Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Star Trek: Into Darkness


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Me and eric had a big Marvel movie marathon consisting of:

Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk

Iron Man 2


Captain America

The Avengers

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The Fox and The Hound 9/10

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. Kinda had to after seeing the new Star Trek flick. It wasn't nearly as good as I remember it being...

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John Dies At The End

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Red Dawn (Remake)

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Mary and Max
This wasn't a film I had just finished watching, it was above it. This was an amazing experience. Not a film experience, but an experience in itself. (sounds weird, but that's honestly how I feel)


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PROOF [2005]

Man, what an incredible one full of incredible actors. Gyllenhal, Hopkins, Gwyneth and Hope Davis in a very crazy/cool story. Hopkins is as amazing as ever and so is Gwyneth. Love Gwyneth.
A mentally ill math genius, her daughter and lots of stuff happening.

Fun to see Hopkins' character watch Night Of The Living Dead. big_smile

I enjoyed it a lot.



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THE PERFECT STORM [2000] rewatch

Very cool one. Nice chemistry between Wahlberg, Clooney, C. Reilly and Diane Lane. Crazy story, crazy as mad storm. Touching ending that makes me cry everytime.


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Wreck-It Ralph.  Since my four-year-old niece will be staying the next month or so here, I decided to screen some animated flicks for her to watch which won't also bore me to tears.  This one was actually pretty good; the bad guy in a video game decides he wants to be a hero, so he sets off to score himself a hero coin from another video game.  Chaos ensues.

I also got her Over the Hedge, Rango, Megamind, The Incredibles, all the Shreks and am looking at another one called Fly Me to the Moon.


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Ralph RULES!!! I loved the little glitch girl. Funny as mad and well the blonde warrior was truely badass.

Megamind is freaking awesome so are Incredibles and Fly Me To The Moon which I love insanely. Haven't seen the others.


I'm in love with Reese Whiterspoon. Always been, always will. She's always giving amazing performances and in this one too. Pretty funny lines all the movie and cool stuff all the way.

Girl moves back to the south after being in N-Y for a while not telling anyone about her true identity and her ex-husband comes in so does her new fiance. Fun.



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I liked Glitch, too.  But I've had a crush on Sarah Silverman for a while now.  Something about bawdy chicks who aren't afraid to make complete and utter fools of themselves just does it for me. lol


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Yeah, not afraid AT ALL!!!

But for me, as I always loved Princesses, Glitch was the one. big_smile


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.


What an awesome moment into old time Jazz this movie is and the imaging is fantastic. Top acting by Dexter Gordon. There's also Herbie Hancock in there. Very cool flick.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America - Originally an 8/10, up to a 9/10. "Is this a god dam?"

All Dogs Go To Heaven 8/10 - Could have been made without the songs. Liked two, but none were particularly memorable.

Rango - Loved it! Possibly see it being much more than an animated film. 10/10

Started watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


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X Men First Class- Easily my favorite out of the X Men films and even though their are some continuity problems I still enjoyed it. Theirs also a cameo from a familiar face that's funny. Can't wait for Days of Future Past.


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Freaky Friday (1976)

The first half hour of the movie is about Jodie as, she very messy slob for 13 year old girl and she does not think she looks that good but I don't think she really cared.

She and and mother seem argue a lot and they both seem to watch swap places with each other and this happpens at the same but in not in same room.

I wasn't keen with the effect of switch, it did bother me a little but got over cause rest of the movie was hoot, out of 3 freaky Friday movies this one had me laughing the most.

I didn't really find first half hour of movie funny but when the switch happens and movies keeps you laughing at every turn and some of jokes are really silly at times but those are mainly for kids not saying adult won't like, there a plenty of good jokes for the whole famiily to enjoy.

I can't remember the last times laughed so much one movie, I thought this movie was absolutely hilarious, it had laughing to very last scene of the movie.

This is best of 3 for sure and the most funniest, 8 out of 10

Freaky Friday (1995)

Well before (2003 remake) there was another TV remake movie, that i don't think many people know about it as much as lattes remake.

This movie i felt it a little more serious and I didn't think this was that funny and girl when this movie 15 years old and really that her mum not paying that much attention to her.

While the mum got huge meeting to a work, we cost them their job and as to fire someone at work place and look after her family.

When this movie their dad brought over some kind neck less but mum and daughter and they holding the neck less and they both wished to swap places,

I liked how they change in second and they were next each other in the car, I found that very decent and I thought that maybe the best switch of the 3 movies.

I felt the movie tried way to hard to really funny but failed and as comedey felt really forced at times, I liked they were other people who also knew in this movie, (Which kind of makes this remake on his own)

I wish was more clearer when switch back but I could not really tell in this movie but there not last joke scenes in this movie, which I thought would be, I was little disappointing by that

5 out of 10

Freaky Friday (2003)

In this second remake of (1976) movie, when there not 13 or 15 year old girl this remake as 17 year old girl (Each remake to girl see to two years older then last last, (Next remake Girl going 19 lol)

The girl this is 17 year old and lazy for her ages and can't to get up and does seem to well on work and she dose not like this girl who used to be Friends with her .

In this movie the Mum who planning her wedding to her new husband and that care of her self and own family and other work stuff.

A night they go to Chinese restaurant and mother and daugher come to another arugement which is notice by one of workers, who give them both Cookie and open the cookie and read it and feel earthquake but it only them to who felt it,

that night when clock hits midnight they both change of over and Tess is the first one to wake in her Anna bed room and soon finds she her daughters room and body,

I did find this remake to little be more funnier then first remake, there were some really good decent jokes in this movie but this movie didn't really feel like it was for whole family to enjoy, I some of boys would not most of jokes in this movie and I didn't get some of jokes my self.

This movie had me laughing in some places but not all the times, I liked how they tired to recapture the last scenes of first movie again and I did laugh but it was little to silly, I liked that nod to first one.

Not as good as 1976 but a little better then 1995 one.

6 out of 10

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Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Those are very cool ones.

What another cool saturday movie night on TV again.

THE 5th ELEMENT [1997] rewatch

One of the best Luc Besson has done or even his all time best.

Bruce Willis plays an amazing Corben Dallas it's nuts. And lovely miss Milla is oh so perfect as the perfect creature sent to save earth, miss Leeloo. The visuals are breath taking. Loving the ships, the Foston Paradise boat is awesome looking. But that Ruby Rhod dude is insanely funny. A great unforgetable classic.


MILLION DOLLAR BABY [2004] rewatch

No wonder why she got awarded miss Swank, extraordinary performance. And Eastwood and Freeman too. Beautifully shot.
She goes from a hardcore fighter dedicated that trains the best she can to win the World Champ thing to an extremely touching unable to move girl. When the boss Clint unplugs her it's so intense that it makes me cry everytime. Excellent.


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Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

One of my favorite comedies, Kingpin. 

"We don't have a cow.  We have a bull..." lol

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

as it's a bank holiday weekend here i'm bumping up my Django Unchained dvd to watch tonight as i got it on Thursday, it's jumping the to watch queue because i have quite a few requests to borrow it from friends ( why they don't buy their own i don't know, tight gits smile ). saw it in the cinema in January and while i am not a great Tarantino fan this is an excellent film, looking forward to seeing it again.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

LoudLon wrote:

One of my favorite comedies, Kingpin. 

"We don't have a cow.  We have a bull..." lol

This one is hilarious.

50 FIRST DATES [2004]

I've always loved Drew Barrymore since ET and that Sandler dude too but it's not the best they've done. Still pretty cool.



Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

^^^ Based on a true story, y'know...


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Joe Somebody


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

LoudLon wrote:

^^^ Based on a true story, y'know...

Yeah. Mine. lol

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Pocahontas 8/10
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 10/10