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Hello, I'm new to this forum. Big horror fan here. The main reason I've joined is to attempt to gain momentum on a comic project I've been working on. Breath new life into a project I've been slowly picking at for years. Well, long story short, My wife and I are expecting and I've made it my goal to finish this before the little bugger comes.

If you could visit the links and let me know what you think, any feedback would be great. (good or bad) Keep in mind I know that zombie comics are overdone...this one more or less celebrates the films I grew up on.

Facebook page with preview pages..

Youtube Trailer

I plan on self publishing the first issue through and eventually posting it on the book's site.

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Comic drawer here too so I support you all the way with this new project.
A BIG welcome to you and hopefully you'll stick around.

The best and friendliest place online is right here.
The MADhouse. Great folks.

Best of luck with that my friend.

Loving your style, extremely kick ass.
And what a nice trailer soundtrack.
Subscribed, liked, shared. big_smile

Keep rocking!!! And enjoy it here.

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Thanks for supporting...
I figured If I spammed horror forums long enough I'd get a bite. tongue

In all seriousness, you all are my target audience. Basically everything I've put into this comic has been a nod to horror movies. Usually really bad (in a good way) 80s flicks, and that's why I'm excited to share!

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BubRub wrote:

I figured If I spammed horror forums long enough I'd get a bite. tongue

And normally we ban people for that.  We have a very stringent "no spam/no project pimping" policy unless the member has taken their time to let us get to know them first.  And if I'd seen this thread before Punk, banned is what you would have gotten.

Lucky for you, though, Punk's given you a bump, so I'll cut you a break.  But do try to be a regular, active member here.  If this is all we're going to get from you, it's only a matter of time before we close this thread up.

Good luck with your project.

- Lon

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Hahaha definitely bitten you'd have been.

Comics and Horror have ALWAYS been very connected, just have to look at old 30 and 40's oldies. Greaking all the way.
I personaly love 80's movies, bad ones and not especially in a good way. The baddest, the better to me. lol

When did you start drawing, I'm curious.
I did at 3 but can't verify, that's what mom tells me, what if she is lying??? HAHAHAHA

Anyways, cool to see a fellow artist onboard the Evil Pirate Ship this site is.

Oh, BTW, you might find this interesting.
Favorite Comic Books thread... big_smile … p?id=31322

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Lon, thanks for the warning

Punk, I've always drawn... Like you, I don't really know what age. I remember doing stick comics before I could draw.  I studied commercial arts in high school, got my BFA majoring in film, and now work as a graphic artist for Whole Foods Market. I draw so much I typically don't have time to draw for myself, hence still working on this project. I've got 28 pages done and probably want to put out 10 more before releasing.

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Yeah, what LoudLon hasn't said is that we have a very strong and way Evil army fronted by a badass Monkey Knight, Panda Tanks and a violent CRAZY cat, not to mention the loads of knife/guns and all kinds of brutal weapons monkeys so... lol

Yeah I know how you feel and the work you have toi do at your job, worked 4 years as the Art Director at an edition house, loads of pen on paper happened.

You'll need to think that printing wiorks by 4 pages so you'll have less to do. Or maybe more. lol

Keep it going.

I sure wish FaceCrapbook would let me like pages when I click the like button on top of your page but it HATES me so I can't. You need more of these Likes really. Ah well, hopefully someone that saw your teaser will do.

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Cool preview, I would love to check out the comic once it's done. Hang around here, keep us updated on the work.

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I'll keep you posted, probably post new pages here as they are completed.

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It'll be coming soon!!!

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Woah, the way you did the metal on the truck is just awesome.
Loving the way you use lines for shadows. I do that a lot too.
Spme stuff you cannot not like. big_smile

Nice light spot too, love what it does on the house.
And I won't say anything else about the character than HOLY FREAKING H3LL MAN, WOAAAH!!! lol

Very cool and thanks for showing it to us.
We're a bunch of lucky bastards. Hahaha


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Thanks punk. I thought I might get more of a following with that picture but I'll take it.

It's very hard for me to show some of these drawings simply because I don't want to give too much of the story away. This past preview was done a month ago but I have started working again. Here's a in progress preview of what I've been working on this week.

Just out of curiosity, I want to know what you think is going on this page. See if my story is too cliche tongue

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Yeah, keep some surprises hidden. Don't show too much.

As for what's going on well the soldier gave the gas mask dude his heroin fix??? lol

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Looks like I'll have to rewrite the whole damn thing now. how'd you know

speech bubbles for bottom two panels.
Panel 1:
Gas mask guy: What'd you give me?
Smiley face tattoo guy: Heroin...alot of it.
Panel 2: Gas mask guy: How are you floating?

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Seriously??? HOLY H3LL!!!
Mwahahaha man, get out of my head. Or maybe I should get out of yours rather. lol

Man, can't believe this. Ahhh well that's what my experience in the past with Smack does, I see a seringe and it immediatly come in my head.

But I like your idea, Drugs, Guns, Blood and Zombies. Very cool. big_smile

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* Erased because of double post

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Nice artwork, BubRub.  Are there any other different comic characters your working on? Thanks for sharing!

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kXnPunk wrote:

Seriously??? HOLY H3LL!!!

I'm kidding, it's not heroin. Not yet anyway, maybe I'll write it in somewhere. There will be Drugs, Sex, Guns, Blood and Zombies in the comic eventually, just not so much the first issue.

Underdog wrote:

Are there any other different comic characters your working on?

I originally wrote the story as a screenplay that ended up being around the length of a feature film so there are a bunch of characters but for the first issue there are only the four commandos, the smiley face tattoo guy, and a doctor during a small flash back.

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Hahaha You got me. Yeah I agree with you that for a first one it's maybe a bit too heavy. big_smile

But loving what I've seen so far. Your Facebook cover pict is badass!!!

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Just got done with ink and layout of the next page

Question: Is change in direction too drastic on the last panel? (panel 1-3  the doctor is on the left and in 4 he is on the right) This would be some what of a problem in film but im wondering if i can get away with it in the comic

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Looks okay to me, but I don't know shit about comic layouts.

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Anyone get the room number reference?

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Looks ok to me as in the first 3 we see only him and in the 4th, we see from inside the room so it doesn't bother me at all.

And no I didn't get it. So many number in everything I see/read, if I had to remember all of them I'd be in trouble. lol

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BubRub wrote:

Anyone get the room number reference?

Is it a reference from the movie 976-Evil?

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Under dog your correct. I know that move had nothing to do with hospital doors but it was the first numbers I could think of