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Hey everyone.

I'm posting this here in hopes that you guys and gals would help spread the word of a fundraiser that has been started for me to help raise money for my medical bills and living funds (funds to help keep a roof over my head and food in my belly).

Now, I'm not posting this here to ask any of you for money. I just want help spreading the word about the fundraiser.

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this. Below is a summary of what's happened (as stated on the fundraiser itself).

This fundraiser will help me with my monthly medical bills and help me with any day to day expenses: $200/month for Medicine $75/month for Doctor's Visits (over $300 owed) $200/month for Gas to and from my appointments $300/month for Food. I have had five surgeries on my right knee. All of which were unsuccessful in repairing the damage done to my knee. After the last reconstructive surgery on my knee a severe infection of Streptococcus set in causing severe nerve damage. My right leg from the knee down is numb except when the nerves flare up with a severe painful burning sensation. Since that surgery the displacement of weight and inability to walk right or exercise, my right hip and lower back have also been severely injured causing the need for additional surgeries and possible years of physical therapies. None of which I can afford. I also recently got diagnosed with Diabetes and now have to start buying supplies for this as well. I do not know how much these expenses will be since I don't know how much they cost yet. Other funds for day to day things. I know this doesn't seem like a lot of money to most people, but, I am unable to work due to my disability. I have been fighting to get SSI/Disability and Medicaid services for over four years. Since starting my case I have lost everything. I am now homeless (living wherever someone will have me). I have lost my ability to work, drive, and do most everyday things that I took for granted when I was healthy. I desperately need help. Those who know me will know that I would never ask for help if I didn't need it. Thanks to everyone in advance for any help. I'll never be able to express how much it would mean to me.

Here is the link to the fundraiser itself:

Medical and Life Funds for Matt Paul

Once again, Thanks in advance if anybody decides to share this!

- z3r0

Re: I Need Your Help

If I had money to give, I'd honest to god shoot it your way without a doubt. As for now, all I can give you is my wish and prayers that I hope everything turns out okay for you.

I don't know you all that well, but at the end of the day you're just a human needing help, and everyone needs help at some stage of their lives.

I wish you the best of luck.

Re: I Need Your Help

Thanks for the kind words! If anyone would share and help spread the word that's all I need. I appreciate all the help I can get!

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Same here not enough juice to help but I posted the link on my Facebook wall so hopefully one of my over 300 friends will be better suited than us.
The only thing I can do.

But man, still cool to see that you have more than 300$ and it's better than nothing.

Best of luck dude.