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You've never watched it?  Great show, man.  If you can, start with the first season or you're liable to get lost occasionally, especially when characters from earlier seasons pop up, which they frequently do.  And yeah, Campbell's groovy as always.  It's like the perfect character for him to play: Sam Axe, a former Navy SEAL with a penchant for booze, rich women and wise-cracking, so you get a lot of Ash-like bravado.  But he's also pretty tough.  Campbell's just great in the role.


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No never. And of course I'm starting with the first season, I always do that when I hear about a new show. I like to follow everything from the start.

Bruce is the man. Man. big_smile

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The Real World Portland

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island (on Hulu Plus)

It was a date night with my wife and she got to pick, as I picked two horror movies.  Fun times.  I love the Challenges.  Can't wait for the next one starting some time in July.


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I have the original Real Word (season 1, New York) on my expansion drive.  I only watched I think the first two or three seasons, I believe the last season I watched was the one with the obnoxious skater dude, Puck.


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First time I hear about this LoudLon.

Watching the mega cool Smallville now and I've always loved this show a lot. Erica Durance as Lois Lane is great but man, KRISTIN KREUK, what a beauty.


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Watching The Voice now. I hope Danielle Bradbury will win, she's got an insanely great voice for a 17 years girl, so damn powerful.


Can't wait for tonight's premiere of Mistresses, this show will definitely be hyper sexy as the girls in it are gorgeous beauties.



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Man what a freaking cool show and HOLY H3LL Eva Green is a damn hottie it's crazy how beautiful she is. Love the stories and the acting is great from everyone but especially Eva as Morgan.


Reminds me a bit of Merlin but it's quite different.

Was fun like everytime I watch it. smile

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Big band theory.


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A guilty pleasure big_smile.


Katie Cassidy and of course the awesome Heather Locklear that I've always LOOOVED!!!


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Man that little cutie Danielle Bradbery, HOLY H3LL THE VOOOICE she has. AMAZING!!!

Hopefully she'll win this. She really deserves it. IMO.

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Family Guy


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The last of the summer wine.


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Been watching various episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia all evening.  Right now, it's season 3, episode 3, "Dennis and Dee's Mom is Dead."


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Just switched to Leno and Fallon. Been a few days I didn't check 'em out but what I'm seeing now is a nice welcome back to me. big_smile

Jay is a fucking bastard. He throws one of the teen girls I like the most this year, the oh WAY TOO COOL Danielle Bradbery.

But I loved it. Thank you Sir. smile

OH-livia Munn on Fallon tonight. H3LL what a night.

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Top Shot All Stars
Swamp People


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Man, last night episode of the new V was AWESOME!!! I love this show like crazy, watched ALL of them back in the 80s and haven't missed any of the new ones either. I'm addicted it seems. But I don't mind, far from it. lol


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Ohhh what a cool episode this is.
And man, I'm in love with Nina Dobrev. lol

Well, looks like it was the last of second season. Weird way to end it though. H3LL just saw that they have 5 seasons out now and it looks like I have a LOT of catching up to do.

Oh, cool FRINGE is starting now, I enjoy this a lot. smile

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Swamp People
MLB Game: Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox

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Supernatural season 3 episode 4 & 5
I have a lot to go through.

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I'm watching Wimbledon going on live now.  Very exciting.  Tennis, I feel, is underrated here in the States.


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I love Tennis. Mine is definitely Nadal, he owns.

The best animated show EVER!!! big_smile

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I recently watched the first three seasons of Through the Wormhole, a documentary series about the nature of the cosmos, the human mind, and various other sciency things. Also hosted by Morgan Freeman! Love that guy! Makes me think I should have been a physicist 'cause I actually understand everything they talk about. If only I were better at math.

Also watched season 5 of Ancient Aliens. Now this show I watch purely for the lulz, and this season had me calling bullshit much more than usual. Their leaps in logic have expanded dramatically.


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Re: Last Seen T.V. Show


Miss Justice is cool.

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Preview for MTV's The Real World Challenge: Rivals 2 (some special looking back at the past fights and what not)