Topic: NFL draft 2013.

What position or player should your team draft?
As a Bears fan I have to say I was glad to see them sign some FA  veteran  O-line players but if they can have a quality back up QB fall to their pick they should go for it.

Re: NFL draft 2013.

If the Eagles pick Geno Smith at #4, I'm reverse crotch-punching myself off the roof.  (No, I have no idea what that means.)
Eagles need DLine and OLine, plus some DBs & maybe LBs.

I'd be happy with OLT Fisher.  Just suck it up for a year with the crap QBs we have this year, get another good draft pick for next year (some good QBs coming out), and have a team for 2014's playoffs.

Or you could go the Azzy route (fun fact- only one team in all levels of NCAA sports has a simian as an official mascot- Pittsburg State University Gorillas out of Pittsburg, Kansas.  Division 3 in sports)-