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Oh damn that's one I'm really looking forward impatiently to.

Will certainly be nice, ALL the other ones are so...
I like the great humour they've put into it unlike in the animated from our youth.

Wish Megan HOT Fox would be back though. But after what she said about Mike Bay, it's not gonna happen. I laughed when I read that though.

Megan Fox wrote:

Michael Bay is like Hitler on the set.


Bumblebee looks awesome into an old school 1967-69 Camaro.

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Re: Transformers 4

There really going to make another. God I hate Shila Buff I wish a prop fell on top of him.

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H3LL yeah man, the more the better.
I like Labeouf pretty much, he's done a great job in all the others so he'll do the same in this one, I'm sure.

But hey if you don't like him, I understand you not being interested in Transformers 4.

Luckily, we're not all like you. lol

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I love how on facebook and twitter everyone hates these movies claiming there is too much action and explosions and not enough story.  What they don't realize's a movie about alien robots, LOL.  There's no grounds for a story haha.  I love these movies and look forward to more.

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Oh, they're Robots??? Didn't know that. lol