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Since most horror fans already own their favorite flicks on DVD, there has to be a good reason to double dip with Blu-ray. For me, that reason has always been picture quality. Even viewing at home, regular film has the potential to look better than digital, and the high quality transfer of an old classic can be quite lovely. Unfortunately, not all transfers are high quality. In fact, some of them are downright bad.Not sure if this has been done on here before, but which horror Blu-rays have the most amazing picture quality? The kind of quality that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside and hope for the future and makes you feel slightly less cynical about the advancement of cinematic technology?

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These are not necessarily my favourite horror movies, but movies that I think look significantly better on Blu-ray than on DVD (Picture quality wise) - though I love Blu-ray and most look sharper on a big screen than DVD, these ones stand out to me as near perfect as far as Blu-ray goes.

- Silent Hill (the French region free release from metropolitan)
A perfect looking blur-ray that captures the stunning visuals perfectly.

- All the Boys Love Many Lane … -ray/1986/
Mostly because it's not on DVD in Canada or the US and the region free blu is pretty cheap.

-The Blood Trilogy … ray/24926/
The films may be questionable, but all in widscreen and remastered in HD, they look far superior to the DVDs.

- Dark Night of the Scarecrow … ray/24112/
Who knew an 80s made for TV film would look so pristine. I just ordered a copy for myself after seeing the image.

- Drag Me to Hell … -ray/6759/
Beautiful picture quality.

- The Exorcist … -ray/2250/
Much sharper than the rather dull early WB DVD.

- I Know What You Did Last Summer … u-ray/886/
Sony knows how to do Blu, and they should! Crisp colourful image here.

- Intruder
Widescreen, HD, great extras, throw out that old Wizard entertainment DVD. This one even comes with a DVD if you don't want the Blu-ray (for some reason).

- My Bloody Valentine … /#Overview
This is a very sharp image.

- Piranha 3DD … ray/51470/
Sure the movie might be polarizing, but there is no denying the picture quality on Blu is spectacular with it's bountiful colours and crisp image.

- Repulsion
Criterion released this...that should be all I need to say, but I will also mention that the image is pristine and clear and is far and away an upgrade from the DVD.

- The Ruins
Another sharp image with great colours.

- Straw Dogs (remake) … ray/29581/
Very sharp, strong and clear image from Sony again.

* Scream factory is doing wonderful as well with their releases, and as many of them were not previously available on DVD getting them on Blu only makes them look that much better!

Although I own a lot of horror on Blu, I can't quite recommend all Blu-rays to people who are indifferent to DVD vs Blu and already own the DVD, expect for the ones mentioned above, even despite my view of their superior picture quality, especially if some people don't particularly care about it as long they can see what's going on.
I do buy DVD sometimes and believe some movies wouldn't benefit from bluray (Blair Witch, The Bay, for examples), and some blurays (few, but it happens) do get bad transfers and look worse than the DVD (The Deadly Spawn) but with a few exceptions blu-ray will always look better on a big screen than a DVD even if it's not a breathtaking image.

*Note I'm not trying to push this on people! I am just a PQ junkie! I do hope this list ignites some interest in those who are on the fence and those who just want to upgrade. Also I linked the pages, but I'm sure many of these can be had for differing prices elsewhere, there is just good information on those pages.

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Not horror but Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, is amazing on blu ray.  Amazing.  Some of the scenes are breathtaking, and even got my stomach a little uneasy with the views from up high.  Love that movie.

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Thanks Vamp Slayer, that's good news about the Blood Trilogy - I love Gordon Lewis movies. Ghostseeker, I know what you mean. Newer flicks look crazy realistic in hi def. There's a lot of great Italian horror transfers in Blu-ray, Bava, Argento, etc.

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28 weeks later on bray was perfect. It made it all feel so much more terrifying.

The decent on bluray was terrific too. Made that claustrophobic feeling all the more confined.

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I still like watching vhs...I like a noce picture but also appreciate that grainy picture you get from really old movies shot on film and released on home video...but hey, I prefer my records over cds as well, in all there anolog glory! In part its because I love history and old antique things.

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^ Blu-ray can retain more grain than even VHS can (unfortunately sometimes studios think it's suitable to remove the grain, and not only does that mess with the look of the film, but it actually removes clearity from the image). In fact it can make the grain clearer. Check out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) blu-ray. It looks amazing and the grain is all there.