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Man these guys are part of the best. Can't believe I haven't mentioned how much I love them. Know them since they began back then.
Seems like so long ago... Yeah we get old. I like that Mike Ness is a Country lover, shows in their songs. Their cover of Cash's Ring Of Fire is just amazing.
Country Punk. lol
Didn't realized it existed before.


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This album is just WAY TOO DAMN GOOD!!!

Distillers first [and best].

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This disturbs me for some reason...

... oh, right


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punk is the best music..

Bad Brains, The Germs, The Ramones, The Stooges, Suicide, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, GG Allin, Crass are some of my favs..

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Hahaha azathoth. Damn right.

And yes Udo, all amazing bands you listed there.

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Oh this band is just too awesome. Saw them a few times and they Rock like mad.

This is their best for me.

Circle Jerks-Wild In The Streets 1982 [Full Album]

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The new Stooges album comes out today! cool

I wasn't a fan of their last album, 'The Weirdness', but this one is looking like it's going to be pretty bad ass.

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That sounds very weird Stooges and new in the same sentence. lol

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^ Ha ha! Indeed, it's a pretty rare thing for The Stooges to do. After 'The Weirdness' in '07, I was hoping they'd sort of redeem themselves by putting out another, better album. I'm listening to some of the tracks off of 'Ready To Die' and I think they have done so. It's just a solid rock 'n' roll record. What more can one ask for? People complain that the new album isn't as crazy and desperate and dirty as the original Stooges albums were, but that was such a long time ago. How can anyone expect guys in their 60's to be the same people they were in their early 20's? The music will change with the artist, and as long as The Stooges are true to themselves and are putting out decent tunes, I'm set with the changes.

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Very cool, yeah, I like band that stay focused on their style during the years that pass by. The best example is Bad Religion, they started in 1981 and now years later they still do show and kick an amazing amount of asses. These guys are my age, I admire them, I wouldn't be able to support the show/touring stuff.

Now I gotta find that new Stooges. big_smile

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CRASS!!! big_smile


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fuck yeah CRASS


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I love you GG Allin...

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CRASS!!! Damn they rule man.

GG's the Punkest motherfucker that ever existed

RIP dude. You won't be forgiven.

Now Iggy Pop and Sid Vicious have got crumbs to eat to be as Punk as him. lol

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yeah but Iggy Pop basically invented that attitude.. Sid Vicious looked cool but was a bit of a dunce..

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Yeah, the Punkest dunce ever.
Smashing a bunch of Texans used to Country with his bass was pretty Punk. lol
Man that scene in the movie, Oldman was great in this. smile

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Well time for a list of canadian Punk bands now.
Very proud of my place lemme tell you.

First off, the pioneers, they started in like 1979 or something.
Joey Shithead the vocal was quite an entertainer, crazy fucker. big_smile

D.O.A.-Lumberjack City

Pioneers but female side these girls are. They are also from the same place, Vancouver.

Dishrags-I Don't Love You [live 1979]

This is the first band that I loved in my very long Punker life, also did a tour of 8 months with these crazy fuckers. Damn that was fun.

This first album is to me one of the best EVER, Rocks so much.
They're from te place with the biggest mall in the world, Edmonton.

SNFU-Loser At Life/Loser At Death

Another great band from the past. Same name as the UK well known band though, very different though.

Subhumans-Slave To My Dick

Moving to Toronto now.

I have a modified version of their logo as tattoo.

Problem Children-Red Dyed Hair

One of the most known TNT Punk band, saw them often and they were amazing.


Also a great one from Toronho.

Random Killing-On The Road … DS67FdlUuQ

My sweet Quebec now.

They are for me the best Punk we'ce ever had here, from Quebec City, in the end of the 80s. Cool Crass and Conflicy like stuff with girl and guys vocals. Natalie's voice is awesomely powerful. I love this girl, we played a lotta shows with them back then and she was just the coolest and very lovely.

Frayed Nerves-Suffer Your Weakness

Great hardcore that Rocked. The guitar dude was bouncer at Les Foufounes Électriques, THE Montreal Punk bar. He died though, RIP Big Mike boy. I miss you.

Northern Vultures-Rise Up

And the legends with a great mix of all sorts of musics with Punk.

Grimskunk-Ya Basta

And I'll close this with myself. Hey. big_smile

Flibuste Lunaire-Kill Kill

That's what concludes this lesson of Canada Punk history.

Hope you enjoyed this trip in the True Far North. smile

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Awesome music from all those! I miss listening to punk (haven't really been into it lately).

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I'd die if I didn't listen to it all day long. lol


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Re: Punk Rock Thread

Crash owned.

Man, Germs are amazing, Communist Eyes has got an insane bass line and melody. Not to mention all the other ones.

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How dare you post that shit in my Punk thread you bastard bot???


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Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you!!!

Damn I hate those spammers...

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yeah i'd say Germs are my fav.. Ritchie Dagger's Crime, Strange Notes, Land of Treason.. all claasic...