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And 1...


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5000 Oo YES!!!

Can't believe I post that much...
Or well maybe I do. lol


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And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on.


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Well another cool night watching cool stuff.
Just that the Jap Tales Of Terror can never beat the Vincent Price one. Far from it but still entertaining. Never as much as Game Of Thrones either, H3LL no, that show rules way too much.

I'm off to Nightmare and Succubi land. L8r friends.

Here's a picture that's not quite suitable for the forum but it's very nice and well worth looking at if you're not in work or around people under the age of 16

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Love that picture! Have you checked out VHS yet? That has an awesome Succubus sequence!


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Went to work.
Apparently I was missed. Maybe cause I know what the hell I'm doing.
But I'm still sick.
Never ending nose blowing. It sucks.


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Sorry about it Cap. I was wondering if it was too heavy for the young ones and well it looks like it was. But thanks for doing it that nice way. You ROCK!!!

Theli wrote:

Love that picture! Have you checked out VHS yet? That has an awesome Succubus sequence!

No damn, not yet. But I definitely cannot wait. And I didn't know there was a Sccubus sequence so it makes me wanna see it even more. Of course. I love these Demonesses.

MoonRaven, still have found the key to unlock your nose yet???

I was mad. Because of that damn special report on the arrest of that Boston terrorist, Grimm didn't show. I was pissed because the Devil that was supposed to show in there looked pretty freaking INSANELY EVIL!!! Suckers, it was EVERYWHERE, even on our Quebec's channels. Crazy how tragedies like this blocks ALL the medias.

Gonna check on NBC's site if it's there.

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Well I watched it. And man, just like I was hoping, the Volcanic Devil was insanely cool. Very nice that they put the episodes videos on the site so if you miss one, you can still watch it there. EVerybody should do the same but they don't. Don't understand why though, TV shows are free when showing on their respective channels no??? Ahhh another side of TV/Movie business I'll never understand...

Ok, tired, the wonderful Merlot hit me in the teeth pretty violently so to Nightmare and Succubi world I go.

Sleep tight everyone.

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I went out this morning since it was beautiful and sunny, and I took a couple of photos.


I thought this photo was good.


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Yes, very nice indeed.


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Oh wow Scavenger, freaking wondeful. What the H3LL are those flowers??? They look cool.

Alright a little game now.

Who said that???

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.


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Just freaking WOOOAAAH!!!


Just realized that it's 420 today. Time to well, you know. lol

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Nose is still stuffed Punk.
A bit of relief compared to other days but still sucks.
On a positive note, going out to eat at my fav restaurant with the bf.


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This is just funny.

Penn State's spring football game is today.  In the weekly TV guide, there was a blurb about the game/team-

"Coach Paterno has been critical of this spring calling the Nittany Lions a very average team."

Paterno died on Jan. 22, 2012.  lol
Who called in the Ghost Hunters?  lol lol


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http://sarahdeming.typepad.com/spiralstaircase/images/2007/04/05/rbbbot.jpg lol


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kXnPunk wrote:

Just freaking WOOOAAAH!!!


Just realized that it's 420 today. Time to well, you know. lol

I believe I can see the misty mountains. lol


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I really like when i find a song that touches me.
And I listen to it over and over again.
Even if it was released a couple of years ago big_smile


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MoonRaven, well at least that's a start. Keep going on the same road and you'll be ok. smile
And for the song, I'm exactly the same. Sometimes I play it for days.

azathoth, damn that's weird.

hellrat, that's the first thing I saw with Hills of Evendym. lol

Another way cool saturday movie night on TV. YAY!!!
I wish everyday was like this.

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Am I the only one who is having the banner ad open whenever I click on anything on the site?
Whenever I click on a thread or go from general chit chat to upcoming horror movie sections,etc the ad opens,instead of just when you roll over it.


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No doesn't happen to me.

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Happy 420 y'all!


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Have you been smoking too much??? It was yesterday. lol
But thanks anyways. Had a fun one. 

Well a good SINday to you all HM folks.

Last night was truely an amazing movie night on TV, all wonderful films. I dig these saturdays. Well when they show nice films that is, hey, of course.

Still pumping the heat up, can't wait for spring so I won't have to do it anymore.. We even had snow last week damn.

Elaine May wrote:

You know how sometimes you lie in bed at night and think, “What if the law of gravity just wears out and lets go and I drift into space?” Does that ever make you anxious?

No it doesn't. That'd be great. lol

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Well, if gravity suddenly disappeared we'd all go flying off the face of the planet at roughly 1,000 mph, so I don't think we'll be drifting so much as violently rocketing. lol

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It was still 420 here in Vancouver when I posted it.



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It was another beautiful day here in Dublin (a bit more cloudy though which is unfortunate), and I took more photos. Here was one of my favorites.


The way the light is reflecting off the water is pretty nice.