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Hey guys, I'm writing an essay for uni on the works of David Cronenberg and I wanted to ask a few questions.

As a horror fan, which of his films did you enjoy most?

Are you attracted to his style of film making? If so, what is it about his film making you find appealing?

In his pre-90's work (e.g. Scanners,  Videodrome, Shivers etc) do you think he was specifically trying to appeal to fans of the horror genre? What do you think was his target audience?

Thanks heaps!

Re: Cronenberg

I would say his most popular would be The Fly remake although I thought Videodrome was his best.

Pre 90's he was big into body mutilations and mutations... He tended to show people losing control of themselves and it tended to end bad. (Videodrome, shoving a tape into your stomach like a vcr. Scanners, heads suddenly exploding from psychic powers. The Fly, your face melting off of you while you look in the mirror....or the whole turning into a fly thing. I think he was trying to appeal to gorehounds as well as people with self esteem issues (depending on how far you want to look into it.) His target audience would of been younger crowds. IMO

Re: Cronenberg

To me the best thing he's done is Videodrome no doubt.
And Crash is what I think is his best mainstream one.
Yes, find it even better than History Of Violence.

What attracts me to his films is the way he shoots them and of course the insane stories.

I think his target audience was teens not necessarily Horror fans but younger than adults. In my humble opinion.

Godd luck with that.

Re: Cronenberg

Cronenberg is one of my all time favourite directors. His early work especially, but I really enjoy a good portion of his body of works. It's a hard choise of his earliest works to choose a favourite, especially between the Brood and Videodrome, but I will also give the edge to Videodrome. It's dark anti-social imagery is mirrored between film and reality, a work way ahead of it's time. But all his works are great, Existenz, Naked Lunch, Eastern Promises, they all are unique and equally awesome.

Re: Cronenberg

Big fan of the 'Berg.  Personal faves are They Came From Within, The Fly, Scanners, The Brood and A History of Violence.

Re: Cronenberg

to my mind RoMERO, Bava, and Cronenberg are my top three all time horror directors.Of Cronenbergs works i like in no particular order  Scanners, Rabid, The Fly, the Dead Zone, A hISTORY oF Violence, Eastern Promises, The Brood, Shivers. there is one film of his i don't like however and that is Crash.i just don't like it. i forgive him though.