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Loads of them in very different places and subject but the one I'm digging the most in a bunch of damn years is the incredible and sweet as H3LL Danielle Bradbery.

Girl's 16. Girl wins The biggest singing show of the whole world
. Girl's life = MADE. She sang twice in front of a public before but the first time she did on TV was in there. Thumb up girlie.

She's utterly cool. Love this girl. I"ll be checking her out you can be sure of that. big_smile … 9&sa=U

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I like the ones from my teens.  Cheesy as they may seem now, I used to have major crushes on these broads...

Debbie Gibson...

Alyssa Milano...



Molly Ringwald...

And others.

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Great list my friend.
Oh yeah man Alyssa in Commando with Schwartzie. Oh yeah.

Dakota is definitely my all times favorite. Girl rocked way too much when she was a teen AND also as a kid.

Still does now.

And she got tattoos now. Way to go girl. big_smile

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Having been a red-blooded teenager, I had multiple crushes. lol  Some others are Judie Aronson (Friday the 13th 4, Weird Science), Ally Sheedy (Breakfast Club), Demi Moore, who was topless in Blame it on Rio -- and also her co-star Michelle Johnson, who showed full frontal in that flick and was also in Wax Work.  Jill Schoelen, Danielle Harris.  And I was never into her music, but despite her being revealed to be dumb as a bag of hammers, I always thought Jessica Simpson was just gorgeous.

Edit -- forgot, add Mary Stuart Masterson to the expanded list as well. big_smile

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Nice to see names I know. I remember all of them really well.

This one has EVER been my sex fatasm and it's never gonna change.

Lindsay Dee Lohan BAAABYYY YUM!!!

In Freaky Friday man, what a freaking amazing performance.
The best of her career no doubt. She won Teen Awards for that so yes it's her best. big_smile

Another victim of my Teen Girls love is Kristen Stewart. WOAH.
Love that girl with a true passion. Best she's done so far is as my idol Joan Jett. Runaways. OH YEP!!!

2 of my favorite teen chicks in the same damn movie about of the the best bands in the UNIVERSE EVER!!! No wonder it's on my top film list. lol

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Abigail Breslin is so damn amazing in everything she's done.
Can't wait to see her in The Call with Halle Berry.

She's getting older and she's getting cuter. Man, she'll be quite the bomb at 25. big_smile

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I dig this one too.
Victoria Justice and her show is freaking hilarious.

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What's that chicks name from the Silent House remake? Ashley Olsen? Or is that one of the twins? Well, the one from the remake of Silent House.

She's quite a looker.

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It's Elizabeth and she's the older sister of the twins. But yes, cutie too. Well everybody in this family is, the twins are hotties too.

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Wait, she is older than the twins? Are you sure? I always thought she was younger for some reason. She certainly looks younger.

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Oh you're right, she's younger. Always thought she was older...

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You know what she is Punk?

A looker. She's a looker. smile lol

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Definitely a looker. big_smile

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Devon Sawa was mine big_smile

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Some more I love like mad.

SAOIRSE RONAN isn't only very cute but man, what a freaking über talented one she is.

Then there's my sweet HOT as H3LL VANESSA HUDGENS. Damn she's gorgeous. EXTREMELY gorgeous.

Can't wait to see her in 2 movies, Frozen Ground but ESPECIALLY freaking SPRING BREAKERS with 2 other way hot girls.



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Well she's another nice and talented one. Carol Jean Wells. She seems to like doing Horror stuff, she's in Jugface which I really look forward to see.

EDIT: Damnit picts not working so he's the various ones from her IMDb page. Enjoy, she's got a beautiful smile. smile

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Mia Wasikowska is so damn great in everything I've seen her do. I hear they're doing another Alice In Wonderland so hopefully, she'll come back, she was perfect in the first.

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Miranda Cosgrove is freaking HILARIOUS!!!

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These 2 girls are insanely great in The Secret Circle

Phoebe Tonkin

Britt Robertson

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Always loved this little canadian Punkette. Avril Lavigne is definitely one of the coolest chicks around. She ROCKS!!!

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Vanessa Hudgens is... just... dreamy. Main reason I watched High School Musical the few times I did.

Selena Gomez is adorable.

Aimee Teegarden is gorgeous.

Emma Watson grew into one beautiful woman. Watching her mature through the Harry Potter movies. She went from "eh, she's 10", in Stone to "man, she's pretty damned hot" by Hallows.

Well, I'm done feeling like a perv for now.

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But I agree...

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Claire Holt is a Holtie. lol

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Jojo's breasts. Enough said. big_smile

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Vanessa Hudgens AND Ashley Benson in Spring Breakers. So looking forward to see them in this.