Topic: Tempted by the Witch of Endor

First off, I want to thank everybody who supported the first book, The Resurrection of the Witch of Endor.  You folks are awesome!  smile

I'd like to present to you the next novella in the series:

Moving along with the series, we find Brian still doing his level best to free his wife from possession by Sedecla.  Chloe returns, but she's not alone, and she's looking to end things with the witch once and for all.

Sexual desires will be exposed, fearsome enemies will be encountered (including a familiar face from Forsaken Repose:  Volume 1) and a life-altering secret will be revealed!

The book is on sale now, but save your money because it will be available for free all day Friday (4/26/13) and Saturday (4/27/13)!

Thanks again to all of you.

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Re: Tempted by the Witch of Endor

Can you ask the witch nicely to move her hand?

Re: Tempted by the Witch of Endor

I asked and she said she would...but only the left one.  wink