Topic: The Hitchhiker (1983–1991)

I just heard about this show but now it's also know as Deadly Nightmares

The Hitchhiker is a mystery anthology series that aired from 1983 to 1987 on HBO and First Choice in Canada. The series later moved to the USA Network from 1989 to 1991.

I not even sure if this even aired in UK at all.

Show anyone heard of this show before, as anyone seen seen any of the TV show

Someone of must of seen this cause it Ran for 6 year!?

Re: The Hitchhiker (1983–1991)

I watched the first couple seasons back during its original run but lost track of it.  Then several years ago while a staff reviewer for another website I got a DVD set I had to review, which meant sitting and watching every episode.  The first few seasons are the strongest but later seasons had some good stuff, too.  Not a lot of horror per se, but lots of morality tales with surprise twists.

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Re: The Hitchhiker (1983–1991)

I've never heard of it but I definitely wanna check it out!