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I heard my name, who's calling me???

Oh it's you SWEET COOL BADASS Veronica Bell.
And I'm just like aceofspades.
But damn, 5 freaking millions is still a very good start. And all that in a very short time.

Are you as psyched as I am to see the movie when and if it gets done.
Oh Yessssssssss!!!

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I've never seen kickstarters get that much money, dang.  Don't know what it is but wow, that's a lot!

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IT was a great TV show with one of my favorite actresses, the lovely Kristen Bell which stars in various good flicks [favorites being Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the AMAZINGLY MAD PULSE [2006] and TV's Heroes being her favorite of hers to me.

But in Veronica Mars she was utterly badass. Like H3LL.

But yes, it broke ALL the freakings records.

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I think I wrote it off long ago because now it sounds familiar and I thought it was like Hannah Montana (stupid names for shows are usually disney or nickelodeon shows) so thought it was just for kids.  I may have to check it out.

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Hahahaha Definitely NOT Disney or Nickelodeon.

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Good, then I will FOR SURE check it out.  I'm not a snob, I just like adult shows.