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azathoth wrote:

And confusion reigns.

Pretty much. lol

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Ran across a review for this gem- Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in Eight Legs to Love You (IMDB link).  It's a Jess Franco.  My software says I have now acquired it.

Now, if I could find Fatal Frames somewhere.... grrr.


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It's a joke about hillbilly accents.

Them are = 'em are = MR

Oh, yes them are = oh, 'es 'em are = O S M R

see them = see 'em = C M

Well, I'll be (expression of mild surprise) = 'ell, I' be = L I B

So, in all:

Them are ducks

Them are not

Oh yes them are

See them wings?

Well, I'll be, them are ducks!

Y'know it's not near as funny when I have to explain it. lol


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That's as bad as Cockney speak.


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Too lazy to make coffee.
Whatever shall I do? hmm


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Let me stick a coffee IV in your veins. lol

Well just getting up. Glad I didn't sleep too much, I would have missed the fabulous Revolution tonight. Man I'm really hooked up to this show it's insane. smile

And I like this:

Don’t try to make life a mathematics problem with yourself in the center and everything coming out equal. When you’re good, bad things can still happen. And if you’re bad, you can still be lucky.


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Today Thatcher died. Lets hope she doesn't come back as a zombie and impose more censorship!


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kXnPunk wrote:

Just heard that the Iron Lady passed away a few hours ago.
RIP madam Tatcher.
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ma … dy-1522947

Trust The Daily Mail to paint a rosy picture of her. Don't forget they were one of the key newspapers pushing the ridiculous Video Nasty scandal.


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kXnPunk wrote:

Let me stick a coffee IV in your veins. lol

Thank you. That would be lovely.

Spent the entire day watching a Korean drama.
Can't rest until I watch it all then I don't have to think about it anymore tongue
Currently on episode 9/16


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Gimme your arm MoonRaven. I got it right here.



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hahaha nice!


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https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/6100028416/hDE749A27/ lol


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My mom won our family's college basketball bracket for the 4th straight year.  She doesn't watch or follow ANY basketball, except for what she might read in the newspaper or see on the nightly news.

The Monkey keeps getting sports-punked by Mama Monkey.  sad

edit- And something weird happened over at Cracked.  I posted a reply to someone, and suddenly I had an "Edit" button for everyones' posts.  I was so tempted to turn every post into monkey jokes, but I refrained.

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Woah, lucky it never happened to me anywhere 'cause I wouldn't refrain. AT ALL!!! But I would rather turn them into EVIL jokes though. lol

Found flying monkeys they're cool looking:


Man I just hate the replays they have on one of my TV channels. 2 weeks ago they showed Grudge 2 and bam, tonight again. Bunch of idiots. If I was at their place, I'd fire the guy responsible. RIGHT AWAY!!!

There that girl again on TV saying:
I can do this all night long, it gets me really excited.
Well lucky I'm not there, you'd be excited for a good reason, not for a damn phone. Hahahahaha


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Nice pic, all the monkeys are smiling, lol.

I don't mind the TV replays usually, it gives me a chance to catch something if I want. 

What little semblance of a conscious kept me from going wild.  Funny part is, I posted over there that I had access, and everyone blasted me for not going hog wild.  Even the people whose posts I could have turned into turkey dong stories.  No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.

And good evening/morning, Punk.


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Thanks for your wishes monkey. Another sleepless night for me. Gonna continue my 2009 movies watching. Man I'm sure it is the best year for Horror. Haven't seen a bad one yet from that year. And I did watch a damn bunch.

I do mind the replays. especially when they're 2 weeks apart. Longer I don't though. But so near it's a bit too much. That'd never happen on my channel if I had one. I'd put Evil Dead everyday though. lol

Next time don't refrain. That'll shut them up. Hahaha


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Damn Facebook decided it would be down on me now. H3LL, I live there, I wonder where I'll post my hot girls now. No, I won't do it here no worries. But that site is total crap. Everything runs so bad it's nuts. And I need it to talk to my friends. hmm

Facebook rant off...


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Heh heh, Facebook monkey has pwned Punk.  tongue


Enjoy the cantaloupe!

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I am supposed to tell Punk that Vampy was happy that her anti-spam post gave him a laugh.  She kept bugging me, "Did anyone like it" yada yada.

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Back in college for three more weeks and then finished for the summer. I am honestly so excited, because I'm running out of energy to be getting that bus every single morning.


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Someone told me that we have 9 weeks of work left.
Holy hell that's nuts.
I guess I better start saving some.

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Vasquez wrote:

Today Thatcher died. Lets hope she doesn't come back as a zombie and impose more censorship!

hope she doesn't come back as anything! she made a lot of lives in this country a misery, and she helped destroy a lot of great companies in her " if it moves, sell it " campaign. certainly helped to destroy British Telecom Where i worked for 27 years and prpbably would have still been there if not for her sad probably would have been General Manager by now. Disliked the woman a lot! burn the witch, burn her!! that is all carry on! smile

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You can practically smell the Thatcher love here. lol

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LoudLon wrote:

You can practically smell the Thatcher love here. lol

i fart in her general direction smile   i don't know what all the fuss is about. she led a full life, 87 's a good age. a lot of better people than her didn't make it that far.


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A picture says a thousand words...