a sudden we saw a white smoke thing that had the shape of a woman in a hood, the moment we saw it we couldn't move and we saw it all the way till it got deep in the woods.

After it left we could move, we were not afraid but we were confused, so we returned to our tent and I said fuck the rounds.

Some old people around the mountain told us it was probably a good spirit because we were not afraid.

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

That's a cool one.

Theli, I think they are dead spirits still trapped in here because they haven't finished something to move to other dimensions. That's the "normal" ones. The haunting ones seek revenge for something like their death by murder or something that way.

AND Various unexplained and perhaps unrelated phenomena.

But I'm no Ghost expert so I am probably dead wrong. lol

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

We had another thread like this a while back and I told this story then, but what the heck:

When I was in the Army we were out for EIB training.  At the time I was the radio operator for my Battalion Commander.  At the end of one night we got a call that a soldier from one of my quad's other units was missing.  So we organized and started searching the training grounds.  Searched for several hours with no luck.  Then I got a call on the radio that there was another soldier from another unit who happened to be Native American who needed to talk to our BC.  So we meet them and the Native American guy's going on about "I'm cold," "I'm wet," "My head hurts."  And he takes us to this little pond on the training field.  They call in a team who drags the pond, and we find the soldier; his head had been busted open and he'd been weighted down and thrown into the pond.  So over the next week or so...could have been longer than that, I can't remember exactly, it's been over twenty years ago...investigators found out what happened.  A local (I was stationed in Hawaii, and native Hawaiians DESPISE the military on their island) had somehow got onto the training field, found this soldier off by himself, clubbed him over the head, dumped his body in the pond and made off with his M-16 and other gear, which he tried to sell at a pawn shop.  The shop owner notified our battalion HQ with the M-16 registration number and supplied them with the guy's name and address, and that's how they caught him.

But that night, sitting there watching this Native American dude in a trance, rambling, holding his head, crying, then leading us to where the dead soldier was, that was about the creepiest damn thing I've ever seen in my life.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Yeah, that's a pretty crazy story.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

This one is one of my favorites.

I ALWAYS lock my door when I go to bed. NEVER forget it.
So one morning I wake up and in the damn middle of the freaking kitchen there's a red rose lying there. No idea where it came from and yes the door WAS LOCKED.

Well thank you very much entity, very sweet of you.

Troubling though.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

That was just me leaving you a token of my love Punk!!! big_smile

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

The ghost of Tuxedo Mask is haunting Punk.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Fulcento wrote:

That was just me leaving you a token of my love Punk!!! big_smile

Mwhahaha Well thanks you very much. Next time choose a black one, I like 'em better. lol

Many ghosts haunt me Theli, if it was only the Tuxedo Mask one I could manage but nope.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

Another weird as fuck thing happened today. I mean UTTERLY ULTRA FREAKING WEIRD.

I have a pile of DVDs that are the ones I haven't seen.
There was 12 on them on that pile. A few minutes ago I decided to watch one of them but pschioot they were gone, vanished. They were there last time I checked, 'bout an hour ago. When I think of it, it's kinda cool. 12 is 3 times 6. lol

But even that doesn't scare me, no, that just piss me off like fucking H3LL. Hey damn Entities it's NOT funny at all. Give them back to me NOW sick bastards.

Another thing that I cannot explain at all.
Yeah, I'm DEFINITELY haunted, no doubt possible at all.

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Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

I've had so many experiences with ghosts/paranormal/unexplained:

First major one was at Gettysburg.  I went with my siblings, parents, aunt, uncle and two cousins.  My cousin, Jessie, and I were at Devil's Den at nightfall with everyone, the park was closed but we had a pass to allow us there up to one hour after close.  We wandered off and saw a man, dressed in a confederate uniform, smoking, starring at us....standing directly in front of us.  We could SMELL the smoke.  Then out of nowhere he disappeared.  It freaked the hell out of us, although we both thought it was so cool.  A few minutes later, my brother went to use the bathroom at the place and the lights turned off on him.  Of course, that was because of a timer to save electricity at the park, but given what we just saw, freaked the hell out of us some more.

The second major one was at the Lizzie Borden house in August of 2011 (literally 4 days before Ghost Adventures filmed there).  Taking a tour of the house, someone kept pulling on my shirt sleeve throughout the entire time.  Later that night we drove up and took some pictures.  I even went up to the mail slot in the front door and took a picture.  There was no one staying there because it was during the week and it doesn't attract many tourists that time of week....anyways with the lights off inside, we took a picture and caught on camera a photo of an outline of a body, possibly a woman's.  Of course, we believe it to be Lizzie's mother whom she murdered in that house with her father.  Also neat to mention: we bought a souvineer from there of brick dust in a keychain.  In the year that followed, we had the worst luck including our house being haunted to the point we had to move out, and other things including me losing a great job, hitting rock bottom financially and having too many horrible run ins with things I don't wanna mention.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

See the more we try to answer our questions about the phenomenom, the more questions we ask ourselves.
Bears it's name well that unexplained stuff.

Contrary as you, I'm Haunted but not Cursed.
No bad things ever happen to me. Aside the vanishing DVDs that is.

See I find these things cool and very fun.
I guess I would be a great Ghost Invetigator. lol

Those dimensions are really weird. So weird they even manage to bother our life.

Speaking of Ghost Investigators, that's really stupid and sick what happens to these british guys.

Re: Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities

In the words of Mulder, "I want to believe."