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I haven't seen those yet, i'll check them out. There are a bunch of her movies that i still have to get around to watching. The only movies i've watched that she is in are Deadly blessing, Police academy 4, The Mighty, and Alpha dog. I have to catch up.


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Basic Instinct is her best performance EVER. She's way too awesome in it. And Michael Douglas is great too.


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kXnPunk wrote:
alien25 wrote:

^Especially impressive considering that Gareth Edwards was pretty much a one man crew for the movie, writing, directing, cinematography, production design and visual effects.  I am really looking forward to the sequel.
Naked Lunch (1991) - Not a horror movie, but damn if it wasn't out there.  Leave it to Cronenberg to put someting like this on celluloid.  3/5.

A sequel??? Wooohooo!!! Happy me.

Yup, Edwards is not directing but he is the executive producer on the film.


Errors of the Human Body (2012) - After the death of his infant son and the subsequent collapse of his marriage, Geneticist Geoff Burton finds his career stalled in Boston.  He accepts a position at a renown research facility in Germany where he is reunited with his former intern and love interest Rebekka, now a respected researcher in her own right.  But when a potentially lethal virus is created within the lab, Geoff is shocked to discover that he is not only the unwitting cause, but also its first victim.
A very effective and believable science fiction/thriller/horror movie from first time director Eron Sheean, co-writer of 2011's The Divide.  It is definitely a slow burn, intended to make one think, but it is not overly intellectual in its approach.  At the same time, it is not dumbed down to the point of being ridiculous.  The wintery German landscapes, sterile halls of the facility and the odd cast of characters that occupy them provide a dark and ominous backdrop for the story and subject matter.  And then there is the ending.  It is very quiet, but that doesn't make it any less powerful.  3.5/5.

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Severed Ties - a very strange but fun 90's horror flick featuring some really cheesy but cool special effects from KNB. Not great by any means but def. worth watching.


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Wow man what a nice trip this was. Pretty damn freaking insane everything. The Alien was pretty wild. Good acting and very nice images.
A very enjoyable old school one.



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Zodiac (2007).  Granted it's not really a "horror" film but there's enough suspense and tension in it to land it close.  Great flick, probably the best "true crime" serial killer movie there is, IMO.


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Watched it last week. Incredible acting.


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I've been on a hellraiser kick lately. I like all the cool artwork Clive Barker has done. I didn't know he was such an artist
I like the Hell-O-Kitty wink

http://officialhellraiser.mixxter.com/3 … ll-o-kitty


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i watch last movie the lord of Salem horror movie:-

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The Night Of The Demon


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Prince of Darkness


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As I'm going to see Evil Dead tonight, I rewatched tha classic.

EVIL DEAD [1981]

Still always damn great. A freaking MASTERPIECE.
I'll probably watch it again just before going to the cinema. big_smile



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Very nice Punk, enjoy the showing!


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Thanks. I'll enjoy, no doubt possible. smile


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Yeah man, have fun.

Watched Vamp (1986) last night.

It was okay, though I was mostly underwhelmed. Not very memorable, except for the ridiculous hair on the main vampire. I did like one scene later on between the two leads which was pretty good.



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Rogue River (2012)

Marra is of to scattering her father ashes at a remote part of Oregon's beautiful Rogue River.

She is interrupted by some stranger and then finds that car as be taken away.

The stranger then takes to his house with his girlfriends and they both tell her to stay their for night.

This movie just felt really boring, I didn't really find it all that intense at all but they did try to make a bit, I don't think worked out that well at all.

I found the whole movie very predicable as knew already what going to happen and how the movie was going to end way before the ending of the movie.

The acting wasn't bad at all, some decent acting from most of cast, I did laugh some scenes, I not sure why!

4 out of 10

The Devil's Carnival (2012)

I not fan of Musical horror, i just about like The Nightmare before
Xmas, it was one of the only musical movies that I liked.

i Liked the open scenes of this movie, 3 different people, who are
being asked to open the door.

Then soon end up in very strange place and get even stranger, when this
weird stranger people start to dance and sing in the movie.

There might be some catching tunes in this movie, that may stay in back
head for few days after seeing this movie and I didn't like some songs
at all, found very dull, there some decent singer in this movie, so it
not too forced

I did seem to drift away from time to time while watching this movie as
never kept hooked as the little plot this movie had moved very slowly.

The acting was really good this movie, which I Did not expect, it was
fun watch that for sure and it dose go on for too long to repeat same
thing for short run time

I give 5 out of 10


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Rise of the Animals (2011)

I could not stop laughing though out this movie, not cause the jokes were funny but the movie is self was so awful on so many levels it was about Hilariousness bad

This movie was very bloody and there lots Bloody moment in this movie was the good think about this movie

The rest of the movie was just.....

The animals attack were so bad, they are stuffed up animals attacking people and if not stuffed up there are some really bad effects, it's has to some of the worst effect I have ever seen in this movie, which make this movie even more laughable.

The acting in this movie is also really horrendous form most of the cast in the movie.

I swear, I don't what to rate this 1 out of 10 for being one the worst movies ever or 10 out of 10 for one the funniest movie I have sat thought.


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Man what an impressive flick that was. I dig Ethan Hawke and he was just brilliant in this. Especially the scene where him and his wife lose their temper. I liked the fast cutting of the film machine when he sets it up. And the kids, damn they are creepy. The ending surprised me a whole lot. Full of tension all the movie long especially with the freaking crazy soundtrack. I really liked it.


Oh, also rewatched Evil Dead 1981 so now I'm ready for tonight. lol

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Reverb (2007) - Struggling rock musician Alex and his band mate Maddy lock themselves in a recording studio over the course of two nights to finish the track that will resurrect his career.  But when they sample an old record for the track, they discover a hidden voice, which when played, sets in motion a series of horrific events.  Now they must try to decipher the evil message before they resurrect something other than Alex's musical career.  Sounded like a cool synopsis, but unfortunately the movie was pretty dull, with most of the action coming through spooky noises and odd flashback sequences.  It was original at least, but it definitely could have been done better.  2.5/5.


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Man what a freaking blast that shit was. Holy damn BLOODY as H3LL. Like I truely love. Nice version that stays true to the original, I'm talking about the sames scenes, not the story. That I liked a lot, the junkie girl in cold possessed turkey was a cool twist. And it was nice to see Ash's car back. Liked Grand Pa the dog too. But the suffering man. WOOOHAAAFREAKINGWOOOHAAA!!! Slayer though, gimme Slayer damnit. lol

So yes it was GROOVY!!! Hehe big_smile


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MoonRaven wrote:

Prince of Darkness

Carpenter at his weirdest.  Underrated flick in my opinion.

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^^^Absolutely underrated. Wonderfully creepy.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
Really liked this one. Got a Buffy vibe. I hate when a romantic angle is forced and that's exactly what happened. Didn't help that I disliked the only female lead. The sidekick was annoying at times. Other than that, had a blast. 8/10

Netflix took off Razortooth, among others, before I got a chance to see them. Damn it.

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Yeah heard that, 500 of them gone. Not that I care, can't use it but still WTF???

And yes the atmosphere and everything in Prince Of Darkness is very creepy.

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I love Prince of Darkness. It is slow moving, but I love the atmosphere and later on there are some excellent shots. Music is great too. Now I'm in the mood to watch it!