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Just wondering if anyone here ever saw the 1974 drive-in film AXE by Frederick R Friedel?  It's a very gritty low budget film that was released by Harry Novak Production, known for exploitation films in the early 70's.

Anyone ever see it?

My father played Lomax in the film and I created a facebook fan page for it, located at

I would love to talk about the movie with anyone who saw it.

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Thats awesome that your father played a role in the film. I've actually never seen the film even though I'm a huge 70's exploitation film fan. It sounds great, I'll definitely check the film out as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing! smile

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I thought it was released in 77, but anyways yes I've seen the film. It was years ago so I don't remember much about it. But I do remember liking it for its totally psychotic lead character. Need to give it another watch.

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Aka Lisa, Lisa.
Yeah, it has been awhile since I watched it, but I remember thinking that it was okay.

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Saw it for the first time about five years ago.  I was aware of it for years and years but never got around to it until I picked up a bargain bin DVD.  Not a great flick, IMO, but not a completely bad one, either.  Definitely had its moments.  The lead actress had a certain low key, semi-erotic appeal and I did like the skid row, grind house feel of the flick. 

That said, very cool that your father had a role in a drive-in classic.  Is he still active in the biz?  If so, what else has he appeared in?

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I saw it years ago and liked it.

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Sorry it's been awhile since my original post.  He's done some tv and radio, but chose family over a film career.  A choice I'm proud of him for making.

AXE will be released on bluray very soon by Severin films and several extras have been recently filmed to be included. Interviews, reunions, locations, etc...  If you enjoyed the movie, you'll LOVE the new HD transfer and Special Edition.

LIKE the Facebook page for a chance to WIN a free copy of the bluray/DVD combo when it's released.

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Don't you have a name, Oneway?

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Oh I love this flick. Kick ass one for me.

And you need more likes on that Facebook page so I shared it around. And I'm EVERYWHERE!!! lol

Thanks GHOST DADDY for bringing it back up that thread. smile