Topic: Cemetery Dance Publications

Please allow me to spam for a moment...

Cemetery Dance is an underground publisher specializing in horror and dark fiction books. It's where I had purchased my Exorcist and Undead book you may have saw in the last "books bought and read" thread (along with the Grave Tales comics). I figure most people here would enjoy their products though some of it is on the pricier side since they have mostly signed and limited books. Nonetheless they are worth checking out. Right now they have a contest and for each sucker I trick into clicking this link: … ?ref=TvGJI  and signing up for the contest gives me a higher chance of winning (and hell, you too!). Some of the prizes are pretty bad ass. Included are:
* $1000 Cemetery Dance Gift Certificate (1 prize)
* $500 Cemetery Dance Gift Certificate (1 prize)
* $100 Cemetery Dance signed book bundle (10 prizes)
* Cemetery Dance magazine lifetime subscription worth $175 (10 prizes)
* a special collectible book SIGNED by STEPHEN KING (1 prize)

Well sorry for the spam, but hopefully somebody here will actually like Cemetery Dance's products, or at least sign up to win some free stuff. I also post on their forum as well under the same name, if you actually feel like signing up and checking the place out, shoot me a PM.

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