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Hey now, I'm sure he is Super Cereal about this!

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Wow, I'm surprised to see both Barcelona and Real Madrid to both be beaten so badly. Looks like German football is on the rise, both Munich and Dortmund were incredible.


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Hahaha azathoth, Super Cereal... lol

Oh Scavenger, crazy, Barca and Real [my team BTW] are at the top it's been years. Strange.

Today here it's the no make up day. And seeing some girls on TV, I wonder if it's really that or a new episode of Walking Dead. MWAHAHAHA

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Looking forward to trying to stay up tomorrow night.
Watch some shows or movies.
Too many I wanna watch.


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The night is mine so I will gladly welcome you into it. lol

Got a few cool ones ready which I'll start after this western featuring the 2 great Burt Lancaster and lovely Audrey Hepburn. Loving old school 1960 movies. Same year as my all time favorite Horror Hotel. Saw it before but it's too good to miss out. smile


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Oh yes I do. big_smile


Nice and true.



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I heart sleep too big_smile

I'm hoping to get through today.
We have 'unhealthy' day today at work. The students get a little crazy for it.
Then work at the gallery this evening which I hope goes by fast.
And the possibility of going to my fav restaurant after work, if the bf finishes his jamming on time.


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Sweet, hope you enjoy the best you can dear miss.
And mmm unhealthy day, what, kids eat fast food greasy stuff or what???

Tonight's full moon was beautiful like she always is. I love mother Moon. Always did.


It's extremely windy this morning. The recycle bins are flying around.


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Starting last September, the government of Ontario stated that all schools couldn't have more than 20% of their food be unhealthy.
So it had to have more than x amount of fibre, less than x amount of sodium and sugar. No fried foods.
But we were allowed one cheat day a month. Today was that day. Kids look forward to this day. P,us we had frozen yogurt. So it was a good food day for them. Busy for me tongue


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I'm watching Eraserhead right now on Blu-ray, it is so awesome.


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MoonRaven, if I was these kids I'd feel the exact same. lol

azathoth, this dude is cool.

Scavenger, oh yes, Eraserhead is my all times favorite from Lynch, everything is just freaking brilliant in this.

Well Hannibal just finished and the more it goes, the more I enjoy. And damn, Gina Torres is an amazing girl. I love her like H3LL. She's great as Agent Jack's wife.


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Did you know that clients of disease-ridden prostitutes that bite off their wieners almost never contract a STD?

The more you know.



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No I didn't. But it's understandable. No wiener, no STD. lol

People mag says that Gwyneth Paltrow is the cutest girl in the world. I disagree even if I find her cute. She's NOT the most beautiful.

She was just now on Leno and damn, that girl is cool. Can't wait to see her into an Iron Man suit, that'll rock. big_smile

Sweet keeps meowing like mad. She's back to her horny days.
H3LL, one week without, one week with. Crazy.


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I agree, Paltrow is very pretty.  F' if I know who's the most beautiful in the world.  And yep, she's funny and smart.

Makes me wonder why we have to have these competitions to see "who is the greatest" in subjective subjects.

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Yeah she's pretty.  I'd still go with Jennifer Aniston for the cuter category though.  Subjectively speaking.

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Where the F is everyone!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!!?


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I'd go with Amber Heard or Rosie Jones.
But I never understood these things either. H3LL each one has a different opinion.

That made me laugh. lol


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You'd be screwed if that happened Punk!  Hell...all of us probably would be too, just for conversing with you!  smile


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Hahahaha Damn yes. lol

Well I'm off to Nightmare world. Cya tomorrow!!!

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Nooooooooo....you bastard!  You have abandoned me...left me alone in the dark asylum.  C'mon peeps...I don't normally stay up past 2 anymore, and I do and you leave me.  I knew you all hated me.  sad  You want me to leave.

I bet if I was Canadien you'd want me to stay!  smile

Go Hawks!  Presidents Trophy...cool, but that's not what we're shooting for.

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Sorry about that Ghostseeker but I really needed that sleep.
And H3LL no we don't want you to leave!!!
I enjoy talking to you, you were one of the first to talk to me around here.

And the Hawks are a great team. Always loved them. They do much better than my Devils this year. What a so, so season for them.

Good morning folks. Slept very good.
Strange dreams, in one I was a stand up comedian. WTF??? lol


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Had a great sleep. Felt good being able to sleep in.
Though I didn't stay up last night sad too tired. But I did watch 5 episodes of 'Supernatural' this morning.
Didn't go to my fav Chinese vegetarian/vegan restaurant yesterday. Hoping to go today.


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Just for MoonRaven.
https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/401277_10151574991064168_47534685_n.jpg  lol

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Ha ha ha ha ha!