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Need a little help. I'm currently on Explorer due to not being able to log on using Firefox. It kept telling me that a cookie is missing and I have no idea what's needed.


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Urgh Explorer.
Normally a window opens and asks you to select one of 3 options, Always accept which is the best, for this time only and I don't remember the other one. Else go in Explorer's settings and delete the cookies stored.
Sometimes there's so many that it get messed up.
It'll build them back up automaticly next time you come in.
Same for every browser.

Or try loging with Chrome or another browser.

But that's a guess. Haven't used Windows for a while.
Might just wait for more Windows knowledgeable people.

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Well I'm off to sleepy H3LL to dream about Evil Dead. big_smile
Cya tomorrow.

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"If light stays on more than 4 hours, Call the erectrician."


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MWAHAHAHA That's awesome!!!

Hilary Mantel wrote:

Some of these things are true and some of them lies. But they are all good stories.

Well yes, did very Bloody nightmares full of Possessed Jane Levy. YAY!!!


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Woah, that sounds great and it's produced by Natalie Portman.


And Luc Besson is my favorite french mainstream director and he's back after giving us The Professional, The Messenger, The 5th Element and Nikita to name a few with LUCY which is gonna star my wonderfully cute and amazing Scarlett Johansson. That'll ROCK!!! … 62879.html

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That's way cool.
Although wanting to eat a monkey sounds weird don't you think azathoth??? lol

I'm loving this pict. Amazingly cool house that looks pretty Haunted.

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Now I normally don't listen to movie soundtracks but the soundtrack to the movie Drive is just awesome.


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kXnPunk wrote:

Hahaha Scavenger of Martian Willow, très à propos, just coming back from there.

Nothing like drinking 2 bottles of good wine [Black Pinot of course] while watching it. We were only 3 in the room. lol

Oh man, what an experience that film is. WOW!!!

What episode are you up to MoonRaven???

I'm all caught up. I had only watched the first of this season.
Man, was it good.

My back and legs are sore.
And I'm tired.


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Oh yes it was. Well every one is. I'm rewatching every one now and I'm up to season 2 episode 5. Was a very good idea to do that. I dig this show. As for your back and legs, ask the bf to massage you. If he doesn't want, kick him in the teeth with an anvil. lol

Speaking of shows, very nice ones tonight. V the new ones and the incredible Hannibal which is truely amazing.


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Well the results are in, FHM's 100 hottest girls of the world.


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Monkey Muffin = The Awesome 
Though I'd never eat it; it would be weird.


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I want the monkey muffin.

TGIF. Even though I'm working on the weekend, I'm not at the school. And some of those people piss me off. Like seriously, stop acting stupid tongue


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Thanks DEMON it's Friday.

Have a great weekend everybody. Hope you have lotsa fun.

Mila Kunis is the sexiest girl in the world. I'm sure it's not because of this gif though or it'd be weird. lol

Today my brain feels empty. That's a good thing I guess, it'll give me some rest as it's not the same normally. Hahaha

All my buyings are done for the month, only missing the grocery which isn't gonna be big as I still have lotsa stuff in it. Cool, doesn't happen often.

And 3 days left for me to be 43. Turning 44. Ah well... That's how it goes.

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Sasha Grey. 'Nuff said. big_smile

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Punk adds the most weird, perverted pictures on Facebook. lol


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Mwhahaha You bet and lucky it doesn't allow Porn 'cause I got a shitload of these. lol

Speaking of Social Media...

I can't believe what just happened.
Hahahaha Magnet retweets was I took from them. lol

Tweeter wrote:

Your Tweet was retweeted!

Kiss of the Damned trailer @MagnetReleasing - Now in Theatres, on iTunes and on Demand
Vamps Riley Keough & Ventimiglia. Sold.
04:58 PM - 03 May 13
Retweeted by
To 26576 followers.

Guess they liked what I said. cool

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Passing time before I leave to get my hair all done up and pretty tongue
Bf went to pick up some guitar related thing he ordered.
I'm hoping to go to my fav restaurant today after my appointment.


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Hair is done and went out to eat.
Good day


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Scavenger of Human Sorrow wrote:

Punk adds the most weird, perverted pictures on Facebook. lol

Lucky for you Facebook doesn't support Porn stuff, got shitloads of these images. lol

Of course I will, right this second. big_smile

Cool stuff MoonRaven.
Have a very nice weekend black birded miss [not to be confused with bearded]. smile

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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.


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Sooooo tired.
Should head home to bed.
Work in the AM


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Sleep tight.

Don't let these bed bugs bite or you'll be in trouble. lol

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Exhausted.  Work, move, work, move, guy gets face sliced off, move, guy hangs himself, move.  I may need a new job at this rate.