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I'm even way more.

Season 2 showing now. lol


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ive been watching an idiot abroad, has me in stiches love that show so much.

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Watched an episode of Top Shot, such a good show.  Glad it's starting back up again


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Had a mini-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon last night.  Watched several episodes from seasons 5, 6 and 7.

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Watching Game of Thrones.
Had some catching up to do.


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Some episodes of Veronica Mars which I love.



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Damn what a sick crazy one tonight's was.
Rachel finally killed him but I don't think the grenade in her hand was a good idea. RIP girl, I loved you.
Hopefully the bearded big guy will have been able to go in the tower. He better or she'll have died for nothing.

Jimmy Fallon was insane once again. Colin Farrel and Jayden Smith. Cool kid. He loves skateboarding. Some crazy Fast & Furious thing too. lol


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Season finale of Bates Motel.  I've been waiting patiently for the show to really grab me and tonight it finally did.  Sheriff Romero showed himself to be a bad-ass, which was, well, bad-ass.

On an actor note, I'm a big fan of the guy who played the man in room #9.  I can never remember his name (which doesn't happen very often with me) but he's been in a lot of stuff and plays a GREAT slimeball.  He plays Wynn Duffy in Justified, one of my favorite characters on the show, and he played another memorable villain on Burn Notice.  I swear to God if I ever get a movie made, that dude's got a guaranteed role. lol

Ooh!  Jere Burns.  That's the actor's name.  Huh.  Surprised myself there. lol


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Hahaha Way to go.

Yeah, that guy is cool. Can't wait to finally see Bates Motel looks nice from what I've seen around.

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Watched my Bates Motel DVR, but then my friend wanted to play Xbox so I still have about 20 minutes or so left of that, which is cool, good episode from last night.


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The celebrities gossip sucker I am loves this one. big_smile


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Wallander [2005]

I looove Sweden Police stuff, big fan of the Millenium series and this feels just like it. Strange but there's another Rapace in this. Olga she's called. No idea if Noomi and her are related and don't care either. Pretty solid storyline and awesome acting. This Krister Henriksson dude as the main guy is just amazing. And very cute girls around. Very cool one that is. Been a while I didn't catch it so it's cool.

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The Sopranos!


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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, episode "The Nightman Cometh."


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H3LL, Lisa & Anna are freaking way too hot as mad. And each episode they are driving me nuts. They make me freaking drool!!!


That totem was a freaking sick as crazy idea this week.
Liking this more and more.

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Top Shot! and new season premieres tomorrow!


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Curious George now and Simpsons next. That monkey is fun and Homer well, he's Homer, that describes it all. lol


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Watched season 6 of Friends earlier today, now I'm starting on season 2 of Justified, one of the show's very best seasons.


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been watching three sheets, great programe about a guy going round the world trying differnt booze, some of the strongest alcohol i have ever heard in my life lol. i think the strongest alcholo i have tried is 90% rum and he has one that is 166% !!crazy!!


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HANNIBAL this week was even sicker than it actually is.
The girl that got her face cut Black Dalhia way was nuts.



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Celebrity Style Story
Cute as H3LL Angelina Jolie and the sublimely gorgeous Olsen twin babes.

I like this a lot.


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Dusted off my series run of Friends and have been watching it this week.  I'm halfway through season 8 right now.

And I don't much care what anyone says.  It may have been mainstream and bubble gum as hell, but I always loved this show.


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INDEED!!! Woah, Jennifer Aniston.
I love bubble gum in real life AND TV!!! lol


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Happy Days, old and dated now but bloody good fun big_smile, you got to love the fonze.

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Top Shot