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Ok, here we go.

In no particular order.

DEATH My favorite of them all.
30 Days Of Night … ght_comics
Sky-Doll My second favorite.
Emily The Strange
Aphrodite IX
Tintin Classic.
Battle Chasers
Verotik H3LL it's Danzig so can't be bad. smile
Broussaille & Zoo
Same drawer which is amazing, beutiful nature stuff.
Spirou & Fantasio Another great classic.

And everything Manara has done...

Death rocks way too much. big_smile

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Re: Favorite Comic Books

I don't read a lot of modern stuff anymore; writers over the last ten years or so have all but eradicated the last thirty years of canon, effectively altering everything I loved about the titles I used to read. hmm

That said, some of my favorites over the last thirty years:

Marvel Comics:
Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America
Incredible Hulk
The Avengers
The Defenders
Marvel Ultimates
Ultimate Spider-Man
Uncanny X-Men
Fantastic Four

DC Comics:
Justice League of America
Swamp Thing
Hawk and Dove

Image Comics:
Savage Dragon
Spawn (actually haven't read Spawn since around '98 or so, though)
The Maxx
Astro City

Dark Horse Comics:
The Mask

Continuity Comics
Crazy Man

Valiant Comics:
X-O Manowar

Other/miscellaneous titles:
Milk & Cheese
Scud: The Disposable Assassin
Groo, the Wanderer
Lord Pumpkin

Those are the only ones coming to me off-hand that I used to read regularly, but I frequently would buy one or two issues of numerous other titles just to check them out.

Re: Favorite Comic Books

Saga of the Swamp Thing
Conan the Barbarian
The Crow
Lone Wolf and Cub
The Sandman

Re: Favorite Comic Books

wait I didn't know Death from the Sandman had her own comic... what's it like?

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^^^^ the only one I have of hers is about the only day she's allowed on earth, pretty great read.

Man alot of great comics to read where to start.

I think anything that has to do with thanos is a great read.

Asha vs freddy vs jason was a grood too.

Grim Fairytales


Great Secret Show

X-Force when Wolverine is in charge

House of M

Marvel Civil War

So many stories so little time.

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It's freaking AMAZING!!!
Best one is definitely The High Cost Of Living. A masterpiece. … _of_Living

And LoudLon, I can't believe how I forgot Cerebus the awesome ardvaark. Especially since it's canadian. Your Cerberus made me remind it. I have 3 books of him. Great black and white art Dave Sim gave us. Thanks for bringing it back to me man. smile

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Another one I forgot and damn, I have ALL of them is House Of Secrets, the Vertigo one, NOT Marvel.

I love most of Vertigo's stuff but this one damn the main girl is amazingly cool.

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Anyone ever read the neonomicon

Re: Favorite Comic Books

Nope but I like the title.
And a search told me it's by one I've always loved, sir Alan Moore.
Thanks for that. smile

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There is a prequel to it The Courtyard. You can get both series together in a graphic novel. Pretty cheap about fifteen bucks with shipping and handling. Actually it's about 25 bucks. I guess it went up in price since I bought it.

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Re: Favorite Comic Books

I normally only buy the ones I REALLY want for real as I can find the rest hidden in a Dark corner of Cyberspace.

Like my most recent buy, the extraordinary End Elizabeth by Sky-Doll's drawer Barbara Canepa and it's an amazing story and like in Sky-Doll, amazing drawings. Her cat is just way too cool. big_smile

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I'm fortunate that I can check-out comics from different libraries in Wyoming, by going on-line. They ship them free to the library in my town too. If not for that. I wouldn't be able to afford to buy them.

In no particular order-

Marvel Zombies


Batman ( all titles)





Uncanny X-Men

Amazing Spider-Man


EC titles

Re: Favorite Comic Books

My favourite comics in no particular order:

Sandman ( and death! ) by Neil Gaiman.

American Vampire.

Locke and Key by Joe Hill (Stephen Kings son).

The Crow.

Hellraiser. … 050-39454/

Buffy, Angel, and Spike Comics. … yer_comics

Walking Dead. … omic_book)

Re: Favorite Comic Books

American Vampire is freaking cool. Loving it.

Here's a few more of my favorites.

Bite Club

Re: Favorite Comic Books

Savage dragon is my earliest comic memory. Chew, Locke & Key, Saga, Manhattan Projects and Fatale are some of my favorite current running series outside DC & Marvel. The Goon is another always solid choice. 100 bullets was awesome, looking forward to the new series. Preacher was the shit. Animal Man has always been a guilty pleasure and the new 52 incarnation from DC is great too. Deadpool was great when written by Joe Kelly and Victor Gischler but is a joke now. I wish they'd let Rick Remender write him. He was spot on with the character in Uncanny XForce.

Current mainstream books killing it are Batman, Aquaman (and he always sucked), Batman & Robin, and Earth 2 from DC. Hawkeye, FF, Daredevil, New Avengers and all new xmen are marvels current best. I am also surprisingly entertained with Avengers Arena.

And if you get the chance, I think many of you would enjoy the mini series Punk Rock Jesus. So bad ass. Its collected in a trade paperback now so pick it up

Re: Favorite Comic Books

Cool ones. Especially Preacher.

Here one I always loved like mad, he rocks, how could he not, he's freaking Concrete. lol

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The first issue of Savage Dragon I ever saw, the cover had a female demon holding Dragon's severed, bloody head and I was immediately hooked.  I knew I was going to love that comic before I even opened it up.  I lost track of it after moving to Canada and didn't read it for a couple years, but I have a complete run of the first 70 issues or so and they're one of the prides of my collection.  I haven't read much of him lately but when I do pick up the occasional issue, it's nice to see that creator Erik Larson (who is one of the few comic creators to have written and penciled every single issue of his own comic for twenty years and counting) is still churning out action-packed super hero goodness.

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LoudLon wrote:

I don't read a lot of modern stuff anymore; writers over the last ten years or so have all but eradicated the last thirty years of canon, effectively altering everything I loved about the titles I used to read. hmm

So no Before Watchmen titles for you then? lol

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Guys we are missing a VERY important one for the comic community here.
Frank Miller and Sin City...

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^^^ Yeah, loved the various Sin City stories.  My favorite was That Yellow Bastard.  I think Robert Rodriguez did a great job adapting it in the movie.

Jmh -- no, sir.  When I first heard about Before Watchmen I came really effin' close to writing DC a scathing hate mail. lol

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^ Ah yes, Sin City. Read the series about 4-5x now, never gets old.

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Yeah, Sin City is great but I still prefers the first ones in Black & white. Color didn't have the same effect on me. Still pretty good but not the same intensity.

Just ordered Tank Girl The Odyssey … 050-20008/ at the book store, it contains the 4 tomes in one book, kick ass. And I can't wait to get it. I like Hewlett's drawings a whole lot. I even met the dude and even went to have drinks with him in a bar during Angoulème expo in France which is one of the biggest in the world with Comic-Con. Very nice and extremely cool Punk [like his heroine girl] guy. Was sweet. big_smile

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Re: Favorite Comic Books

Hey, I've got that one!

Re: Favorite Comic Books

Swamp Thing (Len Wein or Alan Moore)
Sandman - Neil Gaiman
Batman/Detective comics (various)
Criminal - Ed Brubaker
Captain America - Ed Brubaker
Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis

and just horror comics and DC comics in general, love the biig "crisis" events.

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Very cool.
She's insane totally and her world is freaking sick.
One I really like a lot is Jet Girl. She rules. smile