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Hey guys and gals,

I finally decided to post this online. Because I don't really want just anyone to watch it I have put a password on it, so just type it in when you click the link below.

Just a note, be aware that regarding the technical aspects - it was just me behind the camera, with actors holding up lights or squirting blood and being my filmmaking slaves once in a while, but there was no crew. However - story wise and all just lay it on me. Of course you can nitpick technical issues too, but we had less control over that without the proper expertise of multiple people.

Oh yes - I also make brief appearance in here wink

I posted the trailer back in October in another thread, but in case you don't remember if you even want to see it or you didn't see it at all before here is the link:


Vimeo Version
Actual Movie (password needed):

Password: October2012

Youtube Version (Lower resolution, for faster playback)
No password needed.

I just put it on so that only the people that know the password can access it, meaning they would have to come to this site to find it.

Anyway, let me know what you think,and lay it on me because I will be filming another one ( just with some friends again, nothing professional) and I'm sure I can do better (can't we all).
(I know I know, the audio in this is not great, I've got that covered for the next one!
I hope you all enjoy it and find things to like about it as well of course!

This doesn't seem to work on all IE browsers, but I have tested it on Mozilla and Google Chrome and it seems to work there. I don't know why, some bug with the password protection for now.

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Hey, Vamp_Slayer, just wanted to be supportive and say good luck with your movie.

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Just shot you a PM.

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Thanks PostGhost, I'm not really doing anything with it, just did it for fun, but I appreciate it!

Sent you a pm Theli!

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hey vamp_slayer saw your trailer on youtube for "snapping noises" please pm me the password to view whole film. thanks.

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I would like to watch it too if you would please send me the pw.


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Trailer looks interesting.  The sound seems a bit off, but you already know that.  I like the cinematography -- the lightning and the tones remind me of film.  PM the password, if you don't mind -- I'd like to check it out.  Thx.

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Hey Ronny, Floridapossum and glasspixelstudios,

I sent you all a pm, sorry for the delay, I haven't been active on the site for a little while, hope you guys/gals can check it out and thanks for the support!

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I would like to watch it if you'll send me the password.  It would also be nice if you'd come here more often...we like having you here!  smile

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Haha I know it would be nice to be here more often too! Thanks for he kind words smile I guess it's just been busy off and on for me here. I'm going to try to stick around more often again.
I'm sending you the pm now.

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Hook me up with the password as well (I hate PMs)

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Hey papirico,
Haha sorry man, I can post the password on the main post I guess since the only way to access the video is through that link anyway.
This way people don't have to wait for my response either.
I won't send you a pm how about that?
The original post now has the password guys.

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I tried watching this, but there was a 5 second (or longer) sound delay.  That made it pretty unwatchable given the snapping, and other noises, seem to be a pretty important part.  I tried it several times but it was the same.  I assume it was a problem on my end.  Any ideas if there is a fix for this?

For what its worth, the first few minutes seem pretty cool.  It makes me interested to see the rest.

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Hey there ghostseeker,
I just tried it out and it plays fine from my end. I'll try it on different browsers maybe too.
The sound delay is definitely not usually there.

What browser do you use?

Actually I think I know what the issue could be- someone else also said there was a delay in sound and I think it could be that the HD is slowing it down on some computers.
Try clicking the HD button on the video window to turn it off and see of it loads better.

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I'm glad I asked cuz your suggestion worked.  Turning off HD fixed the sound issue.

So I just watched it...

Solid flick!  For all your talk downplaying things like the FX, I thought the special effects were really good.  I even cringed a bit at the face part (keeping it subtle so as not to spoil) towards the end. 

The acting was actually really good for this sorta thing.  Even simple things like the lady running things (girl at the desk), and her initial reaction to what Deliliah told her, and her decision (again, keeping it subtle) was really realistic and what I would of expected. 

The story was interesting, but fell short a bit for me.  However, for a short film it did what it should and kept me wanting to finish it.

I would really like to see you make something scary.  Keep us posted on your projects.

Just curious, two people in the credits have the same last name as you.  Who are they to you?

Lastly, in a respectful way, gotta let you know that the two main females are very attractive.

So, people on HM should check this out.  I watch horrible movies frequently.  Here is a chance to watch a good short from one of our own.  smile

*** EDIT *** Just noticed you have copyright spelled wrong at one point towards the end (the part where it says something about the movie being your property - its spelled right right after that).  I only mention it in case it is one of those things you use as a kind of template, and therefore could be copied wrong in future movies.

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Well been trying to load Vimeo with many browsers but it just doesn't go. Ah well, 10 more days and I'll have a Pentium 4 which will fix all this.

Sending you a PM cause I can't wait to be able to watch it. big_smile

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Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate your thoughts. And thanks for the copyright thing at the end haha, that's horrible I'll have to fix that on this one!
I suppose it was short on story, I kept saying that this needed to be a 40 min film, but time restrictions were required for what I was making it for. But no harm done of course, the story certainly is not strong. I hope the character came off a bit better, I was trying more for a character based film than story so hopefully that came through...if not haha I'll try harder to get my point across in the next project.
As for the ladies, yes they are, no disrespect taken, I'm sure they like to hear that, who wouldn't!?
The two people with my last name were my parents actually, they were the ones who had previously gifted me the camera so technically they helped produce it since I used that camera to film, it just seemed fair to state.
The next one I'm working on (should be filming Sept/Oct) is going to be more in the horror/creepy vein, so hopefully I get that one going along and I'll definitely post about it here when it's done.
Thanks again, and thanks for the recommendation to the others on here, I really appreciate it.

I sent you the password. Hopefully it loads for you! I'm uploading it to youtube now too though in a smaller sized file for those who can't seem to play it through Vimeo. I'll post the link when it's up.

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Well nope, not going. I just have an image of the actress which is very cute BTW but that's all. Yeah, sorry about the streaming issues so I'll wait for the You Tube link. Take your time. Well I guess it's gonna be a long while if your movie is more than 1/2 an hour. lol

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It doesn't help that my internet connection is so slow right now haha. It is in the process though - although I think I am going to start over. I'll notify this thread when it's up though. Sorry about that!

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You don't have to be sorry buddy. I have all the time in the world. lol

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So that's where my time went. Thanks a lot.
(Badum ching)

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I've now posted a link to the Youtube version of the video on the main post. It's been compressed so it's not as high quality, but it should play better for those who couldn't play it on Vimeo.

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Okay so I got around to watching it. The best thing about the film is the plot by far, it's original and actually is interesting. That's for sure so good work on that. But my main criticism would be the film being a 'short film'.

Everything progresses way too fast, and that would be my main problem. I'm not even sure if there is character development because we never really get to know Delila before she starts losing control if you get me. If the film was longer, even like an extra 30 minutes it would help significantly. But I do understand no one in the film is professional and I understand that you don't do this for a living, so I get you. But I think if the film was longer it would definitely get better. Also to note for what it is, the acting is good too.

Also, there is some really nice shots too. I loved the opening scene especially.

Good work overall.

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Thanks a lot man,
I have to agree with you and it was something I noticed as soon as I was editing it - it does progress a bit fast. I think I said it earlier to Ghostseeker, I would have liked to make it a 40/45 minute film. I should have tried a different story knowing I had a limit to the length of the film for what I was submitting it for.
This is something I am keeping in mind for the next one.
I appreciate you taking the time to watch it and let everyone know your thoughts though!
It's all learning experience so I definitely got a bit more insight into what works and what doesn't and these comments certainly help.

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Vamp_Slayer wrote:

I've now posted a link to the Youtube version of the video on the main post. It's been compressed so it's not as high quality, but it should play better for those who couldn't play it on Vimeo.

Can you put it here too, can't find it on the 2 other threads. Thanks.

And if Scavenger says it's a good job overall well IT TRUELY IS. Hahaha