Re: Totally random

Then freakin' eat!!! tongue

Muad'Dib's kitty. Hahaha


Re: Totally random

The Meow Dib, lol


Re: Totally random

Hahaha yeah too much. Makes me laugh every tme I see it.

Been since yesterday morning I haven't slept and I'm not even tired.
Not gonna complain that something's wrong with me because I like it a lot. lol

Damn I love this bird. My favorite of them all in the known universe with sir Owl. I used to watch it plunge into the St-Laurence river as a kid. Fantastic blast to see him get down and get out with a fish in beak.
Meet my good friend the Fisher Falcon or whatever you call it in english, Faucon Pêcheur in french.


Re: Totally random

Hi, I'm really new here and I want to know how to post articles here. Also, do you have private messages or anything similar here? I'm not trying to play dumb or anything, I just want to know! Sorry if I am being a nuisance.


Re: Totally random

Krystal -- at the top of the page, under the part where it says "trip LittleKrystalGirl@100 and run for your life," is a link called "new messages."

Click it. wink

Re: Totally random

Thanks. smile


Re: Totally random

Welcome aboard the MADhouse and as I can see under your name, you have 3 posts so I guess you discovered the box at the bottom of every pahes. Private message system's link is under each user's avatar [that crazy pict which you don't have yet but that you can set in your setting page, click on your name to see the options.

Hope you enjoy, extremely cool and wild people here.

It the best place in Cyberspace ever. big_smile

Have fun surfing around.

Oh BTW, there's the Introduce Yourself thread right here if you want to present yourself to all the nuts and Psychos from here.
Here you go: http://www.horror-movies.ca/Forum/viewt … 72#p663072


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Re: Totally random

I already went to that thread, but thanks anyway. And I will have fun in the asylum.


Re: Totally random

Oh true, duh, I remember now. I need another brain, mine is destroyed. lol


Re: Totally random

Having a cup of tea.
No work tomorrow so I can stay up and watch stuff!!


Re: Totally random

Beans beans the magical fruit.


Re: Totally random

Wooo, YAY you!!!
Have fun. Having a beer and gonna watch some Jap Horror tonight. been a while I haven't and I miss it.
Off to http://www.asian-horror-movies.com

Well a quick look and I found what. DREAMS FOR SALE [2012] it is gonna be. I love Rena Tanaka so I'll enjoy that's for sure. big_smile

Yay me too. lol


Re: Totally random

Too lazy to get outta bed.


Re: Totally random

Well that's it, we threw june out the door with kicks in the butt. Was so terribly ugly with it's weather that I smashed it away violenty. lol

First day of july is looking to be a warm and beautiful one like I love. 16°C now and it's still early. Oh yeah baby, will be cool for the Canaday show tonight. Sweet summer rocks.

I'm glad I'm not stateless because I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Forests, Lakes, Rivers, fantastic wildlife and more things that I can't describe like it should.
Hilarious lyrics. Especially the last sentence, Hold my seat while I fuck her up the asshole. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Crazy Dayglo's lyrics, they're ALL nuts. big_smile

Oh yes man, definitely the freaking truth.


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Re: Totally random

^^^ That pic reminds me of the music store that was located just outside of my base while I was in the service, in a town on Oahu called Waihiawa.  I'll be damned if I can remember the name of the store (hey, it's been twenty years) but that pic is a dead ringer, at least according to my memory.  Totally triggered something I hadn't thought about in years.  I like when that happens.

Re: Totally random

I'm running on only a few hours of sleep today, but I'm still feeling pretty up-beat. I have the day (pretty much) to myself, so I'll be catching up on some book reading/movie watching.

Top of the mornin' to my fellow creepy-crawlies who have devilishly manifested themselves in this strange, strange cyber-dimension known as horrormovies.ca.


Re: Totally random

Hahaha thank you very much my good sir and the same to you.

Ran the 2 last days with few sleep too but I had a wonderful sleep which fixed the state I was into, like a long fall into Psychedelic Abyssal nowehre land. lol

Enjoy your I Don't Like Mondays my friend. Hehe

Boomtown Rats rule!!!

Re: Totally random

^ Psychedelic abyssal nowhere land, hey I was there last night! I didn't see you around, but I was busy watching Woodstock: The Movie and enjoying a nice 'herb high'. Now I'm on a caffeine high and enjoying surfing the quantum information waves of cyberspace! My bio-computer is well booted.



Re: Totally random

Oh pretty cool.
But I was in the Fraleebazul Cortex doing a Granikatolage Purple-ly Vampyrik Bitmool. We missed each other. big_smile
My personal Bio-Computer is filled up with Uranium ready to Teleport into Pixelated birds.

My will to be weird is definitely right here. Hahaha lol

Re: Totally random

Blue Record released by Baroness is easily one of the best albums ever released.

In my opinion anyway, you guys should check it out if you like Metal/Rock/Prog.


Re: Totally random

Which I don't very much.

Getting drunk, of course. Show of Brigitte Boisjoli will be kick ass, second time I see her and last was awesome. Looking forward to it. smile


Re: Totally random

I'm Fireworkingly DRUNKEN!!! What a blast it was, they were beautiful.
And Brigitte's show was insane like she always is. The girl is hilarious and has some freaking electrical energy. Very nice little night.

Now time for good canadian Horror watching.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
Smash Cut and gorgeaoulsly utter sexy Sasha Grey, American CRAZY Mary and then Mama to close it up.

Oh yeah, Canucks rule!!! lol


Re: Totally random

How COOL lol would this be?
http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/32401 … popsicles/


Re: Totally random

Extremely cool. Woah yeah man.

But this IS cool. And cheers all, Expresso for all.
Good middle of the first week of July to each one of you folks.



Re: Totally random

hellrat wrote:

How COOL lol would this be?
http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/32401 … popsicles/

I'm all for the Michael Myers one.

In bed. Getting hungry. Should make breakfast...