Topic: The Maid- Singapore's big leap into horror!

I just got done enjoying another fine Tartan Asia Extreme film called The Maid.  It is a film from Singapore, who isnt very well known in the Asian horror community.  I think it was a great film for them to come out and show their presence with.  It has some genuine scares and had a streamlined story that was easy to understand.  It definately was not as confusing as many Asian horrors can be.  And for being a foreign film, it is primarily done in English with some Mandarin and Tagalog as well.  It has bright colors, not dark and drab like most Asian ghost horrors and kept my attention without twisting the hell out of the plot.  Very enjoyable and highly recommended.  Full review can be found here:

Sadly I have not found a trailer anywhere on the internet for this film.  A trailer does exist as it is on the DVD as well as an extra in a few other Tartan DVD's.  But it is nowhere on the net that I can think find.  But here is a marketing add featuring the film's poster that I found to be quite cool.

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I saw this dvd for sale at Walmart but never bought it cause I didn't know much about it but I think I will check it out now.:cool:

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Wish I could find the trailer to share with ya'll but cant find the damn thing anywhere.....