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Okay, just googled it.  Fuck.  I loved that guy.  Great character actor.  As much props as he gets for The Sopranos he was just as good in his many supporting character roles, two of my favorites being as the gay hitman in The Mexican and the blue collar joe in the remake of 12 Angry Men.

This saddens me.  RIP, James.


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mmmmm coffee at 9pm big_smile


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Argh another grand goes away. Loved this dude.
RIP Gandolfini boy man. Best wishes to your family and friends.

And some roses on your tomb.

Tripod wrote:

Damn Jehovah Witnesses just had to ring my doorbell as loud as they could this morning just to try convert me. It's never a good idea to wake me up at 9 in the morning and on top of that I'm not a morning person.

They don't come back anymore. Before they could talks I started blabbering about H3LL, my views about Demons, Sins, Sex, Sucubus, Goclins, Vampires, Balrog, Gargoyles, Zombies, Ghouls and all. They went away RUNNING!!! And never came back.

Nothing like seeing Jehovah witnesses running with all their papers flying in the wind. MWAHAHAHA So funny that was.

It's clearly announced on my front door. A Skull with DEVIL, DEVIL!!! right under. Then on the wall in front of them is The Exploited's Mohawk Skull. And I'm NOT talking about the various naked girls all over the place. lol

Welcome to my H3LL fuckers.

Rodriguez finished Two Scoops, movie he made with his fans and woah, HE'S NUTS!!!
And I love it.

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Having grown up in the bible belt, you get used to Jehovah's Witnesses knocking at your door.  I have nothing against them; they're out there all day long, hoofing it door to door, trying to spread some love, so I don't begrudge them. 

That said, I have, by trial and error, learned an effective way of dealing with them.  I tell them up front I'm not religious and have no interest, but out of courtesy I'll listen to their pitch.  Once they realize they're not going to convert you and that you're only being courteous, they apologize for bothering you and go on their way. wink


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Or you can blast Iron Maiden's Number of the beast if you see them coming.  lol


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That would probably work, too, but I have this thing about being respectful to others -- until they're disrespectful to me, in which case it's Katie bar the fuckin' door. lol


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Hahahaha Venom was playing when they came. lol

And yes me too LoudLon but when I tell them I have no interest in their stuff and that they get in and keep going I slam them with my Evil stuff while pumping the volume up so I can scream. I like screaming. Nothing like screaming about Horror related stuff. lol

Nothing against them when they respect me. Even had a friend in my long gone teen days that was one. But he understood that I had a totally different view of religion than he had so it kept going. If he would of tried to convert me it would of broke.

Maggy Cool and Marc-ander fucker came earlier. She grabbed 8 movies.
All Horror of course. Like 2 of Mirrors that I'm gonna watch when she brings them back.

These are the 2 ONLY ONES that I lend DVDs to. Cause they are as careful as I am with them.

Love these guys. Bit sad that fucker's moving to Montreal soon but hey, a spot to crsh in if I ever go there and some fun in the big city. big_smile

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After one of my ex-girlfriends broke up with me while still in possession my orginal Thorn/EMI VHS of Martin about ten years ago, I stopped lending my movies out altogether.  The only exception I've made since then has been to my big sister.  Loaned her about thirty DVDs to take home to Indiana after she visited me for a week here in Kentucky, and have been told she's left them all at a friend's house who she's subsequently had a falling out with, so they're all lost to me now.  Pissed me off.  Now NOBODY gets to borrow my movies, family or not. lol


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Argh yeah. Bitches all the ex girls. There's a reason we hate them that you can't forget ever. That's called hate. But I'm too soft hearted. I go over even the memory. roll

Ah well luckily places like this exist.
http://serialkillercalendar.com/serialk … WASTELAND/


Hahaha the last thing that cop said on this crap criminal show before I switched channels was massive vaginal laceration. lol

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Not for nothing, but the Blues Traveler song But Anyway has some of the coolest, most melodic bass work you'll ever hear.  Just sayin'.


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Melodic indeed this bass is LoudLon but to me the best bass line EVER is The Accüsed-War=Death '88, just furiously crazy as madly insanely kick ass good.

Well a very good thursday rrmmm, THOR'sday rather to all of you HM peeps. big_smile


Loved DEAR GOD NO! so damn much like freaking H3LL that I'll rewatch it right away before jumping into Nightmare Land. Hopefully my Succubus will look like the chicks in this Bloody movie. lol

L8r all be good while I'm gone. Or bad, whichever tickles your fancy...

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Waking up at 10am feels great. Haven't done that in weeks.
Having my morning coffee.
And I think I have enough saved up to go and chat with a tattoo artist to get some ink done big_smile
Woooo good times!


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Oh yeah miss, very happy for you.
And dya know what you'll be spiking in on your skin, what drawing yet???

Can't wait to get mine done. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Holy H3LL what's happening now near Montreal is freaking insane!!!
Fire into a Firecrackers factory. Not really the best place to have one into. No idea of the victims yet, only that 2 persons are missing. If anyone's hurt of dead well my wishes to them, their friends and family. I don't imagine it's a good thing to have written on your Tombstone "Went away in a big Fireworks... RIP."
Would feel strange.

The thing I don't understand though is that there's no fire hydrant around the factory. First one is far away so the firefighters are transporting some. Wasted time fight fire. What the H3LL did they think about to accept that kind of place without checking that first is beyond me. roll

There's been lots of explosions. Well of course damnit. Just too bad it's not night time, would have been freaking spectacular.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/ … u-lac.html


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AWESOME!!! Man too funny. lol

Regarding the 2 missing persons, well they're Dead. Another sad day like everywhere else in the world.

Roses are red, violets are blue so fuck you. Or if you prefer...


Been 24 hours I'm up. Not even tired. Cool. Gotta admit that Expressos help a lot though. I'm an Expresso addict, a true CafeinoMANIAC!!! big_smile

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@kXnPunk For my love of Asian things (especially Japan) I'm gonna get a geisha.
I've always wanted wanted one. And I want a largish piece done instead of my usual smaller ones.
It took me a while to save cause as you may know, I like to spend my money on stuff tongue
So I'm pretty excited.
I don't have the exact image but there is a piece he did on someone that I want him to get inspiration from.
Something like that but cherry blossom tree instead of bamboo and parasol instead of fan. AND color.


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OH YEAH, H3LL damn yesss!!!
Geishas are the most beautiful things on this planet. And loving the cherry blossom tree [me loves them] and the parasol idea. You sure are awaiting the moment the needle will pierce your skin impatiently. I'd be in your place. DEFINITELY!!!


The earth was overwhelmed with beauty and indifferent to it, and I went with a heart ready to crack for its unbearable loveliness.

Josephine Winslow Johnson

June 20, 1910: Poet and novelist Josephine Winslow Johnson made a literary splash by winning the Pulitzer for her first novel, Now in November, published when she was just 24. She was born in Kirkwood, Missouri, 103 years ago today.

RIP and thank you.

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After this one, a Sailor Moon tatt big_smile


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Why am I NOT surprised at all??? lol

Damn that new V show rules.
I'm loving every single piece of Sci-Fi stuff ever done. And I'll do forever.

Brings back good kid's memories.



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Well that's finally it. SUMMER IS HERE!!! Wooohooo!!! Hopefully what they said that it's gotta be the warmest in years will be true cause since snow melt, it's not really the case... roll


Who's that damn god you talk about???
Thanks DEMON it's friday, NOT god.

Wish you a very cool weekend my HM friends.
Hope you'l have lotsa fun.


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Light Saber Disney Princess???




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And then things took a turn for Kermit...


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OMG!  What a week at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nice Ariel pic.

Going out to a Chinese buffet with my school co-workers.
Our anual end of the year meal.
THey pay for it so it's all good.


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kXnPunk wrote:

AWESOME!!! Man too funny. lol

Regarding the 2 missing persons, well they're Dead. Another sad day like everywhere else in the world.

Roses are red, violets are blue so fuck you. Or if you prefer...


Been 24 hours I'm up. Not even tired. Cool. Gotta admit that Expressos help a lot though. I'm an Expresso addict, a true CafeinoMANIAC!!! big_smile

Insanity wolf can be quite funny.