Topic: Freaked (1993)

Awesome and hilarious cult favorite from Alex Winter that is directed, co-written and stars him with Randy Quaid, Bobcat Gothweight, William Sandler, Brooke Shields, Mr. T and that guy from the 90s Western Union commercials.

Loved this since i was 12 when it first hit HBO and been one of my favorites.

Now if Scream/Shout can do a blu-ray i'd be happy.

Re: Freaked (1993)

Loved this as a kid, haven't seen it in years. A Blu-ray edition would be awesome one day, I'd love to see this again.

Re: Freaked (1993)

Haven't seen it since it's first run on Showtime (or HBO or whatever it was) back in '94 or so.  I remember a crapload of wicked make-up FX (by Screaming Mad George, if memory serves).  Wouldn't mind giving it another look.

Re: Freaked (1993)

I still have Freaked on an old VHS recording tape where I recorded the movie off of HBO back in      the 1990s.

Movie is still funny and dumb at the same time. I know there was a 2 disc special edition DVD that came out in stores a couple of years ago. I should go hunt it down on amazon or something.

Re: Freaked (1993)

Does this movie remind anyone of Freaks, Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Welles, UHF and Toxic Avenger?

Who agrees this would make an excellent addition to Scream Factory's library?