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Always enjoyed these things a whole lot. Bought a bunch at shows or stole them in the concert spot's doors but hey. Sue me. lol

Some of you might have cool ones so I'm inviting you to share them here.

To me, the best designer of that kinda stuff is definitely Frank Kozik. Damn the dude rocks... Woah...

And then others I like.

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My brother has, if I am not mistaken, the first concert poster of the Sex Pistols.
And a signed vinyl with Sid Vicious' signature.

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Everything you tell us about your brother makes me insanely jealous.

Woah, first Pistols Poster AND Sid's signature, just too great.
These things are history.


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The only two concert posters I have are a Matthew Good Vancouver tour poster signed and a Nine Inch Nails Wavegoodbye tour poster signed

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Wow, that's very cool.

This is one of the first ever posters from Nirvana.
And man, Screaming Trees and Tad with them, WOW!!!

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Enough said.

If it's on my wall, it's because it's insanely badass and their french Punk totally is. big_smile

That show is unforgetable.

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Damn that must have been freaking WILD!!!
Two great 80's Punk bands. The Necros ripped it apart. Their version of Walk The Dog is badass. Ah well, here it is, enjoy!!!

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Woah. Great name and great poster, VAMPIRELLA RULES ALL!!!

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Sorry mate, we HATE SPAMMERS in here and that is just exactly that. SPAM shit. Screw you. sad


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Oh man, that's gonna be a cool one!!!

Love these chicks. Both bands rule!!!