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He as posted this to me by e-mail

hey Bassi. there is this movie i have been trying to find since my childhood. it was translated into turkish as "the haunted house", i searched the whole internet but couldn't find it under that name. so anyway, here is a detailed summary of the movie:

(this might or not be the beginning, it was like 15 years ago) there are two maids, one young and one older, cleaning a house/mansion. there are white sheets covering the furniture and portraits on the walls. the young maid becomes aware of the portraits watching her and runs outside into her car. then boom! her car explodes. (i'm not sure if this is the same movie but as far as i can remember it was the beginning)

(here is the part i am certain of): a young couple with a young daughter move into an old big house like a mansion with a statue of the reaper above the entrance. the father records their moving day. the daughter runs into the house and finds an old-fashioned doll on a bed. when her parents find her there, she claims the room for herself.

in the evening, the father watches the tape he recorded, but the sounds are weird, like when you listen to music on your walkman with dying batteries. and the mother finds all the cupboards open. the daughter goes to school. there was a scene where a girl exactly like the doll watches the daughter behind trees. (some strange stuff happens) and the family calls for a medium.

he is like a priest and comes with his assistant, a young attractive woman. they search the house with an electronic tool that beeps louder when it finds spiritual energy. they find the doll and the device goes crazy. the man tell the family to put a bowl of milk outside the front door.
(at one point someone looks at the milk and it whirls red and white and spurts into the face of that person) again some stuff happens and one night, everything starts flying around and hurting people. the medium has a device that is like a flashlight but it shows the spirits. one of the spirits was like a wolf or some beast.

it was a rainy night with lightnings. when the parents go out to look for their daughter, they find the body of the medium under the statue of the reaper with his head cut and lying beside him on the ground. the spirits kidnap the daughter.

they call a priest who tell them about the history of the house. they find a protecting charm in the basement sticking to a wall. they remove it and use it to reach the evil spirits (i guess). the spirits shout with anger that the girl is theirs. then somehow, they go down into the basement again and break down a wall behind which they find their daughter hanging from her neck alive together with her other dolls.

(at one point they find the corpse of the previous owner in the basement behind some wall and bars.) everything seems to go back to normal but the mother is being possessed.

she thinks she sees the attactive assistant and her husband making out in the garden on the car, then dreams that her husband and the assistant are having sex on her bed in front of her, pitying her. then she goes crazy and locks the doors.

she goes to the basement and cuts off the head of the doll with an axe. the ghost of the doll makes herself visible to the daughter with bloodstains around her neck saying that it is very bad when mother is like that. the father goes to the church and finds the priest kneeling at the altar holding a dagger. he is dead. the father takes the dagger and rushes back to the house. the mother attacks her daughter but she escapes. the father arrives and the mother hurts him with a scissor. they fight and the father stabs her with the dagger on her heart. a colourful swirl emerges out of her. she becomes herself again, they all jump out of a window and run away into the woods while the house burns. we see a beasty spirit smiling into the camera after them at the final.

i know this was very long but thanks for reading it. it drives me crazy to remember it so well but not be able to find it because of a translation issue. so, has anyone watched this?

So anyone know what this movie is?
Sounds really good!

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About what year did your friend first see it?

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Some of the scenes seem so familiar while others don't ring a bell at all. I'm interested to find out which film this is.

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I got nothing on this, though it sounds like in could be non-US for some reason.  I'll look around some.

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He said he saw mid- late 90's , but it's felt like 80's kind of movie!

I know that won't help much lol

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sounds like one of the Amityville Sequels.

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wolfman1959 wrote:

sounds like one of the Amityville Sequels.

I seen all Amityville movies, I first I thought about,  none of those movies have have breaking a wall in the basement

At first i thought it was Beyond the Door 2,  after seeing that trailer, i know it wasn't

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ichief wrote:

watch full movies at:

You annoy me.

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Perhaps Seytan?

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I remember a movie like that called Dolly Dearest....