Topic: Nfl 2013.

First let me say thank you Brian Urlacher for 13 years of monster defensive play.
For the first time in years I love what the Bears did in fa and the draft to address the o-line,looking forward to the season.
How do you think your team will do?

Re: Nfl 2013.

I saw he retired this morning, outstanding career, definitely thank you to B.U. for showing hard work, dedication and commitment.

My team is going to suck.  Detroit Lions.  The whole lot, from management/owners to the players need an enema of sorts.  We get close and then something always goes wrong.  I remember a time when the Detroit Tigers were the worst team in the past 110 years of baseball (about 8 years ago) and now look at them.  I hope and stay loyal to my Lions hoping to see the day where they become the most dominate team in all of the NFL.  Sadly, I think I'll be waiting for that day. 

Side note, my dad always said he cannot die until the Lions win the Super Bowl.  My dad is going to live forever!

Re: Nfl 2013.

Just gonna say one thing.

Go Pats!!! big_smile