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The heat in my house hasn't been turned off yet.
The heat in the bf apartment might have been. And I'm sitting near the window. AND odds are the mum-in-law has her window open.

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I just finished voting in all the Best of HM's polls.  Nice job creating those Tripod.

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The heater in my new house works great, but makes such a racket when it comes on, all four dogs go completely insane.  Oh brother, and I have a splitting headache.


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Mine sounds like a plane taking off when it first comes on.

Pan fried some fish. Now I'm not freezing anymore.


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I went to the market and got 2 bags full of assorted bagels. I won't go hungry now that I have a shit ton of bagels now. big_smile


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You guys are freaking HILARIOUS!!!

Cold here too. Damn that True White North's cold. Where the H3LL is summer???

Revolution is on now. I'm addicted.

Laugh all you want and cry all you want and whistle at pretty girls in the street and to hell with anybody who thinks you're a damned fool!

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it's cold here as well but tomorrow it's going to be 85 degrees!!!  I can't wait for that


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I need a day off. Friday I will have worked 21 days straight.
I get Saturday off.
Exciting. Can't wait to sleep in.

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Holy crap, I hope you get some needed rest soon!


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21 says in a row??? Damn you are definitely someine that is dedicated.
And yes hope you'll enjoy some rest soon miss.

Good morning to all of you guys and gals. I had a complete night without going online and it was a damn long, loooooong time it didn't happen to me. I read, I draw, I watched movies and TV. But no, I won't do that often. I'm way too addicted to the Cyberspace. lol

Our country's toundra is extremely beautiful. Cold but beautiful nontheless.


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Simply beautiful! Jealous for sure!

Good morning to you.  I couldn't go without internet.  I'd die.  I had a 3 day period without internet or cable a month or two ago when I was switching providers....I was LITERALLY going crazy.  I rely too much on it.


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Good morning buddy. Yeah, that doesn't happen to me often luckily, I was kinda going nuts last night but decided to keep it going even if I was wanting to check it out. That's the last time I do this stupid thing. Too hard. lol

And yes, our country is beautiful. Cold though.

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why would you even want to be off the internet?  It's not like smoking or drinking where time away is good for your health, lol.


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MWAHAHAHA Yeah absolutely.

Man I just can't believe what I heard on my morning show... roll

Angelina got her boobs off because in her family there's a big history of boobs cancers. Wait... WHAT??? I can't tell if it's completely crazy or completely too prepared for what MIGHT come. Yeah, I know she's got lotsa kids but still.

I just can't believe it. Especially because her damn boobs were just beautifully perfect.

http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/14/showbiz/a … index.html


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Yeah that was all over Twitter last night.  I don't care about her so whatever haha.  Hope she doesn't get cancer but it's not newsworthy. 



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Hahaha now THAT'S newsworthy.

Every morning and all day long they show the destruction in war countries and what makes me the sadest is thinking about all the kids suffering for nothing in there. No human should suffer that much but ESPECIALLY kids. Kids are the best damn thing in the Universe [WITH naked boobs] so I find it totally cruel and brutal what happens to them.

Anyways, everyone that hurts my lovely children deserves the worst happening to them.

Ahhhh, what a weird world we try our best to live in...


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I could but esteem this moment of my departure as among the most happy of my life.

Meriwether Lewis

May 14, 1804: The Lewis and Clark expedition departed from St. Louis, Missouri, 209 years ago today.

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My copy of Deliverance and The Lords of Salem came today, woo! smile

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My copies of like...6 blu rays are coming today, including the new Texas Chainsaw!!!! I can't wait!

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^ Oh awesome, I haven't seen the new Texas Chainsaw movie. Though I haven't heard much good about it hmm But it should be worth a look nonetheless!

I'm currently writing up a piece about Man Bites Dog, hoping to have it up on the site sometime this week. smile

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I haven't seen it either, it's one of those sagas where I buy no matter what (Friday the 13th and Halloween the others).  There were haters on the past few TCM movies so I don't listen when people trash movies now.  As horror fans we're used to "crappy" movies ending up being the ones we love the most.  Of course, I don't expect to LOVE this movie, but for 20 bucks, who can complain


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I'm going off to the in-laws tomorrow for a week, so I don't know how much I'll be on here.  Just wanted to let you know that I didn't go off and die on you.
Punk, you have Spam Reporting duty.   Rambear, hold the perimeter.  UV & HQ, do your movie thing.  DG & Alien, keep up the movie reviews.  Lon, do... well, whatever the hell you do.


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Apeless in cyberspace... the new hit comedy on NBC this fall.


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Let's see how many people get #2.

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