Re: Who here bought Cabin in the Woods?

Ghostseeker wrote:

Yes, I got your message thanks.  smile  Just from your post I thought I had irked you.  Since you're everyone's favorite here, and everyone hates me, if I pizzed you off I'd be ostracized.  smile

Ok, then maybe it wasn't Hostel, but I do know there are two movies you and I pretty much stand alone on.

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Ha!  Took some digging but I knew there was something.  From this Thread: … p?id=30966

wolfman1959 wrote:
Ghostseeker wrote:

Hostel 3

Yes, I'm aware everyone here other than me hates the entire Hostel series.

well i quite like Hostel 2. haven't seen 3.

everyone's favourite? don't know about that, i'm not on here enough these days for that and there's quite a few folks don't know me on here. Ghostie i don't think anyone hates you on here, i've not read anyone say anything bad about you. you're alright, and i'm sure we have agreed more than twice.

Re: Who here bought Cabin in the Woods?

I thought it was a good flick. The humor was good, the casting was also good, which is nice considering all of the dismal scooby do movies we are stuck with these days. Perhaps the 'stoner' dude was a bit tired as a character but the film was a standout compared to the fancy boy vampires, redundant zombies and skinny chicks that beat up grown men and monsters that are everywhere.
It was much more interesting and better executed than John Dies at the End, for instance.

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Re: Who here bought Cabin in the Woods?

UltraViolence wrote:

I can watch Evil Dead without thinking about Cabin but can't watch Cabin without thinking of Evil dead.

For me Cabin was above average though. Yeah it wasn't flawless but a good time was had. Something opening up a movie and exploring it's innards can ruin it for people. I think too many people are too busy looking for hidden meanings they forget the genre is sometimes supposed to be fun. I thought Cabin reminded me of Scream which is my favourite horror movie apart from Nightmare on elm street.

Think that's the whole point of the cabin in the woods , supposed to be the standard horror cliches and the evil dead is the original cabin in the woods. It's supposed to make you think of that.
Heck , at least cabin in the woods is better than the evil dead remake. That one is even more of a parody than CITW.