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Did anybody say GRINDHOUSE???
Oh yeah me, Rodriguez in the title. lol

Just watched the new Blackberry thing he did with his fans and it make me like the dude even more. What a damn brilliant idea.


Now onward to his feature films.

SIN CITY [2005]

I'm a huge fan of Sir Miller and the way he did it was just ABSOLUTELY wonderful.
The yellow blood for Yellow Bastard was great.
The handless Carla Gugino was mad.
Nancy. Ohhhhhh Nancy. Sweetest girl ever.
Brittany I miss you and shed a tear for you remembering the AMAZING scenes in this. RIP my dear.
Del Toro with a gun on the head.
Rosario Dawson in S&M gear.
Devon that I love into the baddest girl of them all in the movie, miss Miho.
The way the eyes are shot in this is just spectacular.
Take Alexis' striking blue eyes against an all black and white picture and you have un look that cannot disappear from your mind. EVER

And I don't need to talk about Bruce, Rourke or that LOTR dude.

And that's just one of his works with a short.

More coming... When I feel like it.

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Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Rodriguez is definitely a filmmaker worthy of an ode.  I love the guy's stuff.  He's like a fan who made good and I love that he brings an independent spirit to mainstream Hollywood, plus the fact that he's for all intents and purposes a one-man film crew.  My favorite Rodriguez flicks:

Sin City (TOTALLY brought the comics -- oops, graphic novels -- to life)
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Desperado (and to a lesser extent El Mariachi, which Desperado is a hybrid remake/sequel to)
Planet Terror (easily the best half of Grind House, IMO)
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Faculty

And I hope that some day he finally gets around to making Madman, based on Mike Allred's cult favorite comic book.  He's owned the rights for a decade and a half, for Pete's sake.  The film would be a blast!

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Didn't know Desperado was from El Mariachi which I've never heard of. Thank you Lord LoudLon.

And I consider Grindhouse one big movie and not 2.
Couldn't make up my mind about which one I loved more.
I like both so I fixed that problem like this. lol

PLANET TERROR is freaking crazy.
Loved how when danger approaches, the screen gets 60 style with black spots and grain all over. Very nice. And his Blood splattering in the cam's lens, woah man.

But the best of the best is Cherry. A Gunmachine legged girl. Insanely over the top cool. Man, it came from a dream he had if I recall the bonus thing on the DVD. H3LL gotta rewatch this. lol

Gotta watch The Faculty and I'll probably do it sooner that I thought. I'm sure.

Yes the dude deserves more than just an ode.

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Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Spy kids was great. Lol

Just playin'

Two unmentioned was
Four Rooms

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SPY KIDS WAS NOT ONLY GREAT but totally awesome.
And I'm NOT even kidding. Have a friend in Texas that was working on special effects for the whole series. And he told me some rad stuff about the filming. Love them, big_smile

Damn can't wait to see Alexa back in Machete Kills. She grew quite a damn fantastic pair. lol

Yeah Predator RULES!!!

Haven't seen Four Rooms but read about it.

Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

I'd check out Four rooms for his story and tarentino's, they are both pretty funny

Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Will definitely do.

Machete man, MaFUCKINGchete man, Machete, Machete the theme song was kick ass. And it's got all the goodness Robert's know for. Lindsay's naked boobs. Then HIS actor Trejo.  He's almost in everything he's done. And the dude is one of the most badass of the whole planet. big_smile

Great, well more than that, EXCELLENT actors, De Niro is in so are lotsa other good ones, very cute girls, twisted story, giving the chance to his family, his kid and the two babysitter babes are his cousins or something, can't remember what. It shows that he cares a lot for his friends and close ones. Like asking Tarentino to direct one scene in Sin City the 2 have been buddies for a long while and it shows, their stuff is looking a lot alike.. And putting Miller into the priest role.

H3LL the guy ROCKS like mad.

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Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Loved all the homages he made in Machete.  Lohan in the habit with the .44 was obviously a shout out to Abel Ferrara's Ms. 45, Michelle Rodriguez and her eye patch was a tip of the hat to Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Trejo rappelling out of the window while holding the guy's intestine was a major nod to Die Hard...the flick's chock-full of knowing winks to other action and/or exploitation flicks.  Rodriguez is a lot like Tarantino in that way, they make no effort to hide their influences, plus they do those influences one better.

Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Absolutely and I think it's the best way to go. Well it pleases me. big_smile

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He makes movies for us which is what I like. Screw the critics and their views on what is a good movie. I heard he was going to be making a Red Sonya movie with Rose McGowan as the lead. I hope he makes it aling with the Deadpool movie. If anyone could do Deapool justice it's him. Also hope he makes a sequel to Predators.

Oops I just red McGowan is out and Megan Fox might be in. Megan Fox is hot but come on. The movie might not be happening how sad. I still hope he makes the sequel to the predators movie. Hopefully Jadon Rody comes out in the movie again.

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Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Mike; "He makes movies for us which is what I like."

^ Spot on!

Same goes with Tarantino, who Rodriguez get's his influence from, obviously.

Re: An Ode To Robert Rodriguez

Yeah, these guys were brothers in another life. I'm damn sure about it. lol

They make movies that we love and they love that we love them. His fan short is the best example of that.

As for Red Sonja yeah maybe but Arnorld's one is good enough for me. I might like a follow up ESPECIALLY WITH MEGAN SEXY HOT FOX but if there's none, it wouldn't bother me. At all.