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Hi, i am working on writing a NOTLD remake screenplay, based off of the original 1968 film by George Romero about the dead coming back to life.

I'm new here. I'm curious about how this stuff works, if i want to share a PDF that is the screenplay I am working on, how do i go about that, and is that something we do here?

Take a look at this short film I worked on late last year as a sample of something I've worked on!

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Hello!  I'm the resident monkey.  You should go over to the Introduce Yourself thread, so everyone knows you're here.

As for sharing a file, as far as I know you cannot do it directly here.  What I do is stick files up on Google Docs and post the link.  Like this-
Beth's Movie List
Just make sure you set it to "Available to see with those who have the URL" option.  That was a spreadsheet, but you can put up other types of docs there.

People you may want to talk to are LoudLon and AceofSpades, they both write scripts constantly, and usually will help out if you have a problem.

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Well for one, you're in luck; since the company which did the titles for the original film forgot to put a © on the film's title page, the original NOTLD is public domain and anybody can do whatever they want with the film itself.


You may want to read up on title availability.  Since Romero and company remade the film in 1989 I believe they now own the TITLE "Night of the Living Dead."  So while you're free to write the remake script, trying to sell it may not be legal.  I know that may not make a lot of sense but copyright is a whole other beast when it comes to Hollywood.  You can alter/edit the original film and keep the title attached, but I'm not sure about creating what would be considered a new remake under that title.  Make sure your hind-quarters are covered.

As far as posting it here, you're only able to post images, not documents.  But you can upload documents to something like Dropbox -- or rapidshare, bitshare, or some other file sharing site -- and post a link here, SO LONG AS YOU OWN THE RIGHTS AND ARE NOT VIOLATING COPYRIGHT.

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I am currently violating all kinds of things.  big_smile

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So long as copyright isn't one of them, it's all good. lol

Brendan -- after asking some fellow screenwriters, I got a reply back that while the film may be public domain, Romero's original NOTLD screenplay isn't.  You can write a remake script, but only as a piece of fan-fiction.  Without the rights, you can't option or sell your script.  In other words, if you make one cent off your remake script, you've violated copyright. 

This makes sense when you take into consideration the fact that to date, only Romero himself has filmed a remake.  Why?  Because he wrote and owns the rights to the original NOTLD screenplay.  Any other version of the film by another filmmaker has been an altered or re-edited version of the original film.  You can literally do whatever you'd like to the original film and release it and make money from it without violating copyright, but you can't actually adapt the original script and create a remake without the rights to Romero's original NOTLD screenplay.

Hope that clears it up for you. smile

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